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  1. vtec

    Cooling issues with '08 250XC

    My '05 450exc was real lean from the get go to pass emitions i think. I have an '08 300xc and it came a bit on the rich side, it needs to be leaned out a little for my altitude and riding conditions.
  2. vtec

    KTM300 or NOT?

    ktm is rating the '08 300xc at 216.2 pounds. The elctric start kit is supposed to add about another 6 to 7 pounds. That puts the bike in about 25 to 30 pounds lighter than a crf450x dry or my '05 ktm 450exc i just sold to get the new 300xc.
  3. vtec

    Riding Fatality in the TSF

    Unfortunatly I was there when they were transporting the body away, it was very spooky to say the least. A couple of friends and myself had come down a trail i believe to be deer fence? We were almost to the end of the trail where there is a gully that has logs on both sides of it and the trail is directed around the gully, It has been like this for at least 2 seasons so the rider must not have known the area to have hit that section of trail at that kind of speed. When i arrived at the accident they waved for us to stop. i saw that someone was hurt so i proceeded to try and go closer to offer assistance. i asked who i think was an emt perhaps if there was anything i could do, did anyone need help. he said there was no help needed. then a sherrif or forest deputy came over and i asked if whoever was hurt was going to be ok? He said No! they are gone already. Then he asked if we were riding a closed trail. i told him i didnt see any markings saying it was closed. They then left with the body and i rode back to tell my friends what was said. In my opinion what happened was an accident with a rider going to fast in an area that he didnt know. i also feel that an area that presents a danger factor like that needs to be marked better, in fact i run across lots of spots on different trails that persent a great danger factor, nothing that some red or orange paint or perhaps some red tape wouldnt fix. Maybe next time i go i will bring along a can of orange paint to mark some logs, rocks, or sticks that i think should be noticed by other riders. Accidents happen, it is a trait of the sport/hobby that we all enjoy but perhaps with some better common sence from some riders and something to mark potential hazards to riders incidents like this one could be avoided in the future.
  4. vtec

    KTM300 or NOT?

    so far my 300 start 1st or 2nd kick every time, very easy to kick also.
  5. vtec

    Jordan Creek Poker Run tomorrow (7/19)

    did a poker run over there last year. i usually ride the TSF and it was my first time at jones creek. All i can say is i have never seen so many rocks on a trail in my life. When all was said and done at the end of the day all i had to say was, " i have seen enough rocks to last me the rest of the year!"
  6. vtec

    08 250xc

    i just got my '08 300xc out the door with frieght/setup and title tranfer for $6,300. the only thing i paid for was the off road tag required here, $10.50 for 2 years ain't bad.
  7. vtec

    KTM300 or NOT?

    Just got home with my new '08 300xc. i was able to run it around the yard a little before a rain storm came to ruin my fun but this is what i can tell. I am coming off a 2005 450exc. Off idle respons is very good but jetting from the factory is way to rich so then it falls on its face a little. It will putt around just as easily as my 450exc if not better. crack the throttle and it moves out very nice and smooth, less tourqe than the thumper means it is real tractable and easy to hold on too. It is much lighter than my 450exc and was much easier to unload and load from the truck. Handeling is also much better than my 450exc. The suspension feels very good to me so far ( 6'2", 225lb. ) but the real test will be in the woods where i will ride it. The fit and finish of the bike is top notch and feels more comfortable than my 450exc did. The brembo clutch also feels great and even though the included handguards are not what i will use it is nice it comes with something. Speaking of which the bike comes with full tools, manuals, jets, additional needle, some sort of gripper tape for the frame, ect.ect. The only thing that disapoints me is the dual map ignition isn't easily adjustable. You have to take the tank off the bike and unplug a wire to change mappings or once the 2008 hard parts are available you can buy a handle bar mounted switch. In my opinion the bike should have come with this and a spark arrested silencer. I hope to get some more seat time on it monday but the rain needs to go away for that to happen ( can't get my new baby to dirty on the first ride now can i, lol! ) Next weekend might be the real first ride so in the mean time i will rejet the carb and try and figure out what skid plate and silencer will fit the bike.
  8. vtec

    Thump or Ping?

    I rode 2 stroke MX bikes in the woods for years, untill 1998 when the yz400f came out and started the 4stroke craze. I jumped on the waggon with the 400 and then on to a crf450r moded for the woods and eventually went to an '05 ktm450exc. 80% of the riding i do is tight,technical, nasty single track and after a few hours of man handling( or being man handled by the bike ) i would be worn out. Last year i ran into a fella that ran a suspension shop and unfortunatly he had broken his arm tuning the suspension on a 2006 ktm250sx. I said i would ride it around for him and let him know what i thought so he could make adjustments to the set up. It was the first time i had been on a 2 stroke since 1998 and that was a 1992 kx250, needless to say i was very impressed and thought about getting a 250sx right then but held off. Earlier this year i went on a ride that was the worst conditions i had ever riden, 5 hours and only 20 miles! So many trees down, trails washed out and i ended up having to come up hills that i usually dont even think about trying to go up. the weight of the bike alone wore me out. i thought long and hard about the day and came to the conclusion that i needed a lighter bike with better handeling. Conclusion is i just put money down on a 2008 ktm300xc.
  9. vtec

    oregon members where you from ?

