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  1. cygrace74

    The Moto 1, 2 and 3 on Hulu

    why was there only 4 episodes this year? i remember there being alot more in previous seasons?
  2. cygrace74

    '13 CRF450R Convert

    hows it feel in the air compared to a 250? totally different worlds but im thinking of making my 10 kawi 250f a practice bike and buying either a 13 or a really nice 09 from my friend. still havnt seen a 13 up here in new england. there was one up at mx207 in maine where jimmy decotis goes but havnt seen any in mass. only a 13 kawi and 13 yamaha at the track.
  3. cygrace74

    Pics of Your 450....

    09 ill be buying off my friends sponsor for 3500 that has 14 hours on the bike total since new with a fresh rebuild. its the owner of a bike shop so its perfect. cant wait to get it over the winter and get it ready for the spring series
  4. cygrace74

    chain lube that doesnt get all over everything

    tri-flo is expensive. maxima is good but everyone over uses it. thats why it flys everywhere. only do 1 coat. i see people at the track lube the whole chain like 4 times around and complain it flys off.
  5. cygrace74

    2013 kx250f

    running with does not mean beating. as in it could hold its own
  6. cygrace74

    2013 kx250f- thoughts on reialbilty of cammed and done motor

    only people i know who use 4th in any corner are local pros. must bog like crazy. and almost everyone here has said pipes especially slip ons are a waste of money. and unless you are on some gigantic tracks you shouldnt be using 5th.
  7. cygrace74

    Dealing with this Horrible shop...

    the guy i go to in cape cod mass, even if really busy, will do a valve adjustment in 45 minutes. i usually just have to drop it off and go get lunch and come back to pick up my bike and charge 65 an hour. definitely a bad shop your dealing with. get the bike back and find a good shop and it should be done in 2 days tops.
  8. cygrace74

    Triple Clamp from a 450

    what year 450 is it off of? i have not looked into it much but the first thing i would think of is as long as the forks are the same size in diameter it should fit. that way the triple clamps down correctly.
  9. cygrace74

    Move kickstart lever by hand, normal?

    yeah my 07 and 10 have auto decompression. and on both bikes without the auto decompression its rough but i can get it down by hand. with it in im sure if i tryed i could start them with my hand.
  10. cygrace74

    MH3 Starcross Michelin's

    i use mh3s at my local sand tracks and when i ride at southwick. handles great.
  11. cygrace74

    rear master cylinder cover

    its a very small detailed piece that has a ribbed inside with cutout for the boot. u would need one with u not just measurements.
  12. cygrace74

    MH3 Starcross Michelin's

    iv tryed the mh3 on my 250 and it wore great i rode it for 4 months. about 4 races and some practice days. hooked up pretty good until the end. when im done with the tires on my new 250 ill be putting on a ms3 450 size.
  13. cygrace74

    2011 KX250F Bogging under load

    it is a lot better the original map would never bog. everyone who has a fuel injected bike that has something wrong think they need to remap it. the stock map just isnt the best it would never cause something to run poorly enough to bog.
  14. the second post by the OP in this thread he stated hes a front of the pack B rider. and its hard to sandbag when theres a promo points system regarding dungey.