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  1. all is good now, replaced O2 sensor, corrected issue. Funny no codes and intermitent stumble off idle. Thanks.
  2. handreasen

    Competitive MX on an older bike

    son still racing 2006 KTM250sxf/ competitive in b/a classes. ITS RIDER SKILLS GUYS.
  3. 94 454 SUBURBAN : All new fuel system, idles well, when warmed up stumbles off idle, 32 psi fp, throws no codes, injectors look to atomize well????????????????????????????
  4. Just get a big Insurance Policy on her and stop worrying so much!
  5. Well KTM dominated 2015 Paris Dakar this year again! 1st, 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th KTM 2nd,8th HONDA 9th Yamaha There they go ruining MC off road riding!
  6. handreasen

    Somebody Make This ...

    can't race in the air! Must be a Slow Motion MX rider, never see more then 50 on the track! Those guys are desert racers, they actually ride pinned, they have cajonies so big they cant get of the ground. LOL. All MX has become today is jump/turn, jump/turn circus! Heard next year they are going to require each rider to do a flip every lap!
  7. handreasen

    best mods

    Oh, sorry purchase a Rekluse as well, that will automatically move you up to the A class in the pits
  8. handreasen

    best mods

    Learn how to ride it
  9. handreasen

    Best 2 stroke transmission oil

    In Japan , they use Whale Sperm
  10. handreasen

    UGLY watercooled engines.

    the broken springs were caused by high lift cams and harmonics. I will agree the designs are two different animals, but the goal was to stabalize the springs harmonics and more accuratley ramp open/close valves, allowing higher RPMs.
  11. handreasen

    UGLY watercooled engines.

    Yep, the KTM as well as others accomplish much of the results of the Ducati design with a spring. The problem with spring designes are at High lift of performance cams, large stiff springs are required to follow the cam shaft profile. Quick opening and closing of these springs causes harmonics of the spring and what is commonly known as valve float. The other ramification is pounding the seat of the valve reducing life. With the use of the cam follower arms they can more accuratly follow the cam profile because of the radiused ramp of the followers, allowing use of smaller springs with less seat pressures, enabling more aggressive cam profiles and the reduction of destructive pounding of the valve through more accurate ramp up and and ramp down of the valves. Actually a variation of the results produced in the Desmo system. The end concept is the same, valve train stabilization, higher lift cams, more RPM.
  12. I used to think the same thing when I rode my CR500, but I discovered it was me shaking.
  13. Harley has all kinds of vibration proof products. Look them up of just buy one!
  14. Think you are ready for a factory contract! You got the leaning part down pat!
  15. handreasen

    What bike?

    Well at the rate KTM is taking market share from the OLD big four, the OLD four may be out of the dirt bike market sooner then you think! Heard Honda upgraded their bikes this year with New seat covers and graphics!