  10. vtec

    Been a long time!

    Well i bit the bullet and put a $1,000 down on a new 2008 300xc. I will let you know what i think of it as soon as i get it and get some time on it. Origionally i was going to buy an '05 300exc back when i bought the 450exc but they didnt have, and i didnt want to wait, and i wanted a ktm. P.S. I am using some connections through my work to get the bike for $6,300 out the door!
  11. vtec

    Been a long time!

    It's been a long time since i have been here. Been riding the crap out of my '05 ktm 450exc but it has come time for a change, the 450exc is now history and i am looking for a bike once again. As great of a machine as the 450exc was i did find that in the tight, technical woods riding i do that the weight of the 450 and its tendency to want to stand up and go straight when cornering was wearing me out. I just wasn't having as much fun as i used to. I have had an 02 crf450 in the past and it was too much of a beast. I also had an 05 crf250r that i found to be real fun and awsome in the tight stuff but just didnt have enough power in the more open sections. I suppose what i am looking for is close to the power of a 450 but with the handling of a crf250r. I am thinking that going back to a 2 stroke is the way to go. Right now i can get a 2007 ktm 250xc-w out the door for $5,600. But in my reading and research it seems that the xc line may be the way to go for me. tight,fast, technical woods is what i like and the gearing on the xc-w line concerns me( real low first, real high 5th). I am thinking of maybe an '08 model xc but i'm not sure if i should go with the 300xc or the 250xc. I haven't been on a 2 stroke since 1998 and that was a 1993 kx 250, been riding 4-strokes ever since the release of the yz400f. The one exception was i had a ride on a 2006 ktm 250sx that had woods suspension and a scotts steering damper, almost changed back to a 2 stroke after that ride. That bike was sweet in my opinion but had to much bite in the power band for slick conditions in rocks and narly uphills. Please give me some advise fellas and point me in the right direction, '08 300xc or 250xc or the '07 250xc-w. Thanks in advance!
  12. I have a 2005 KTM450exc. I have the JD jet kit installed with the blue needle and clip in the 3rd slot, Honda accelerator pump diaphragm, 170 main jet, stock 42 pilot jet, and the idle/air screw at 1 1/2 turns out. The bike now has about 350 miles on it with about 23 hours of time. The bike has ran great except for it still has a slight bog or hesitation in the lower rpms when the throttle is rolled on, I have learned to get used to it. This Wed. I was on trails I have done before( 2000-3000 feet elevation) but the hesitation/bog was way worse for some reason, what could be the problem? Should I try a leaner pilot jet or try the red needle? Please help me ASAP. I need to get this problem fixed by Sunday. Thanks in advance guys!
  13. vtec

    TSF Trail update?

    It is now close to the end of April and I was wondering if all the trails around browns camp are still closed for the WINTER? I was up there in Feb and about 95% of the trails were closed. Any one have any updates?
  14. vtec

    New bike Honda or KTM?

    Hey Joe i am really glad you enjoyed my bike, and yes I spent a lot of money on it. Still I couldn't get it the way I wanted. The KTM I traded the crf in for is the bike I was trying to turn the honda into. Knowing now that you have ridden the crf450 that i built for the woods I know that what you want is a KTM.
  15. vtec

    New bike Honda or KTM?

    I rode a modified crf450 in the woods for many years and spent lots of time and cash trying to make it into the perfect woods weapon. Finally i gave up and bought a 2005 ktm450exc. I put in the james dean jet kit, the honda accelerator pump diaphram, stiffer frok springs for my weight and the usual protection.( skid plate, radiator guards, ect.ect.) All I can say is this is the perfect bike for me. I sat on the honda and moved it around on the showroom floor and i can say it felt wide and heavy compared to my ktm. Read the magazines! They even say the ktm's feel 50 pounds lighter than all the other comparable bikes. For just a few bucks more you get excel rims,fat bars,hydraulic clutch,stainless brake lines, and a trip computer that does more than just read out the miles on the bike like on the honda.You also get really good manuals, a tool kit, and Ktm sends updates and free hard parts catologs. I might get to ride a 450x soon so then I will have a fare comparison, all I can go by now is my seat of the pants experience from the crf450r. I know columbia river honda in St.helens Oregon has some left, call them up and I am sure they can make you a great deal. Tell them Allen sent you!