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  1. eurodave

    Decibel Level

    get you self an app for your phone I use dbx seems to be accurate as I have measured it with a good db meter from our club!
  2. eurodave

    2018 KTM 500 exc question

    Like tm530 stated hours on the speedo will be from when the front wheel was on and not as a snow bike; However if you drop into your local dealer they could find out your total hours by putting it in the xc1 tool
  3. eurodave

    Ktm 250 excf rattle noise

    did you reset the tensioner as per instructions and release after you reinstalled?
  4. eurodave

    New 2017 350 EXC-F

    so with the 17 exc-f you will be getting your owners manual, tool kit, wash cap kit for your fuel lines quick connect, 3 filters for the fuel line, throttle cam, and pen all in a nice zipped folder. if the dealer installed the flag hand guards you should also get the nuts and bolts for the pivots on the levers and the dust boots for them too As for skid plate I always ask if you are a lite rider or heavy (meaning do you skim over the terrain or hit hard) if you are a lite rider then plastic/composite heavy then aluminum other items to think about getting is a spare air filter or two, oil filters, and oil,
  5. 10% Is normal leak down readings. when doing a leak down test it is best to do it with the valve cover off that way you can confirm you are at TDC? also you can listen to see if there is any blow by past the rings (recognizable by air noise up the cam chain tower) air leakage at the exhaust muffler or in the air box indicates valves issues re check your measurements but sounds like valve job is in your horizon
  6. eurodave

    What is this -other- KTM relay?

    you have two relays on your bike; the starter relay (which you pictured in your first post) and the second is the fuel pump relay located on the right of the battery box the second would be for lights (both are interchangeable which is handy should the fuel relay fail out in the middle of nowhere)
  7. eurodave

    2017 KTM 250 EXC-F vs 250 XC-F

    weight difference is in the forks, shock, swing arm, lighting, and some bodywork and crankshaft and stator/flywheel and motor its self
  8. With the lectron you will find that issues will show up just like the one you are having right now far quicker than stk carb!! fouling plugs like you are is an indication that it is time for a rebuild I had the same issue on my 2014 fouling on start up a rebuild cured the problem! if I remember the first line in the lectron tuning guide is about having a good fresh engine as tunning can be affected.
  9. Ok as you are in Europe I will explain as best as possible you have a restrictor in you intake that is removable remove next go back to you dealer and ask them to install the unrestricted map finishing in 201 and also get them to remove the o2 sensor and side stand switch as theses become redundant once the map has been change then you should be good to go now as for any suggestions from north American forum users I would say that the euro bike compared to the north American bike is very different wiring harness is different as is the intake as is the muffler all of which most people in NA would prefer the euro versions but thanks to CARB and the EPA we get a very chocked up version compared to you. with the above mods your bike should be good to go
  10. because your dealer has remapped your bike it is now in the competition mode so the o2 sensor is now redundant that is why it has been removed
  11. raginspeed looks like your dealer did desmog you bike for you and remap with the unrestricted map so no need to do anything other than install the muffler and reinitialize your sensors (5 minute idle no throttle)
  12. eurodave

    Ktm 350 won't start after rebuild

    charge your battery for one next make sure the condenser is connected and working this will cause a no spark issue also make sure all wires from your stator are reconnected
  13. rjm. the wires you are showing in your pictures one is the can bus comunication wires (capped off) the next (the one you are holdingis the diagnostic plug. beta 173 your showing the wires behind the headlight mask these are signal wires if you follow them through they connect to the signals. As i have mention on another site the wiring harness is different from europe compared to north America. the euro harness does come with the o2 sensor connector and the map switch connector what happens in euroland is when a customer wish to race there is a derestriction done to the bike which basically removes the o2 sensor and plugs the end of the harness and the sidestand switch is modified to stay down and then re mapped Now for NA I'm not sure if cisco is correct yet but if a kit comes available it will not be cheap and apparently the bikes can be remapped
  14. eurodave

    new KTM 125 2t, oil leak from pipe

    nothing to worry about all you need to do is possibly replace the exhaust orings easy to do and not covered under warranty unless the pipe is damaged what you can do is loosen the mounts and see if the pipe will fit better and then retighten
  15. eurodave

    Head bracket question

    right through the middle like you have it is fine