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  1. URL to the post in question?
  2. Dualsport run during lunch today...
  3. I've found the stock headlight to be pretty good, but I only use it on the road should I be out past sundown. Here's an option for a serious upgrade: But, you'd need to buy another OE shroud.
  4. My buddy @sclaus on TKC80s w/ some wear gettin' it done last weekend.
  5. Kickin' Tail Mucho!
  6. You simply can't go wrong w/ that choice. It's a well rounded package that will take you just about anywhere that is easy on the wallet. Well, until you go here:
  7. What is likely happening is that they are landing on a topic from a google search that is relevant to their interests and they don't note the date of the topic. While our site search is limited to topics w/i the last yearunless you use the "advanced search" function, google has search indexes for topics going back to our inception (1999).
  8. foot pegs

    Thanks for sharing! And, those pegs look quite nice IMHO. Nothing wrong with function over form. What's the price point?
  9. ktm freeride

    Torque is getting into the bottom end of the 450cc range and of course, you get all of it immediately. So, as a technical off-road machine, I don't think that the low hp number matters as much as it might suggest. But, never ridden one, so just my stinky opinion.
  11. I wonder how many batteries the chase truck that followed him had? Press Release: The powerful and agile KTM Freeride E-XC is now even better. Powered by a state-of-the-art electric motor with a peak of 18 kW fitted into a re-designed composite frame that provides even better stability, this e-machine now benefits from a 50% capacity increase in its new KTM PowerPack, which offers up to one and a half hours of riding time with just one battery charge. The new KTM Freeride E-XC now also utilizes energy recuperation when coasting or braking for an additional range boost, and the battery has a quick charging time, while also providing 70% of its initial capacity after 700 charge cycles. In addition, this lightweight bike boasts a new WP Xplor 43 upside-down fork system with enhanced sensitivity, and a new WP PDS Xplor shock absorber with improved progression and adjustment options. The KTM FREERIDE E-XC features three riding modes: Economy, Enduro and Cross. Its easy operation, with no clutch or gear shift lever, and a confidence inspiring low seat height of just over 900mm, combined with its extreme cross-country agility, ensures that this is the ultimate electrically powered machine for beginners to experienced level riders. Stylish new bodywork with racy graphics, trim and colors, a new dashboard and re-positioned ignition lock provide further benefits over the previous model. Producing zero emissions and minimal noise pollution, the possibilities are endless with the ultra-playful KTM Freeride E-XC. This latest e-powered machine is part of KTM’s long-term commitment to e-mobility, which began over 10 years ago in KTM’s research and development department in Mattighofen, Austria. The Austrian brand plans a range of machines for the future including e-mini, and an e-scooter, as well as maximizing its partnership with PEXCO with a new possibility to produce crossover products in the bicycle sector. The vision is clear, and by 2025 KTM will increase emphasis on machines from 250 watt to 11kWh due to market suitability and efficiency. Stefan Pierer (KTM CEO): “We are proud to present the new KTM Freeride E-XC, which marks the next step in development of e-mobility within KTM and is a continuation of our commitment to this segment. We know that e-mobility will change the landscape of travel in the future, and our vision is very clear. Looking ahead to 2025 we expect to have a wider range of models available with a focus in the commuting arena. We also plan crossover machines with our collaboration with PEXCO, as well as using our e-mobility expertise in other applications.” The new KTM Freeride E-XC will arrive to the North American market in limited quanities. Please stay tuned for additional information regarding the product’s availability. **IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING “MY18 KTM FREERIDE E-XC MEDIA INFORMATION”: please note that the KTM FREERIDE E-XC is not street legal in North America.
  12. I decided on the Klamath Tail Bag from the folks at It's has a zipperless clam shell design with semi-rigid sides so that it holds its shape. It has two main strapping methods (fender hooks or frictions straps) and two forward friction straps to secure to a sub-frame (didn't use). While I've not had a chance to test it, so far the fender hooks onto the taillight holder plastic feel secure.
  13. My riding buddy @sclaus floggin' the 701 through the Florida slop. I"m glad the summer rains are mostly gone. We need to dry out!
  14. Thx for sharing. Really enjoyed that!