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  1. I got a kx 60 that the dude thought needed clutch plates , butall it needed was an adjustmant for $250:banana:, the plastics werent imaculate, but it had one of those suspension height adjusters:thumbsup:. this aint a bad deal either-http://jxn.craigslist.org/mcy/2436534479.html So anyway, what was the best deal youve ever gotten?
  2. Hey all, ive used the air filter oil that came with my 2012 ktm 150, and this last time I went to clean it, i couldnt get that blue tacky crap off. Id like all that nasty tack to be off because ive gotta imagine theres some dirt or sand in it. To clean it i spray it with uni air filter cleaner and let it sit for 10 mins. Then i wash it with a bit off dish soap with the highest temp water i can stand. I do this for like 10 to 15 mins and usually its completely clean. But this time for some reason i washed it for 30 mins and its still covered in tacky oil. How do you guys clean your filters? And is there any reason it would suddenly be like this? Thanks ahead for any help.
  3. Greenisbest

    Cant get oil off air filter, little advice please?

    Uhm you need air filter oil, thats what keeps the dirt out of the engine. I was just wondering what to use as a cleaner before giving it more oil.
  4. Today after a fricken tight single track harescramble. Some dude was like "today wouldve been a goid day for bark busters". No sh**. I dont know how his hands are still intact.
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    Weird fouling issues.

    So heres something thats always bugged me and i really hope you guys can help. When i used to race my kx 100 nearly everytime i took it on a long road trip it would foul the plug almost as soon as i started it. But it would foul a plug other than after a road trip. I always turned my gas off and just figured it was an old piece of crap bike and whatever. But now that hapoened on my brand new ktm 150. So it there something im doing wrong? I always kept the gas off while it was in the truck. And again it didnt even act like it wanted to foul a plug other than after the trip. Also the jetting is just about spot on. Running just a tad rich. And its running br9es plugs. Maybe thats to cold, but im always a little nervous about making it run hotter. Any help will appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Greenisbest

    Weird fouling issues.

    No, thats kinda what i figured was happening.
  7. Greenisbest

    Weird fouling issues.

    Yeah i was thinking about just going to an 8. And theres nothing special about the trips. Im just talking about it being in the back of the truck on the way to a race.
  8. Greenisbest

    Weird fouling issues.

    I dont even need the choke, so it is running a bit rich. Also I dont let it warm that long, just until the engine feels pretty warm and the bike is fully responsive. It has a c ast piston in it so I dont think any cold seizures are likely any time soon.
  9. Greenisbest

    Some help with riveting would be appreciated!

    Thats fricken sweet, thanks a bunch everybody!
  10. Hey guys, so I need to change out the stock exhaust cap on my 2012 Ktm 150xc. The first race of the year is this weekend and it requires a spark arrestor. So I went ahead and ordered one from enduro engineering. For some reason this never crossed my mind, but I noticed today that the cap is only held on by rivets. I've never worked with rivets in any way and have no idea where to start when dealing with them. So if you guys could tell me how to take the rivets out, and re install them with the new end cap that would be great! Thanks!
  11. Everything i'm about to say is 100% truth. Even though it's gonna seem like a list of the stupidest things you can do.So this guy whos a friend of mine asks me to help him work on his quad. He picked it up for 200 bucks and he said he cant get it to start. So I come over, and he's got a 1988 suzuki 250. It's been spray painted completely black, it minus well have street tires, and it's covered in monster energy stickers. So i'm like, lol, this is gonna be good. I check the gas and it has none, he says he's been trying to get it to run by injecting starting fluid in the carb. Lol. So we go to mix some gas, he guestimates some oil in his gas. I tried to explain to him why it was stupid but he didnt give many F@#$s. So he gets some gas in it, I sit on and go to kick start it. The kickstarter smacks up backwards into my foot and jammed my ankle. I was like &%$#@!? He says oh it does that sometimes. Whatever, so I get off, I also note how the suspension has literally no dampening what so ever. And I say lets try some starting fluid, but were gonna put it in the airbox this time. I open up the airbox and theres and airfilter that isnt even remotely the right size duct taped it there. It's also covered in holes and mud. So after trying for a while we get it started for about 30 seconds, I ended up killing it because it was spraying more smoke than a diesel mixed with motor oil and 2t oil. Also I notice the engine is ridiculously hot, like steam is coming from between the gaskets due to the gaskets melting. I wait for it to cool down and I check the radiator fluid, there is none. Meanwhile he's examining his engine. He says "I just don't know what went wrong", I just rebuilt the top end". I'm like lol, lets have a look then. At this point i'm still hanging around because i'm highly amused by the situation. We get the top end off, and I didnt even ask where he got the parts, but it's definately a broken piston with 1 of 2 rings. I pretty much tell him to scrap this thing for metal. Also somehow there was spray paint in the cylinder. So that's the stupidest situation involving motorized vehicles i've ever been in. But the stupidest part is, he threw the engine back together, and sold it for $600. Thats right, he made a 400 dollar profit.
  12. Yeah im not gonna lie, i occasionally ride quads. But ive never owned one. I usually use my friends polaris 500 for starting new trails. Also ive used a quad to pull my deer out of the woods once. Also i rented one one time since i was 5 hours away from my bike. That was completely off topic so allow me to say something on topic. The other day i was bringing home my new ktm 150 xc. A guy in the parking lot was like, wow what did that set you back? Like 2k? I laughed and said, "add on roughly 5k to that." he made the face everyone does when they here how much these things can cost nowadays. He said "you can get a quad for less than 3k and there more useful in every way." i pretty much said have a good day, and left. I could tell he had no idea what he was talking about.
  13. Yeah, i use wd 40 to clean all the time. Makes em shiny to.
  14. I know this guy whos never used a torque wrench. He's replaced the top end on his cr 250 4 times. Always has troubles afterwords, I wonder why?
  15. Greenisbest

