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    Could some one pleas tell me step by step how to retime a crf150f I would thank u so much if u could tell mr how step be step or write a link that would take me to a website that would show me thanks..
  2. What would cause a CRf 150 f not to fire I grabbed the kill switch wires and it shocked me but if I grab the spark plug wire it won't ack me I tested it and it is not getting no fire what coils be wrong does it need a new one
  3. Caleb9299

    Need help crf 150

    Thanks mxscotty I thing all I need is that bolt cause the dude I got it off of just said the timing chain was loose and I looked at the bolt and thetip of it is just silicone in the whole so thT is all I think I need is the bolt
  4. Caleb9299

    Need help crf 150

    Does anyone know where the valve tensioner is on the CRf 150
  5. Caleb9299

    Need help crf 150

    What is the post called and thanks
  6. I have a 2003 CRf 150f I bought it yesterday boy I got it off of said It jumped time it's not getting no fire to the spark plug and before it quit running it was backfiring and bogging I need help and to no what is exactly wrong and where is the cam chain tensioner located