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  1. Bryan Bosch

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Let us know if you pull the trigger on one. Would love to know how they ride.
  2. Bryan Bosch

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Own a 2019 Honda CRF450L? Want more fuel range? Win an oversized IMS 3.0 gallon fuel tank for your's, simply by sharing an honest review of your bike! Two Steps to Enter: Review it here: https://thumpertalk.com/reviews/vehicles/2006817-crf450l/ Share the link to your review here: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1280928-giveaway-ims-3-gallon-fuel-tank-for-the-crf450l/ Note: Keep in mind, we're looking for owner insights. Super short reviews w/ little substance will be disqualified. Thanks for your understanding! Giveaway entries will close on 01/28/2019 @ 8pm EST. Winner will be selected by random electronic drawing.
  3. Bryan Bosch

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    I found this on a mtb site: It's Plasma Vapour Deposition. They stick the part in a revolving carousel type thing and it gets blasted with vapourised metal that condenses onto the part. It is very very expensive to run a batch so you really need to pack out the machine with parts. Something like stems you can rack quite a few in there so the cost isnt too crazy, but it is still much higher than normal anodising etc.
  4. It's a press release. Of course you take it with grain of salt.
  5. 1,100 mile review of the 2019 Ford Ranger
  6. Bryan Bosch

    Update/Change to this forum...

    Hey, don't knock it until you try it! Beats Rotella! Just keep it on the down low, it's cheap! Don't want blabber mouths driving up the cost!
  7. Bryan Bosch

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    Don't forget to factor in the cost of rent, utilities, insurance, all sorts of never ending taxes, equipment, maintenance, payroll, marketing, all while actually making a living worth your time at the end of the day. I might go a little cheaper on a non-critical accessories, but for stuff like this, cost is definitely behind performance and durability. I stopped paying for cable TV a few years ago, so the $135 for the pegs is easy. @Freemotion what IS the jet fuel finish? Would love to know more about what it is and how they do it. I've seen it on bicycle frames:
  8. Press Release Bridgestone’s Battlax AdventureCross AX41 was made specifically with the adventure enthusiast in mind Tokyo (January 10, 2019) — Bridgestone Corporation announced the launch of the Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tire, a new addition to its lineup of adventure touring motorcycle tires. The newest offering in the Battlax tire line features superior off-road performance and durability. Scheduled for release in the U.S. and Canada in January 2019 and in other regions in February 2019, the initial lineup of Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tires will include four front tire sizes and five rear tire sizes. The Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tire is engineered for predominantly off-road driving. This tire’s superior off-road performance is the product of a high-rigidity compound as well as large blocks on the tire’s perimeter that enable the tire to exhibit strong traction on muddy surfaces. In addition, the Battlax AdventureCross AX41 front tire employs a new technology that optimizes the block wall angle for added durability. * Tires that have “USE TUBE ON TUBE TYPE RIM” displayed on their sidewall can be used with a tube-type rim if the appropriate tube is inserted into a tubeless tire. (1) High cross-section area block (rear tire) The Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tire boasts a block cross-section area roughly 30 percent larger than the previous generation tire. This gives the new offering high grip and traction. (2) Block wall angle optimization technology (front tire) Bridgestone utilizes a block wall angle optimization technology in the design of the Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tire. Tire engineers used this technology to optimize the block shapes in the tire’s tread pattern to limit uneven wear. This technology is also utilized in front Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tires to prevent uneven wear and improve durability. Tire blocks viewed from the side: 2. Compound (1) High rigidity and durability Rear Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tires use a compound that contributes to an increase in rigidity and durability of approximately 30 percent when compared to rear Battlax ADVENTURE A41 tires. This enables greater traction. More tire info and reviews
  9. Bryan Bosch

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    I don't think this vid is dupe, but if so, let me know and I'll remove it. I checked!
  10. Bryan Bosch

    Update/Change to this forum...

    My chicken herding skills have become rather good over the years...
  11. http://www.parisdakar.it/en/yamaha-wr-450-f-2-trac-dakar-2004/
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Tired of reading the same old threads?

    If you're happy, that's all that matters. No perfect place and as my buddy says, "Gotta bloom where you are!" I've lived around the country (incl. So Cal) and no question that despite all the BS, weather and riding terrain isn't one of them. In fact, I'll be in the Mojave next week and I'm looking forward to some elevation!
  13. making those dashed sideways knobby marks is fun! Hey, someone else that gets it...
  14. I had non dot maxxis Desert IT on a KTM 450 XCRW that I converted to dual sport and did a decent amount of tarmac. As @RichBaker said, they'll just wear a lot faster. And be careful on grabbing a handful of throttle when laying the bike over. They walk on you. I actually thought that was fun from turn signals.
  15. On the carrier I have, the pin is actually a bolt with a steel tube welded over 2/3rds of the thread. The stinger on the hitch receiver does not have the same sized holes on both sides (one side doesn't allow the tube to go through), so when you push the pin through, only the threads stick through the the other side. Then, when you tighten the outer nut, the steel tube is getting sucked up against the inside of the stinger tube, taking up all the slack. Simple, but ingenious.