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  1. The YZ85 youth motocross bike features major redesigns purely focused on increased performance, including an all-new engine, suspension, and more.
  2. Welcome and congrats! We have an FAQ for the 690 that you might appreciate: Outside of making sure your steering stops are properly adjusted and breaking in the motor correctly, I don't necessarily think there are any must do mods, depending upon how you ride the bike. What conditions will you be riding the bike in and what's your skill level? With this info, I think the group can offer up more relevant suggestions for sure.
  3. I had some of those on a KTM 450XCW a while back. Why did you go ASV vs. the MM?
  4. It's now official...
  5. I like. The stock levers are so, so long. I hight have to go that route.
  6. I see vins all over craigslist on cars, trucks, bikes, you know it... That took me all but 10 seconds.
  7. What bike did you fab this up for? So, you'r just installing it as needed vs. creating a retainer so I can stay on the bike? What do you reckon you have in materials cost? Commercial units sell for the low 30 dollar range, so curious... Thx for sharing your handywork.
  8. Hell, public facial recognition is already out there, the NSA has been spying on whomever they want for a while now, and most of us carry a personal tracker ("dumb' phones) everywhere we go. Yep, a swirly on my plate is going to walk all that back. I guess it's no biggie to do so, but I think it's more feel good than anything.
  9. I don't believe I ever said that it was. A felon used a stolen credit card, so there's crime #1. But, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the fraudulent purchase of red dot was for a firearm he shouldn't have. That's how lots of crimes get solved, shining the light on things that indicate something, or things that don't add up.
  10. This dude bought an aimpoint red dot scope for picatinny rail and other firearms stuff as a felon. I thought the local police in S. Florida might care, but I kid you not, they blew it off. I guess a drug dealer felon likely with ARs doesn't bother them too much. Ewwwwkay!
  11. Dude, someone stole my credit card a year ago and used it to buy a firearms paraphernalia online. I called the vendor in question and got the buyer's information including the shipping address. I found the dude's criminal record online and he's a felon (cocaine dealer/sales,distribution). I called the local police in his area and they couldn't have cared less. Seriously. I'm absolutely sure that you could report it to the local police but they will do nothing, nada... Maybe if you caused injury or an accident, but just a wheelie... snowballs' chance.
  12. My own state DMV is a bigger threat than any photos I post...
  13. I'll hand you 100 bucks when it happens. Just don't start counting... Maybe if I wheelied across the police chief's lawn, but in general, I'm on nobody's radar screen. If that was a problem, I've have been nailed a 100 times, especially when I rode supermoto in so cal. Impossible to have one on the road and not play. Sort of like having a 67hp dual sport come to think of it...
  14. florida

    No thanks. I've ridden MX a number of times when I lived in So Cal and Vegas. It's ok, but I'm not a fan of laps on the same thing over and over or riding with dozens of others in the same, relatively small place. I like the variety & peace of exploring with just a buddy or two, whether it be the woods, backroads, or interesting towns. I have nothing to prove to anyone about what is or isn't "real" riding. I ride what makes me happy and that's dual sport.