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  1. kawi_125_rider

    Your tire choice!

    I like the washougal stickys, I get them used and they are great even with 2 races already on them. I ride loose gravel/dirt
  2. kawi_125_rider

    65 or 85 for 10 yr old

    I would say get the small wheel 85. we sold my 85 when i was 10 but that was a little early... i was just about tall enough for a 125 so i only had the 85 for a year when we picked up the 125.
  3. kdx kdx kdx kdx, throw a pipe and silencer on it and its calm as all get out but will still rip if you get on it
  4. kawi_125_rider

    Chain & sprockets

    Ordered a regina o ring and ironman 51/13 sprockets for my 05. I guess ill let you know.
  5. kawi_125_rider

    what oil do you use in the tranny???

    Repsol 10w40 in motor and tranny.
  6. kawi_125_rider

    2012 YZ450f vs 2012 KX450F

    what about an rmz 450?
  7. kawi_125_rider

    XR200 or a KDX200 for my 13 yr old?????

    Funny thing, i was in that situation last year. I just turned 14 in september and last year my dad was going to get another kdx or give me his. I ended up sticking it out with my 125 and now i have a crf. KDX will be a great bike... i wouldnt do any mods until he rides it for a year or so and then pipe silencer and you'll be set!
  8. kawi_125_rider

    Jumping Help!

    Ive never been to a track, but the kind of jumps i hit (lips on top of hills etc) but what determines how you jump is speed entering the jump and however much throttle you give off of the lip. Like for instance i climb the hill in 3rd and burp the throttle at the top and the mix of those two things launches me and then i adjust with brake or throttle.
  9. kawi_125_rider

    12 yr old wants to race-now what?

    a 85 will wake him up off a klx140.... 105 might be too much I've wanted to race for a while but i cant talk my dad into it. Im 14 ive been riding a full size bike for almost 4 years but he still wont let me.
  10. kawi_125_rider

    going from a 250 to 125 maybe

    Get what you like riding, everyone has different preferences. I had no problem getting where i wanted to go with my 125. If you need power grab that left hand lever and let her rip.
  11. kawi_125_rider

    05 250r starting problems......

  12. kawi_125_rider

    05 250r starting problems......

    BEWARE: This is my first thumper so if i sound dumb or overlook somthing obvious, please tell me. Alright so the trusty 05kx125 was sold and we bought a 05 250r from my dads friend. We havent been able to start it cold at all, only once. Once i pop it and warm it up, rarely it'll fire up just kicking, sometimes it'll fire up from pulling hotstart and holding half throttle, sometimes it'll fire if you whack the gas as you kick..... when im kicking through slowly i cant feel tdc at all. It dosent feel like it gets harder at any point in the stroke, maybe its cause i have boots on but i think it might be the valves out of spec. It has a High compression piston and a hotcam. im not allowed to ride for the rest of the year but what from ive read on here theres a couple things i think it might be. -I read that if it pops on decel that you need to turn the fuel screw out or change the pilot but theres no fuel screw at all on my carb. -The valves could be out, i think its partly this because i cant feel tdc at all. -My dads mechanic friend thinks that the accelerator pump may be gummed up a bit because it sat a lot rarely getting ridden, but it runs like a top once you get it fired. <--- me after kicking and it not starting.
  13. Get a good running 125, change the gearing and suspension, do whatever tank/handguards if needed and rip.
  14. kawi_125_rider

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ni04n5&s=7 Before i washed 'er Black excels/red talons RG3 Triple clamps ASV's Full Yoshi system High Comp Piston Hotcams Now i just need to figure out how to start her cold...... Have to pop start cold. I guess those are the rigors of your first four stroke