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  1. skipn8r

    Need service manual for 1985 cr250

    http://www.helminc.com/helm/product2.asp?class%5F2=AHC&mk=Honda+Motorcycle&yr=1985&md=Off%2DRoad&dt=Shop%2FService+Information&module=&from=result&Style=&Sku=61KA403&itemtype=N&mscsid=EU41KH8035288K1V823EBMKAQ2V52084 $36 directly from Helm.
  2. skipn8r

    Josh Grant

    My first thought was jetting; you can see JG wicking the throttle a few times before the crash and the bike didn't appear to be responding. If it was jetting, he'd be absolutely right to be angry with the mechanic....
  3. skipn8r

    GOAT in Moto X Super X?

    I'd be surprised after his get-off last night. But then again, we are talking about RC...
  4. skipn8r

    Look like JLaw needs an intervention!

    I've never been a JLaw fan. But as a father, I have sympathy for him after seeing that pic - in spite of the opportunities he's thrown away. I hope he can find a good mentor and turn things around...
  5. skipn8r

    Stewart at X-games

  6. skipn8r

    Coisy apologizes...hahaha

    I suspect this is the real problem...
  7. The '02 - up cylinders are fundamentally different compared to the '01, none of those will fit an '01 engine. I believe '97 - '01 cylinders all interchange directly. The '92 - '96 will also fit, but you may need to a few other parts as well.
  8. skipn8r

    02 Cr power valve cables missing?

    I'd just buy a new cable setup from Honda. Seems odd that they're missing.
  9. skipn8r

    My right side seal leaking? Water in oil?

    It does sound like your right side crank seal is leaking, so it's probably best to replace both sides. Check the sealing surfaces for wear and make sure the new seal seats properly. Also, if your crank bearings are worn and allowing too much radial crank motion, new seals will still leak - might want to check the crank free play. As for gray transmission oil, newer CR's use aluminum clutch plates from the factory and they will turn the oil gray pretty quickly. If you're getting water in the oil, it should turn "milk" like in color.
  10. skipn8r

    97 CR250 Powervalve service.

    Definitely pull the cover and watch while you rev the engine - if everything is operating right, the shaft should switch from L to H at around 5,500 - 6,000 RPM. Next time you have the cylinder off, you should clean up the flap and rods and anything else carbon-coated. A bench grinder with a wire wheel works great. Make sure to grease everything per the manual (including the moly paste) during reassembly. BTW, knocking sounds from the bottom end could lead to costly repairs if you don't fix it before it fails. Might want to pull the cylinder now and check the crank and rod bearings.
  11. Millenium Technologies comes highly recommended.
  12. skipn8r

    2003 CR250 owners manual

    Download copies are technically illegal. I'd recommend an OEM print version. They show up cheap on Ebay. http://www.helminc.com/helm/product2.asp?class%5F2=AHC&mk=Honda+Motorcycle&yr=2003&md=Off%2DRoad&dt=&module=&from=result&Style=&Sku=61KZ372&itemtype=N&mscsid=AF8B0JXKT91Q9LJWBH0QA0995X8PFQXF
  13. skipn8r

    Need Torque Specs....PLEASE!

    The specs for '04 CR250 (probably similar) are: - Subframe top and bottom = 22 ft-lb - Shock top and bottom = 33 ft-lb - Rear axle nut = 93 ft-lb - Linkage bolts = 38 ft-lb (apply oil to threads) - Swingarm bolt = 65 ft-lb
  14. skipn8r

    bleed stack

    FC had the rod bushing and seal in stock a few months back.
  15. skipn8r

    06 cr250 re-valve job

    You're gonna find a lot of opinions. I've got a 0.44 and a 0.46 in the forks and a 5.1 shock spring for my 180 lb son. The stiffer fork rate was a bit much until I lightened the MV a bit and ran the fork oil level at around 375 cc. We ride exclusively offroad; mostly sand, whoops, single track, etc.