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  1. hondaboy83


    Set the sag properly. had the same thing my man. And if it doesnt fix it. Lower the forks a hair
  2. Do not use the clutch. Use both brakes evenly and smooth and downshift at the last second. Dont stall the bike but with both brakes youll have twice the stopping power. It makes a big differecne let me tell you. And its the only way to do it. You can sue the cluch when you need to slide the back end around and lock the rear wheel. Try this. Its the best method
  3. hondaboy83

    o6 crf or braces??

    Braces work. But my teeth slowly went back to normal. But a i also knocked them out afterwards and got some veneris or fake teeth and now they look sharp. Best of luck.
  4. how do i get the lites results. or 125 class
  5. instead of slipping the clutch on a 2 stroke you just pop it on a 4 stroke. You dont have to feather it because the power and torque is there. Just let it out and roll the power on. And you will go through clutches on your 4 if u buse it
  6. hondaboy83

    Anything stolen at the track?

    Gotta love canada. Since i was 11 me and my parents left everything out. im 21 now. We have raced tons. Not even a pair of goggles ripped off.
  7. hondaboy83

    Thinking about a 06 R, still valve problems ?

    Ive had good luck with my 2 crf250s. Not one problem. Except for a leaky fork seal. But that was my fault. Came up sooo short. I think its more maintenance related myself. But oh well. When my 05 got stolen i rode my friends 04 YZF250for 2 races. And the motor was good but the suspension and handling was scabby. Also every bike has its problems. after i raced that bike the guy rode it 3 times and it blew up. It wasnt my fault. The oil was changed and filter clean. Even the trusty yamaha breaks down.
  8. hondaboy83

    best way to install graphics

    Dude listen up right now. This is how its done. Take the shrouds off the bike and clean them with contact cleaner then soap and water. Put one side of graphics in the oven. as low as possible so the element isnt red but its warm. Leave it in for about 30 sec to 1 minute. Peel off the backing and spray with windex. Spray the shroud with windex and put them on. Squeegee out all the windex with a credit card wrapped in a towel or your thumbs. Work from the inside out. My results were fantstic on my first set. You CANT lose with this method
  9. hondaboy83

    My new 06 CRF250R

    ill put my photos up if i knew how. If its not hard give em some tips
  10. hondaboy83

    Start racing

    ya skip beginner. Your taking your life at risk with those bunch of hooligans. I saw so much carnage in that class. But you do have to start somewhere i understand. Just dont go in beginner. start novice and practice practice practice
  11. hondaboy83

    OK, Need you TECH HEADS

    Its hard to believe the valves went THAT fast. But the usual case is when they move more than a few sizes they keep going. But that isnt always the case. You know what, I have had problems like that before and it was just by giving it too much gas. When its cold you choke it. And just a tiny blip. And if it is flooded hold it wide open not 1\2 way. Because the accelerator pump will shoot the fuel anyways no matter if its 1\4 or pinned. But when its pinned the throttle slide is all the way open which in turn lets more air in and will fire the bike. So id tell you to let it sit overnight. And try the starting process all over again. Ive seen this on more than one occasion. Not trying to say u dont know how to start your bike but all it takes is a touch of the gas and its game over. So before you start panicking try my method. Cheers bud
  12. hondaboy83

    Bye Bye! 4-Strokes Are Too Expensive...

    Why dont you get yourself a reusable oil filter and a case of GN4 honda oil. That will last you a long time. and why complain if your going to buy a yamaha. Learn to live with it. 4 strokes are the future. I dont care if the limit is 144cc on a 2 stroke 125. 4 strokes are faster.
  13. hondaboy83

    Kamloops riders?

    Ive raced at whispering pines. Is there any more tracks there or something like a track. Ill be moving there soon I live in Williams Lake. And how does the track work do you get a key and ride when you want or is it open a few days a week. Let me know thank you.
  14. hondaboy83

    Anyone from Vancouver Island?

    My parent sjust built a house in parksville. Beautiful area i love it there. I have a few questions. How far is the nearest tracks and when can you ride them. Do you get a key or how does it work. Thank you. Bye for now
  15. hondaboy83

    obstacle before turn problems

    We have one of those things. First off take the corner wider and line up to that jump. Hit it with speed and jump through the turn. Line yourself up so when you land you dont have to make too much of a directional change you can just gas it and go.