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    Make knives and swords, breed rattlesnakes, teach kung fu, sung since I was 4

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  1. twoblackbelts

    Air compressor

    What? Hah?
  2. twoblackbelts

    Transition from 4 stroke to 2 stroke

    Exactly the 2 I'm looking at.
  3. twoblackbelts

    Transition from 4 stroke to 2 stroke

    Yup. Maintain it and it takes 1 or 2 pops.
  4. One of the best questions I've read in 2 years. No kidding. It just shows how terrified manufacturers are of USA agencies like the EPA and the FDA, IRS, etc. It's a damned shame. I think F1 Engineering in Hesperia is on the right track for the future. Their lightweight diesel bike engine will run on several fuels (including soybean oil!) and has MONSTER torque. German-engineered and if filled with synthetic oils and maintained it ought to run for 50 years straight. I have a 7500-pound turbodiesel 4X4 that gets better mileage than my 3000-pound gasoline 4X4 and has 520 foot pounds of torque. It'll accellerate from 60-90 going uphill without breaking a sweat, whereas the 4-cylinder (getting worse mileage) hums along at 35mph in second gear. Wait...what were we talking about?
  5. You guys make me proud. Nice work. If someone did that to me they REALLY had better kill me outright. I don't believe in lawsuits.
  6. twoblackbelts

    Air compressor

    Ditto. Oilless are disposable and deafening.
  7. twoblackbelts

    Which Camelbak to buy?

  8. twoblackbelts

    TOO trash OR not TOO trash your helmet

    After a good hit the structural integrity is compromised. If you plan on just a 4-year State degree keep the old helmet. If you aspire to grad school then replace the helmet. The semi-rigid foam will NOT provide the same protection after being compressed even slightly. You can skimp on bars, stickers, graphics, pegs, exhaust, plastics and cool jerseys, but skimping on protective gear is INSANITY!!!
  9. twoblackbelts

    Foam filter maintenance question

    The 19th. I'm wating for the leg to calm down so I can go find the coyote I shot last night. A bunch of them were coming out of a sheep ranch. I yelped at them, and the fools stopped to yelp back. I think I got one, but it was in boulderville. Leg hurts like a mother****er!
  10. NEW PLAN!! The wife just got a $100,000.00 raise! Now I can spend all my $$ on guns, and she can buy the toys.
  11. twoblackbelts

    Discovering channel tonight at 10PM

    Any "Gentleman's Bets" on injuries? I say a wrist and a femur. Any takers?
  12. twoblackbelts

    shave seat or lower suspension?

    www.gutsracing.com They are a WEALTH of knowledge on just such mods without breaking the bank. And they have HANDS-DOWN the most comfy seats I've ridden since 1975.
  13. twoblackbelts

    GP's on Speed!

    Do the commentators talk about engineering, suspension design and motors? Yeah, I could see how that would bore an MX guy.
  14. twoblackbelts

    4-strokes: how has it changed mx?

    DAMN! Beat me to it!