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  1. So far two for Saturday, what times the ride start Saturday morning?? 2500HD crew cab long bed with KTM & Kawasaki 450's, Dan.
  2. Bob, Moon Rock sounds like fun I'll keep an eye on this thread. Wow its been a while for me since i rode . Dan
  3. Bakatare

    Sunday March 27- GT run

    7:30 am
  4. Bakatare

    Sierra OHV SNOWed in and Closed for winter

    Moon Rocks its been a while, sounds good
  5. Shit last time when I was there a few months ago they parked next to me
  6. Bakatare

    The never ending TRIPLE DIGITS Swimmin Hole Ride

    Go find three green kawasaki and knock it over like dominos you'll feel better
  7. Bakatare

    versa-haul opinions

    I also thought about line X the surface also, I like it because I can load & unload it by my self when I go alone. The stock 2500HD leveled & 34.5 in. tires is undoable alone. I found it on craigslist still in the box unopen for $200. Just abit on the heavy side.
  8. Bakatare

    versa-haul opinions

    I placed 3m grip tape on the ramp & carrier surface
  9. Bakatare


    We start out at Green Horn Creek "Red Dog Road" & head out that way to make a nice ride .
  10. It should be legal to club them like baby seal for there fur . Great ride today guys, there was a total of ten & no one got lost or hurt much .