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  1. antleo

    Cooling system clogged?

    The bike was bought off of boysen in 2007. Had a fresh rebuild with some of there stuff. Could this be some form of there "upgrades"
  2. antleo

    Cooling system clogged?

    It flows out of the radiators though. It may very well be some form of case sealer. But why does it appear to have been applied purposefully to the water pump area? I have never seen it before. All we know at this point is that it drained from the radiators to the water pump housing and out that drain, beyond that we have no clue. Is there an easy way to check to see if the jacket is clogged without disassembly?
  3. antleo

    Cooling system clogged?

    It flows from the radiators, and no, it doesn't seem to be, and there is no coolant in the oil, we were thinking it was in the water jacket around the head. Is that possible?
  4. antleo

    Cooling system clogged?

    It doesn't feel like that, it feels almost plastic like. Teflon sort of material. But how would we go about fixing the overheating/clogged issue?
  5. antleo

    Cooling system clogged?

    Here is the picture, what is the stuff that appears to be peeling from the metal?
  6. The bike is a 2006 Ktm 250sxf. The problem is an overheating issue. What we believe happened is the cooling system may be clogged, or maybe the bike had a thermostat? Either way, what would cause this and what is the remedy? I will attempt to attach pictures with the impeller cover off and show why we we believe it is clogged.
  7. antleo

    Great books?

    Motocross Me. It may not be exactly what you are looking for but it was pretty good.
  8. antleo

    2 stroke noob Questions

    One tip not mentioned when buying Bike and is really easy to check, the airbox and air filter. Pu the 2(10mm on a yz250 i believe) seat bolts,and pull the seat off, look at the filter and airbox, do they look clean or caked in crud? If its absolutely caked id say stay away.
  9. antleo


    I just read Motocross Me by Cheyanne Young. I loved it! Does anyone have another good book idea? (sorry im a book nerd as well as a rider).
  10. antleo

    AmI the anomaly?

    Thats how it seems..
  11. antleo

    AmI the anomaly?

    To put it into perspective, i was racing 250c and be midpack, this year i am on par with the 250 b mid pack guys..
  12. I get better when im off the bike. When i am off the bike, i get faster, after every winter im back and fster than last year, if i am off it for a few weeks the same thing occurs, i constantly think about riding though. Is this the cause and am i the only one like this? None of my friends(ok i know 2 people that ride soo not many friends) encounter this. Am i just odd? (yes im odd but for reasons beyond this)
  13. antleo

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    Sharpened the pegs, put a helicoil in, greased the suspension linkage, greased the steering stem, and worked on an exhaust leak.
  14. antleo

    Exhaust Leak

    I am confident now that that is where the leak is as you can see the carbon build up on the pipe that lines up perfectly with the gap. I can make everything line up well enough to bolt it, so if i just put high temp rtv at the joint would that work? I am gunna go to a shop and see if they have a pipe bender that i can use to make the small tweak i need. But if not, rtv?
  15. antleo

    Exhaust Leak

    I believe it's at the mid pipe header joint, but I also believe the I'd pipe is bent. :/