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  1. mxtech1

    Bouncing Idle and Can't adjust idle speed

    You might need a larger pilot jet to accomodate the fmf pipe. I would do an obvious check for air looks. If none try a larger pilot.
  2. mxtech1

    Mickeyo rental / walnut 2011

    Is this an open invite for thumpertalk members or is it something private? I live about an hour south of the track
  3. I understand why you are thinking that way using the formula, but in the physical world that's not how that particular change would effect spring rate. taking a sawzall and cutting out x amount of coils does not change the mechanical properties the spring specifications were made to. Even if you cut cut coils out, one would still have to divide N As the original amount of coils. give me a day or two to get a test setup on my suspension dyno comparing two like, but altered length springs and I will plot some nice readouts of the linear curves produced with the two different setups.
  4. Cutting them will absolutely not make them stiffer. Mx bikes use a single, not progressive, rate spring. No matter what the length, it always takes the same amount of kg to compress the spring a certain amount if mm ( this is how spring rates are rated when you see the kg/mm rating). If you are still in doubt do a google search for spring travel per mass applied and you will see some very technical data and graphs supporting this. a Motocross spring has a linear relation to mass, not an exponential rate.
  5. mxtech1

    Head shake after a jump??

    tighten your triple clamp nut and run your steering a little bit tighter
  6. mxtech1

    2007 kx250f Valves? Help!

    Have the valve clearance checked and report back with an actual number for the clearance. It could also be jetting
  7. mxtech1

    YZ 125 mods

    Add a pro circuit pipe w/ a 304 silencer, vforce 3 reed cage, vp race fuel and spend some time jetting it. You'll be more than happy with these mods without breaking your wallet
  8. mxtech1

    base valve all busted up

    You probably need to replace it. Those pistons are actually made of a thermosetting polypropelene because of their resistance to chemicals such that are found in suspension fluid. Although this is a good material for the job, they can be quite brittle and do sometimes crack. Can you post a picture?
  9. mxtech1

    yz250f hard start after rebuild

    Change your pilot jet
  10. mxtech1

    Wiseco Pistons

    Wiseco is the leader in replacement pistons. Oem pistons are great, but with a wiseco not only will you gain more performance you will also see very accurate tolerances for a smooth running machine and you can also expect a great life expectancy out of any of their products. You can expect to notice an improved powerband if you raise the compression while remaining on premium pump fuel. Dollar for dollar, raising the compression is about the best bang for the buck you can get.
  11. mxtech1

    things to do after top end rebuild

    Run the bike on the stand for 10 minutes or until there it heat at the radiator fill cap. Then go ride like normal. so many people waste time "breaking in" new top end by babying the bike for hours. The only time you really need to spend a little extra time is if you've replaced a cylinder, crank, or bearings in the lower end.
  12. mxtech1

    Stew to Suzuki's??

    Js will not be on a suzuki. There's too many politics behind it but it just isn't feasible.
  13. you really need to to use your manual and measure the amount of play with feeler gauges. The journal you're showing in the picture looks very suspect. If you have any doubt you should replace it, especially if you are going to all the trouble to make the top end nice and new again
  14. mxtech1

    07 ttr 230 clutch help advice

    Clutch plates have worn past their useable limit. The clutch stack it so thin now that even with the clutch lever fully engaged the pressure hub can't apply enough pressure to keep the bike from rolling. You will need a new clutch pack
  15. mxtech1

    1993 YZ250 tuning, I'm stumped!

    Check the slide and carb cavity for excessive wear because this would cause an air leak directly into the cylinder. You also may have a leaking crank seal which is also often times directly related to those exact symptoms