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  1. ster1

    Pueblo PMI

    Sorry to hear your news Raymo. Hang in there! I called a local bike shop (I can't remember which one, I just googled it) and the guy told me he rides there alot, and so do many others, but I got the feeling that it wasn't "officially" open. I'm one of those guys who only rides where it's totally legal. I don't push that at all; too many cool places to ride around here for that. So then I called local PD dispatch and they told me as long as I stay on the trails, I can ride there. I asked him about open riding, he said stay on the trails. I get the feeling he doesn't know what open riding and trail riding is specifically, but I'm thinking that's fine. Also, I guess there are some locals who are lobbying (to what extent I don't know) to shut the place down. The best way to help them do that is to break the rules, and be an idiot out there. So.... all that said, I would certainly come down and check it out, and stay on the trails. I didn't do that last weekend because of the weather, but it's on my list for when things warm up a bit out there.
  2. ster1

    colorado Pueblo PMI

    Hi folks, I have read many conflicting reports on this place. Can anyone tell me if it's open or closed? Some have said it's open, some said closed, some said it's partly open. I'm confused. I'm looking for a place to ride this weekend, and the weather looks decent down there but I'm not interested in breaking the law or just doing quad donuts in a parking lot. Does anyone actually know? Thanks muchly!
  3. Sure sounds like an internal problem. Drum or dog, or something like that. I bet you'll see it when you get it apart. Look for worn / broken parts, and replace em. You'll have to split the cases unfortunately.
  4. Might be clutch is warped / dragging or damage to the mechanism inside (shift dogs, drum, shafts). Does it shift smoothly with the engine off, just running the shift lever through by hand?
  5. Might be digging in a little deeper than you wanted, but the idea is similar.
  6. I don't think my problem is with the polymers. They seem to flex in just about the right way. My problem with the flexx bars is since they move in an unexpected, or more accurately, un-experienced (by me) way, I grab on tighter, and well we all know where that leads. Sixdaysoffun you mentioned that it takes away all the vibration... are you talking about the Mako 360?
  7. Any term I've come across is more or less slang, and could change depending on who you ask. I am unaware of any comprehensive source for the kind of vocabulary you're looking for. For instance, standing on the pegs could be "standing up" or "on the pegs". There is some commonly accepted lingo like a "stoppie" is a wheelie on the front wheel, a "pivot turn" is turning the bike while executing a wheelie, "backing it in" means entering a turn while sliding the rear wheel under power. What is balancing on the rear wheel? We call that a "wheelie" or a "12 o'clock" depending on how you're doing it, and again it depends on who you ask. You may be stuck with reading magazine articles, or watching youtube videos. HTH... Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the input. I was having some doubts about the flexx bars anyway. The flex part does work, and I think it helps with fatigue, which is real nice, but since they flex, and it feels for a second like I'm bending them, that kind of triggers a "death grip" response from me, and I think my arm pump is even worse. I like the idea of the flex part being in the clamps instead. I'll look into that.
  9. Has anyone ever tried them? I'm considering the threaded ones to help with the buzzyness of my TE300. Do they do anything, or are they just another way to part with my beer money? Thanks!
  10. ster1

    DC power for GPS

    I just bought a 'Berg TE300 and love love love it. I'm a 4T convert. I like to use an old cell phone running Avenza maps for my GPS. Not necessarily because I'm a cheapskate (which I am) but because I like a challenge. I made my own holder for it too. I used to have a WR450 that has a switched DC out under the seat. I would run that through a butchered cigarette lighter charger and I'd have my 5VDC to charge the phone. I found no such circuit on the berg, so I got creative. Next to the headlight, there is another smaller light bulb. I have no idea what this is for, so I decided to start there. If I have to cut up a circuit, it's going to be that one. Trouble was, that circuit had AC coming right from the alternator, and it varied anywhere from 5v to 30v AC open circuit, but it was hot when the engine was running, and dead when the engine was dead, so it's a start. I made a full wave rectifier out of 2n2222 diodes, and the output was DC, but when I connected that to a the input of the cigarette lighter charger, the diodes got too hot - too much current, and that little bulb was dim. I don't really care about the bulb, but I didn't want my diodes to melt. I didn't want to overload anything. So, instead of using that circuit to charge, I decided to use that circuit to switch. I ran the output of the rectifier to a board mount relay. Initially, that got too hot too, so I fumbled around and discovered using a 220 ohm resistor in that part of the circuit limited the current enough to keep the diodes cool and left enough current there to power the relay primary. So, now when the engine was running, I had a dry closure, and when the engine stopped, I had an open. SWEET. That's half the battle. I got another cigarette lighter charger because my old one had now been beaten to crap. I connected the output of my bridge into the input of the cigarette charger, and I had switched 5VDC output to charge my GPS. I mounted it all on a project board, sealed it up, wired it into the bike, and mounted it to the inside of the headlight shell and it works. I've now had it out on 3 or 4 rides, and it works like a charm.I just thought I'd share. The pic is of the gps installed, and here's a link to the circuit I made: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7nbm4f2mukg7ek/charger.pdf?dl=0
  11. ster1

    Enduro Tips and Secrets?

    All the pros will tell you get good at going slow, and speed will come. Practice practice practice. Find a way to do that weak spot over and over again until you love it. Ride with a buddy who can watch and possibly record you. I struggle with confidence sometimes too; just do it. I find it hard, when I can only ride once or twice a month, to take some time and build a skill. Most of the time, I just want to screw around and do my best Cody Webb imitation. But the only way to really get to that "next level" is to stop messing around sometimes, and practice (I'm saying that for my benefit, too). Have fun out there!
  12. ster1

    Arm Pump and Circulation Sleeves

    It would probably be ok at the beginning of the day, but if I took it off once I got all sweaty, it wouldn't go back on I'm sure. Just one more thing to wash too... meh. I'll look for one with a zipper - thanks for the tip!
  13. Hi folks, I’m sure the topic of arm pump has been beaten to death. My question to the group is specifically related to compression sleeves like this one: https://www.amazon.com/B-Driven-Sports-Graduated-Compression-Circulation/dp/B076B38WNZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538705071&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=circulation+arm+sleeve&psc=1 Im wondering if anyone has tried something like this, and it’s helped with your arm pump? Thanks!
  14. ster1

    2004 WR450 Jetting

    For the record, I went up 5 on the main, 8 on the pilot and used the JD blue needle 3rd slot from top. Probably could have gone to a smaller pilot because I had to close the fuel screw to 1 turn open, but it runs almost perfectly. Good enough anyway.
  15. ster1

    2004 WR450 Jetting

    That's something right there. So, for anyone else reading - there is a jetting database here on TT forums, you can find all sort of jetting configurations there, at least for the WR. To answer my own question, while there is no "hard and fast" rule, for 5K feet (using jet numbers, not necessarily sizes) down 3 on the pilot, down 10 on the main, move clip up 2 on the needle, or get a leaner needle.