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  1. bob450

    Electric start just clicks no turn over

    Mine was doing that and the starter bushings were trashed. Got a new starter off ebay
  2. bob450

    Large brake step plate

    I have that one on my bike, it is bigger then stock. Works good with a size 12 boot
  3. bob450

    Makin the switch yz to sx

    Im in the same boat. I. Have a 08 crf250r with a 280 kit. Love the bike, have always been a Honda man. Picked up a 08 250xcw and now alittle torn on which one to keep. Quess a few more rides will tell
  4. bob450

    Fork seals DIY or Pro?

    I was always scared to do them so I always had them done. When I decided to do it I seen how easy it was and kicked myself for not doing them sooner.. get the correct tools and a manual or print the pages from a online manual and go for it. Just take your time.
  5. bob450

    Sub Frame - fix (weld) or replace?

    If you have it welded take the plasic pieces out of the end. The guy that welded mine melted it. And don't send the wife to drop it off and pick it up, they will over charge you. Trust me
  6. bob450

    Grooving or notching rear pads to reduce heat

    I think all KTMs squeak.lol I have took my grinder with a cutting wheel on it and have cut 3 verticle lines on the front and one verticle line on the rear. Just go about half way through though
  7. bob450

    Backfire Screen?

    I have taken mine out of 4 of my bikes, 3 of my friends bikes and they all still fine and not on fire..lol If you are worries twinair makes a filter that is flame resistant. I think it is a safe mod that has slim chance of melting your bike
  8. bob450

    Backfire Screen?

    I remove mine from every crf I have owned. You will get more air flow.
  9. bob450

    double exhaust

    the 2014 250r will have dual exhaust as well. I was gonna convert mine to single but the cost of doing it right isnt justified and the duals with aftermarket exhaust looks good and sounds good
  10. bob450

    crf250r: oil over carb and back of engine

    Along with the breather hose, check to make sure there a gasket and the two bolts are tight on the cam chain tighter, and make sure the middle bolt for the adj is also there.
  11. bob450

    Steering Stem Bearing

    i use a pipe and 3lb hammer to put mine on. Have done it many times this way, just dont over do it. You will hear a difference in sound when it hits the bottom
  12. when mine acted like that it was timing
  13. bob450

    What maintenance to do?

    Like Andy0689 said, get a service manual. I ordered mine through rocky mountain. When I buy I bike I go through it all and grease everything front to back. That's also where the manual comes in you need torque specs. When changing the oil be careful not to overtighten the bolts and replace the washers every few oil changes. check the valves also. If you have mechanical ability and the book, you can do most all the work yourself...
  14. Do you have any mechanical abilty, Have to ask
  15. bob450

    broken bones

    I had the same break in 03, broke mine in 3 pieces. Took about 3 months to walk and 5 to go back to work... hope you heal quick