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  1. Bryan Bosch

    new '19 FE 501 and new TT member

    Welcome! And, GREAT bike choice!
  2. Bryan Bosch


    What's your budget? Without that valuable piece, we're all just shooting in the dark. But, I way say, paddle tire and sand narrows the heard pretty fast IMHO. You'll need some powahhhhhh for sure. And, you said logging roads, so that means street legal. The heard just got even thinner. I know what I'm thinking, but w/o budget numbers, no reason to suggest it.
  3. I've used them w/o issue. Can't beat the convenience and Maxima FFT oil is a good product.
  4. Metaphorically speaking...
  5. Actually, I'll create banner ads and target them to those visiting TT from Colorado, but I need help with the messaging, concept, and of course, there needs to be a landing page from the ad where they can take a clear action. I'm not in Colorado, but I lived there for a bit before having to leave. I never wanted to either. I drove over 5,300 miles round trip over the summer to spend 18 days in the rockies and I'm planning on the COBDR this summer. Colorado is near/dear to my heart and I'll do what I can here.
  6. Get me some call to action banner ads and we can target TT'ers in Colorado with a blitz campaign to this very topic. Let's use what we got son!
  7. @Freemotion let's talk about how to help Jon!
  8. 5 gallon bucket half full of hot water, dawn dishwashing soap, and some elbow grease. I never use mineral spirits.
  9. Bryan Bosch

    Battery recommendation for DRZ400S?

    If you don't have a backup kicker, go with the Antigravity Batteries Restart battery. The cool bit about it is if the battery senses being overdrawn, it puts itself into a protective state so it can't be killed. To awaken it with enough juice to get you started, you push the 'restart' button. Big cranking amps and a good weight loss. But, if you store your bike or ride in very, very cold temps, a lead acid Yuasa might be the better option. I don't have a backup kicker on my bike, so that's why I run the Antigravity Restart.
  10. Bryan Bosch

    "OVER THE HILL" (and seasoned) TRAIL RIDERS exchange

    Are you aware of the changes to Town Square? TS got split yesterday. We now have two separate forums: "Town Square Reloaded" and a sub forum called "Politics, Religion, & other Saltiness" TSR is for good vibe, non-political topics that might not be just dirt bike related, but are definitely NOT political. TSR is the new spot for good natured campfire discussion and bench racing about other interests. Just wanted you to be aware of the changes, something we think is for the better.
  11. Bryan Bosch

    SUV or pickup

    I tie the ends as well, but I looks like you have about 12ft left tie on each! Have you tried a short ratchet strap over the tires? That's what I do on my carrier and it really helps.
  12. Bryan Bosch

    SUV or pickup

    Dude, your tie downs are triggering my OCD!
  13. Bryan Bosch

    SUV or pickup

    Yep, did that on Sunday. Maintains full bed volume for gear & supplies.
  14. Bryan Bosch

    Can we have a sad reaction?

    @Brian Wilson
  15. Bryan Bosch

    Improvements coming for Wiseco cranks?

    I'd be a liar if I said I didn't think the same thing.