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  1. nuke

    Excellent Helmet Cam of Natl Enduro

    can't find it even on google dieing to see it:worthy:
  2. nuke

    yz 85 2004

    how much tranny oil and what weight
  3. just bought a used yz85 changed the oil seemed to have a green tint to it could the coolent be leaking in an what do you do ?did not look milky like a car when head gasket is blown
  4. looking for xr 250 live in c.a
  5. nuke

    xr 250

    live in C.A looking for a xr250
  6. nuke

    xr650l cutting out

    1999 xr650l cuts out at higher RPMs drained gas cleaned oil & gas filter still cuts out.. question i did put in a cheap wal-mat battery it says it was for my 650l is it possible not getting enough voltage could cause my problem????
  7. thanks can't fine my pipe but on ebay right now a guy has a whole 650l parted out and he has a pipe last bid $9.99
  8. nuke

    Xr650L jetting with a big gun, anyone?

    hey jaz I also have a 1999 650l I just put in a uni filter and also a whitebros pipe e2 and it seems to run great do you think i need to rejet? also i had a hell of a time getting the right pipe from white bros did you it took me a month and 3 pipes and a rep to come out but one good thing they felt so bad they gave me the pipe
  9. hey how do you like the dyno jet kit?? also i'll look for my stock pipe and if i still have you can have it just pay postage
  10. plastic tanks do they make less than 4.0-4 a 650l
  11. nuke

    1995 xr 250

    thanks for the info
  12. where can i get less than a 4.0 gallon tank for my 99 xr 650L? want 3.2