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  1. Not sure. I do see plated smoker on CL for sale, so maybe they'll take them of they came from out of state? Never tried, so...
  2. Sweet, you have a back up filler hole if you have luggage over the fuel cap. Bonus feature!
  3. Yep... They got big enough to be able to make stuff so they don't have to buy from and share profit with a distributor. Seems like a value base product line. Might not be the best of the best, but for the price, a solid choice for the majority of weekend warriors. Sometimes good nuff is all you need.
  4. Maybe at one point... Not any longer.
  5. Coming from a 500lbs. ADV bike, my 690 feels like a 500 on the trails. And, much of it is sugar sand. But, it's better than my 08 450EXC on the road. But, you're right... I'd love a KTM 200 as the going gets tight and rough. But, I love riding from my garage. Loading up sucks.
  6. Snagged one for 10 & change from RMATV. Called the local dealer. What a waste of time. I held longer than it took me to order one online and for less money. I had the delusion that my local dealer might have one sitting in stock.
  7. I use the google calendar and set reoccurring calendar items. You can set an annual reminder so that you don't forget to check stuff like your antifreeze, say the first Saturday in October. Nobody remembers everything, so use technology to do the work for you. Also, pick up a hydrometer for testing antifreeze. Tons of options and not too expensive.
  8. In the marketing game, results is what matters. If KTM can buy talent, knowing that winning has more to do with the rider than the bike, why not? It's smart business. It's not about braggin' rights about who did it the hard way, it's about selling units and ROI. KTM has proven itself to be a marketing machine. And, many seem to like their products.
  9. Both are good. Sunstar has been making OE sprocket for what seems to be forever, but I'm not sure you can go wrong with either honestly. I've never heard a complaint from a customer on either.
  10. I grabbed a Factory Pro shift kit, so I'm preppin' for install. Q: did you need to replace the clutch cover gasket? Not sure how realistic it is to get the cover off w/o it tearing. Thoughts? What was your experience?
  11. dualsport

    I worked right by the San Diego airport for a bit. My car would be covered in black soot dust daily, as the business was right on final approach. You're 100% right; our bikes are an easy target with little to no threat of significant push back, where they can make the claim their care about the environment by regulating them. But, I'm a realist: cars and planes are critical parts of the economy, our bikes are not. Naturally they (cars & planes) are treated as necessary evils. We are flat out out gunned and largely unsupported in our fight.
  12. I replaced mine once with Acerbis and they fit like a glove. If I'm not mistaken, Acerbis made the plastics for KTM at that time.
  13. Mr. Doug Henry! I also had dinner with Malcolm Smith and his wife at and Endurocross Industry party, but wasn't the time to take photos. Super nice, really enjoyed the discussion. Back in the early days of supermoto, the ThumperTalk WR426 was raced by Mike Metzger at Fontana. He was a real character.
  14. Leo Vince