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  1. nyj

    450x streetability

    Looking at doing a 450x in supermoto setup. How is their reliability and performance for street?
  2. This is truthfully my only concern. The price difference is pretty substantial, though between the bikes I'm looking at. Converted 450x with all mods done in excellent condition for more than a grand less than a WR.
  3. 2012 450x vs similar year WR. One is fuel injected, one is not. One has a history of valve issues, one has a history of unbeatable reliability. Seems like an obvious choice, but they both have pluses that draw me to them, and I can't decide. This is going to be a supermoto. Thoughts?
  4. Good to hear. Anything I should be concerned with at 100 hours?
  5. Looking at one with 100hrs on it. Mostly all stock. Not familiar with this particular model, so looking for feedback on long term reliability, parts availability, etc. Thanks
  6. Those sliders are such a waste of money. Skateboard wheels are a fourth the price and work just as good.
  7. You've been talking to BILT directly? If so, bummer. Usually it's the middle man that makes warranties a PITA.
  8. Only reason I wore one on my SM was for summer use when off roading/urban hooliganism and a race helmet got a bit too hot. Used it on the highway many times and never had issues with wind...
  9. nyj

    Power wheelies

    In second, around 15-20mph, it should power up with a suspension bounce/tug on handlebars. The difference with these bike, is they make power down low, not up high, so try it in the lower RPMs.
  10. nyj

    Skateboard sliders

    You can get a set for like 6 bucks new on ebay. I supported my local skate shop and spent 30+, just because it's a cool facility for kids.
  11. The DRZ is a very rugged engine. Has he done the loctite fixes? Assuming quality work was done, I wouldn't worry. How much?
  12. I wouldn't unless the loctite fixes were done. And by done, that means the owner can tell you specificlally which ones. Just my opinion. That's a simply fix that can say a lot about what kind of DRZ owner he is.
  13. There's your problem. Lol. Don't run the bike until it's replaced.
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