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    Dual sporting, jeepin', kayaking, target shooting, & electric guitar.

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  1. Hey Brian, was going to reply to the USWE thread it is locked. First ride Saturday with my USWE pack and overall so far so good. I really like the one button latch, very quick on/off. Thanks for working it! Even at 15 L it is my "small" pack. 

  2. Bryan Bosch

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    It's not only sprung for a heavier rider, it's also sprung from the factory knowing that some riders are going to carry things in soft side bags. @ 145lbs. I'd estimate that you're at least 15lbs. under the weight the the bike was ideally designed for and maybe even a little more. But, a respring isn't too costly nor unusual if you're on the left or right side more common weights.
  3. Bryan Bosch

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    Atta boy!
  4. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 690 Enduro Starting Issue

    Let us know if you get it licked and what did the trick.
  5. Thanks for your help with this. A mfr of these components just wanted to better understand how riders like yourselves go about making a call among the various brands out there.
  6. Bryan Bosch

    Why Not Yamaha?

    I don't ride blue b/c they have no performance dual sports that meet my needs. I appreciate their support of the sport none-the-less. Recently I shared a press release about their support and got flack b/c they included support for atv & utv.
  7. Just 36 hours until entry in the USWE Sports Action Hydro Pack Giveaways closes! Enter now for your chance to win @ https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1279961-uswe-sports-action-hydro-packs-giveaways/
  8. Bryan Bosch

    Motocross and age

    Turning 50 in 2 weeks and still ride regularly. I chased my 29 year old sales rep all over the Colorado Rockies on his 300 smoker and had little issue keeping up at 9,000ft plus feet despite living in flatlandville the rest of the year. How? desire, good sleep, clean diet, hit the weights weekly and a run each week. I'm nothing special, I just have some discipline and I work at it. I've had back surgery, carpel tunnel surgery, my left bicep tendon reattached and some nerve damage in both wrists. Solution? Keep moving and doing what you love!
  9. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 690 Enduro Starting Issue

    Wonder if you should methodically clean electrical connections w/ some CRC? https://www.amazon.com/CRC-05103-Electronic-Cleaner-11/dp/B000BXOGNI/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1544809124&sr=8-4&keywords=electrical+contact+cleaner
  10. Enter for your chance to win a USWE Sports Action Hydro Pack! ENTER HERE!
  11. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 690 Enduro Starting Issue

    That's the fuel map selector switch. You can select: 1 = soft 2 = advanced 3-9 = standard 0 = poor fuel quality
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Someone needs to jump on this deal

    Too late guys, already on it..
  13. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 690 Enduro Starting Issue

    Here's what my bike sounds like and it has sounded this way since new: Boy, not sure why they sound different. Regardless, I have no staring issues.
  14. For the following dirt bike parts, how much time & effort do you put into researching the product before buying them? Scale from 1 to 5 1 = Not much. Most of the brands found at the top retailers are all pretty good. 5 = A fair bit! I really want to understand what the product is made from and how it's built before I bolt them on my bike. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please give your 1 to 5 rating for each of the following dirt bike parts: A. Brake Lines B. Brake Pads C. Brake Rotors __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copy paste A. through C above and type your rating after each. What's in it for you?
  15. Bryan Bosch

    Polaris Timbersled ST 120 RAW

    0 reviews

    Aggressive Performance, Exceptional Value The Timbersled® ST 120 RAW delivers the ultimate combination of performance and value. You can optimize your snow bike budget and experience full Timbersled performance technology on hard-pack and in powder - to take you anywhere you want to go. 120" Track Timbersled Traverse Ski™ RydeFX® MPV Shocks Spindle EK X-Ring Chain Engine and Drivetrain Chain Case Chain EK520 SRX2 52 Link (continuous) Chain Slider Standard Disc Brake Type Wilwood Dual Opposed Piston Drive Chain EK520 SRX2 70 Link (master link) Drive Shaft Sprocket 17 tooth - splined Lower Chain Case Sprocket 17 tooth - splined Upper Chain Case Sprocket 17 tooth - splined Dimensions Estimated Dry Weight - Front (lbs/kg) 16.0 / 7.25 Estimated Dry Weight - Rear (lbs/kg) 120.0 / 54.4 Overall Length 63 in (160 cm) Suspension Front Track Shock RydeFX® Rear Suspension Non-Pivoting Long Arm Rear Track Shock RydeFX® Rear Travel - Fixed Install Kit (in/cm) 12 / 30.5 Rear Travel - TSS Install Kit (in/cm) 20 / 50.8 Skag Type Timbersled Traverse™ Hardened Ski Type Timbersled Traverse Ski™ Track Width/Length/Height (in) 12.5 x 120 x 2.5 in Convex Features Color / Graphics Black & White Install Kits Suspension Strut and Fixed Strut Storage Accessory Storage Mat Accessory