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  1. motonack

    Ohh my gawd she's a beaut!!

    And Yamaha only sees significant updates once every few years... KTM doesn't hold back to milk old tech.
  2. motonack

    Connector under seat... help!

    Looks like it's the one that goes to the fuel pump attached to the gas tank.
  3. motonack

    2019 KTM TPI questions

    The TPI model is supposed to be available in the usa right now as a 2018 250XC-W TPI
  4. motonack

    11 or 12 150sx?

    No, it's still the same engine, just more power. You'd still have a 125/150 expansion chamber on it, not the 200XCW pipe.
  5. motonack

    11 or 12 150sx?

    Just buy a 2012+ linkage 150SX and make it a 200SX.
  6. motonack

    Rich jetting for less throttle response?

    40 pilot Suzuki NEDH 3rd clip 170 main Yellow pv spring flush buttery smooth power all day
  7. motonack

    No KTM 2 Stroke XC Line???

    The website is never right. They also almost never post the SXS mini bikes they produce year after year also. They probably hadn't gotten them queued into the production line to be able to take official photos yet. The very first link I clicked on has all the information on the cross country models. Just no photos. (you know what they'll look like) http://www.dirtrider.com/2018-ktm-mx-and-off-road-bikes-announced#page-27
  8. motonack

    Are KTM tanks compatible?

    KTM wouldn't pull that kind of garbage. For at least the past four generations, they've made as much the same as possible. The only differences to the frames are the frame cradles to fit to the various motors. As long as the part is from the same model generation and isn't one of the parts that actually differentiates it from the other models (IE: the motor, intake components, electronics, etc), then it will fit. However, since the 4 strokes became fuel injected, those tanks are no longer compatible due to fuel pumps and fuel hoses. That being said, any tank that fits a 2011-2016 KTM 250/300 SX/XC/XCW/EXC 2 stroke, 2011-2015 125/150SX/XC/XCW/EXC 2 stroke, 2012-2016 200XCW/EXC and 2011/2012 carbed 450 4 strokes will work with a 2012 125SX.
  9. motonack

    KTM 250 xc lights

    Pretty sure it's exactly the same. Should be for the entire 2011-2016 generation of 250/300 XC/XCW/EXC 2 stroke bikes. Did you buy your bike used?
  10. motonack

    What symptoms would show if...

    So i'm about to just order a new voltage regulator and see what happens lol. They're only $54 on rockymountain.
  11. motonack

    What symptoms would show if...

    http://slavensracing.com/shop/e-starter-system-bushing-shim-kit-for-ktm-husaberg-250300/ I seriously hope these aren't what you are referring to. Replacing these wouldn't help in the slightest.
  12. motonack

    What symptoms would show if...

    Okay so I think I have all the measurement points completed. So when I hit the button when it doesn't work, the battery voltage doesn't change in the slightest. When the bike is running at a constant idle, the voltage stays nearly unchanged at around 12.6v. When I rev the bike it sometimes spikes up to around 13.5v and drops to around 10.5v when the rpms drop down for a moment before normalizing out into idle rpm at around 12.6v. My battery relay still doesn't click when the e-start doesn't work. Could it be my starter relay fuse? I swapped in the spare fuse that sits along side the active one to no effect. I've literally changed every electrical component except the voltage regulator. I still don't think it's my starter, but i'm running out of parts I haven't replaced.
  13. motonack

    What symptoms would show if...

    Okay so I just tested exactly that. I hooked the battery back up and then held the button for about 5 seconds. For now at least, the starter is working. I have the airbox plugged up so it didnt start, but after about 5 seconds of the starter cycling, the battery dropped from a standing 12.69v to about 10.6v, and has since returned to 12.62v after about 2 minutes sitting. I still need to test voltage while it's running.
  14. motonack

    What symptoms would show if...

    Just a quick update as I begin prepping the bike for my race next weekend. I just pulled the battery and it checked out perfect at 12.69v. Also, before I took it out for a wash, the estart would initiate and I would assume turn the bike over but I had the filter all plugged up, etc. Interesting.
  15. motonack

    Will Tomac do it again ?