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  1. Russian customs is a joke... They treat packages like a smorgasbord: just take what you like! We stopped shipping to Russia years ago.
  2. 60 seconds between replies?! Why, that's cutting my pace nearly 70%!
  3. I've looked... Rare to find any decent DRZ400's under 3k. Occasionally, but not common. I'd stick w/ KLX, KLR, XT, & TW. But, you might find some converted Honda XR's.
  4. You are in two DIFFERENT topics, posting different replies close together (timewise) and the site is combining these unique replies in said different topics?
  5. TW200! I know they look goofy, but they are fun to ride! Not particularly fast, but dead reliable and will go just about anywhere.
  6. Most likely you've seen some of the great blog entries on ThumperTalk posted by industry folks, but we'd like to open this opportunity up to members that have interesting stories that they'd like to share. Some blog-worthy topics might include: Documenting the process, ups/downs, twists & turns of restoring a vintage MX bike back to its original glory. Planning for and going on a bucket-list ride-of-a-lifetime. Taking a stock bike and progressively improving it, modding it, and fixing it, to best suit your unique needs. Sharing pictures, video, & stories from your races, rallies, and other riding events. I'm sure that there are many, many more blog-worthy topics out there and that's why we're reaching out to the community. Have a great blog/vlog idea that you'd like us to consider? Shoot a pm to me laying out your idea. If we agree, we'll hit you back with next steps. I look forward to hearing your ideas!
  7. That's my current off-road boot. I rank it right up there with the Gaerne SG series boots in terms of comfort, level of protection, and so far, durability.
  8. I bet he'd take a hun...
  9. Can't tell from the pics. What provides rigidity side-to-side? Is there a brace running side to side or?
  10. Actually, the electronic module that sits on top of the battery is no biggie. It rides in a rubber carrier that simply slides down over the 2 tabs on the battery bracket. So, getting to the button is still easy and the whole process, including seat removal is tool-less. I can get to the button in 30 seconds or less. For as little as I'll likely be pushing the button, i think it's perfectly fine.
  11. 1 review

    Jacket • 600D Polyester Chassis • 900D Polyester Reinforcements on Arms & Waist • Accordion Stretch Panels at Elbows & Shoulders • Fleece Lined Collar with Neoprene Binding • Mesh Liner Aids in Comfort & Cooling • All Zippers are YKK® • Double Flapped Front Zipper with Rain Gutter to Keep Weather Out • 2 Shoulder Vent Zippers & 2 Rear Vent Zippers • 2 Expandable Hand Pockets • 2 Expandable Chest Pockets • Large Lower Back Pocket • Right Bicep Pocket • Adjustable Cuffs • Interior Napoleon Pocket, 2 Pouch Pockets & Cell Phone Pocket • Back, Shoulder & Elbow Armor Pockets (Armor Sold Separately) • Internal Back Zipper Attaches to Ranger Pant Waist • Reflective 3M Scotchlite™ Trim at Shoulders Pant • Over The Boot Pant • 600D Polyester Chassis • 900D Polyester Reinforcements on Lower Legs • Accordion Stretch Panels at Knees and Upper Seat • Fleece Lined Fly Zipper Flap with Neoprene Binding at Back Waist • Stretch Fabric at Crotch • Mesh Liner Aids in Comfort & Cooling • 2 Cargo Pockets on Thighs with Folding Flaps to Keep Nature Out • Double Flap Fly Zipper Keep(s) Weather Out • All Zippers are YKK® • 2 Oversized Zippered Thigh Vents • 2 Zippered Hand Pockets • 1/2 Length Leg Zippers for Boot Access • Expanding Elastic Waist with 2 Adjusters • Knee & Hip Armor Pockets (Armor Sold Separately) • Elastic Ankle Cuffs for Better Fit on Boots • Back Zipper Attaches to Ranger Jacket • Reflective 3M Scotchlite™ Panels & Reflective Trim
  12. A good steering damper that is properly adjusted doesn't get in your way a bit nor increase rider fatigue. In fact, I think it's the opposite, helping you ride longer and safer. I always run the big adjuster knob on my Scotts units, dialing it up & down as the terrain & my speed changes. I don't want something that is intrusive, so I don't set it tight. Scotts has a high speed circuit, so no need to set the low speed circuit tight. If you feel a lot of drag, IMHO, you need to dial the setting back. I haven't added one to my 690 and really need to. It's twitchy on hard acceleration at higher speeds b/c of the rearward weight bias. And, I ride a lot of sand, so I miss being able to dial in enough stability that allows me to relax a bit more. When you ride a powerful, but on the heavier side of dirt bikes all day in the sand, a good stabilizer is a Godsend. I have nothing to prove, so if something allows me to ride harder and longer, i'm in.
  13. Installed and ready for testing. Got lucky in that I can still press the top located "Restart" button even though it's partially covered by my OE battery bracket. But, clearnancing would be a piece of cake if necessary. Fits like OE otherwise and I like the battery terminal inserts better than what Yuasa uses (threaded blocks vs. nuts). This just made getting the battery terminal bolts started easier. Install is on a 2017 KTM #690enduror
  14. Weight loss and hopefully a nice failsafe for not having a back up kicker...