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  1. dirtgod

    Exaust dent

    Hey guys. i have a dent on my stainless steel exhaust (that was dented when i bought it) and I'm just wondering what i should do with it, should i leave it fix it or replace it. any suggestions or facts are appreciated.
  2. dirtgod

    It happens to the best of us...

    nope, ever buy new gear but don't like how it feels so you don't wear it
  3. dirtgod

    Denver Endurocross Race

    some are awd
  4. dirtgod

    WR300 wont start in gear

    some bikes don't allow you to start them if their in gear. my klx 110 doesn't let you start in gear unless you install a bump start. [*]http://www.faster-minis.com/bump-start-chp-klx-drz-110-pit-bike-suzuki-kawasaki.html . you could probably get something similar for your wr300
  5. dirtgod

    Dirt bike Riding Gear

    I have sprained my foot once so i think mx boots will be a good investment ,thanks for posting this.
  6. Hey guys i have been riding a dirt bike with no gear and i have had some painful crashes. So what gear do you think is most important to get and what are the best brands to buy. I don't want to spend much money so no special gear like neck braces.
  7. dirtgod

    Next Bike 2-stroke

    I am just bored with my klx 110 and i drive it pretty hard but haven't had problems with it. I don't have the money to spend on upgrades but i have done 0$ upgrades. I am just looking for something more fun and challenging to drive like what you get with a two stroke. But i think I'll hang on to my klx 110 for quite awhile. Thank you for suggestions and opinions.
  8. I currently own a 2005 klx 110 and i was thinking of a 125cc 2-stroke as my next bike. I am 13 years old and only 5'1. What bike do you recommend as a good 2-stoke and how long should i wait until i buy one? Any help is great Thanks.
  9. dirtgod

    Tools for valve adjust

    I put the engine at the TDC mark by turning the cam sprocket to a imprint behind the sprocket. Is it easier if you put the engine at TDC by turning the flywheel?