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  1. The 2019 Honda CRF450L is a great bike, but for some, its Achilles Heal is the limited range of the stock fuel tank. Fortunately IMS Products has come to the rescue with a 3 gallon option with an MSRP of $325.00. Not a bad price to extend the ride but how'd you like to get one for free? To enter our giveaway there are two steps: 1. Share your honest thoughts & experiences of riding & maintaining your Honda CRF450L* at https://thumpertalk.com/reviews/vehicle/46778-honda-crf450l-2019/ 2. Return to this topic and post a link to your review. To grab the link, tap the share icon associated with your review. Giveaway entries will close on 01/28/2019 @ 8pm EST. Winner will be selected by random electronic drawing. * We're looking for insightful reviews that will help fellow riders better understand if the CRF450L is for them. Because of this, we reserve the right to disqualify an entry if it's just a couple of words or even a sentence of two. We don't expect a book, but it should give potential buyers some valuable insights on what it's like to ride & maintain a Honda CRF450L dual sport. Also, this giveaway is void where prohibited and limited to US residents.
  2. Bryan Bosch

    What the hell is wrong with my bike

  3. Bryan Bosch

    AXP skid plates?

    Did you check the TT Reviews section? xTreme Version: Standard:
  4. Bryan Bosch

    supermoto vs enduro bike

    When riding dirt roads, if you see any sort of trails, zero interest in exploring it? If you're sticking to the street or dirt roads, out of the box, the SM is likely your best bet. Me? I ride my 690 Enduro 35 street miles one way to get to the trails and I think it's fine. I can rip backroads at way over legal speed limits with ease. I even jumped on the freeway to meet up some buddies Saturday where I needed to make good time and 75mph with DOT knobbies was easy. I just think that the Enduro R is the most flexible. It is slightly not as good on the street with DOT knobbies, but somewhat better on dirt roads and definately better if you just can't help but explore that trail you just passed.
  5. Bryan Bosch

    USWE Sports Action Hydro Packs Giveaways!!!

    Thanks for the feedback. And, I think your assessment is accurate. The USWE 4 point harness seems like it would be a simple & easy design, but I know that it went through plenty of iterations based upon testing & feedback from some very fast & accomplished enduro racers to get it where it is today. Which USWE hydro pack are you wearing?
  6. Confirmed: 1.5 gallons per side and an MSRP of $625.00. How many would you like @HevyRotashunz ? 😁
  7. There's more! No significant mods for install. Capacity should be in the ballpark of 1.5 gallons per side. So that's a total of 6.2 gallons with the stock fuel cell. That's the high 240 to low 300 mile range! MSRP is not set in stone, but WILL be a lot more affordable than the competition.
  8. The moto parts crack dealers will def help you scratch that itch! Powahhhhh is 'spensive!
  9. Yep... If memory serves me correctly, I think the price point is the high 500 $ range. That's a lot less than the Rally Raid & Safari options I believe.
  10. Mine consumes a little and I did NOT baby it. 20 miles of fairly aggressive accel & decel up and down the rpm range w/o hitting the rev limiter. Dropped the oil & filter and ran it even harder for the next 100 miles and dropped the oil again. Bike was broken in properly and it still consumes a little. But, not enough to worry about by any means. During the first 20 miles, I rode a loop where I had almost no idling time. Rev up, compression breaking down, rev up, compression braking down.
  11. Will update as we learn more about the specs. Word on the street is substantially more affordable than similar options out there.😎
  12. Agreed! I think too many take this free advise too lightly! We're lucking to have such an amazing resource! I forward this podcast to two people that I suspect have chronic adrendal fatigue in hope it helps them. Thx @Coach Robb
  13. Bryan Bosch

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Thank you for loving your kid! It's what the world needs a whole lot more of! MUCH respect!🤜🤛
  14. I'm down 38lbs. from 1.5 years ago! No idea where I carried 215lbs. because I was only a 34" waist, but my 690 Enduro def gained more powahhhhhhh! And, I need to ride it a lot to keep my mind off the rigorous eating standards I need to keep at fighting weight! It's worth it, but still hard!
  15. "I've personally done dirt bikes with a plate, 500lb. ADV bikes" the comma makes ALL the difference.