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  1. im starting to rejet my ttr-250 and since they dont have a jet kit for it i have to play with different jets, right now i have a 140# mj...137# was stock, and the bottom end is great but the top end is kind of flat, i have 6 discs in my WB E series exhaust, the response is sluggish and it is running a bit on the rich side, itd be great if anyone has any ideas of what to try now, but what i was really wanting to know is what is an easy way to tell which jet is running rich or lean,
  2. ive got an 02 ttr-250 with 7 discs on the white bros e series and when i open the throttle real fast it cuts out or it dies, ive messed with the jetting a bit but i cant get it to stop, they guy at the shop said i wouldnt have to buy a jet kit but i thought i did, can any one help and another question, this is my first four stroke and i hear everyone talking about they made a power now, and what exactly does that do and is it worth making, id appreciate any help thanks ryan