    What to do after buying a brand new bike

    Lol, I see someone moved it to Ktm 2 stroke. My bad.
  16. So I put this in general, it is kinda model specific but I felt the majority of it will work for any bike. So, moving on, I bought a 2012 Ktm 150xc. I've never bought a new bike before so I was wondering, what do you have to do to break it in? Does it need to be ran at a different gas to oil ratio? Are there any mods you guys suggest? Like skid play or frame guards or something? Like I said i've never bought a bike brand new before so i'd really appreciate any help or advice I can get to not messing it up. Also, I will be racing it in harescramble and enduro If that matters. Thanks ahead of time for any replies.
  17. Well i don't have coordinates, however, if you search this it'll bring you pretty close. Meijer, 3333 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, Michigan 49202 . We were in that big area behind meijer. Oh and a bit of a disclaimer, It's extremely obvious how the cars got there, I have no idea how I didn't see the road. Maybe when I looked in that direction there were cars in the way? Maybe I didn't look in that direction? No idea.
  18. Good idea guys, ill see if I can find it on google earth right now.
  19. alright I've got one. Just the other day I was riding with some friends. They said this was a legitimate area to ride, but later I found out it was government property, and the actual entrance (we just went through my buddy's back yard right into the property) was covered with no trespassing signs. I was a little pissed, especially since the signs said we could've been arrested. But that's not the weird part. So after we rode like 20 mins on some two track, I noticed something shiny in the woods. I waved for them to stop and we went and investigated. There was like 30 cars neatly lined in rows. this was strange because I saw no way for them to get there, this was probably 100 yards off the two track mind you. Also, I recognized a 2004 silverado among-st the cars. Way to new to be left there and had mature woods grow around it. Seriously, these were some really dense hardwoods, I saw absolutely no way the cars got there. Also there was a lot of graffiti saying "Michigan militia .Anyway I saw some old guy in a chair. He was either asleep or dead. I assumed asleep since we weren't being real loud and he couldve easily taken a nap through me and my friends walking around. We rushed back to our bikes and kept going down the two track. We ran into a massive substation, like it probably took up 5 acres and it had a loud humming and zzzz sound coming from it. At that point I was like, ok there's no way were allowed to ride here. They insisted that they rode here all the time, I was like, probably not legally I rode up a gravel road coming from the substation. they said they haven't been up there before. I found the entrance to land just a half mile up the gravel road, and sure enough there was a huge fence with barbed wire. I could stick my head through the gate to read the signs, they were something like "Government property, No trespassing what so ever, legal action and possible jail time can result of disobeying" I turned and looked at my friends and I was like "You guys are some dumb@$$es" Then we rode back down the two track, then to their makeshift trail back to my buddy's yard. If we would've been arrested I would have been so pissed.
  20. Greenisbest

    2004 ktm 125 seized engine

    This sucks, but it's very possible that it lean seized if you ran it dry. Especially if you kept rolling without pulling the clutch in. I know two people this happened to. If this doesn't make sense think of it like this, it gets all of it's lubrication from oil in the gas, when it's out no lubrication. So if you let the engine keep turning over after its out, well, that's not good. This usually wont seize an engine though. Now if you were riding hard, like real hard, it wouldn't of died the second it ran out of gasoline. For a very short period of time it would of ran on a very very lean mix of air and gas. That'll heat the engine way up. But again, this doesn't usually seize an engine, so maybe it was running a little lean already? If that's true, then all these factors combined could definitely seize up an engine. But this is were I start to contradict myself, because just about everything I listed would only apply to a piston to cylinder wall seize. I had a terrible piston to cylinder seize about a year ago, and after it cooled down, I could kick it over fine. So I can't give you an absolute answer on what happened. However, the only thing that's absolutely true here, is that you're gonna have to tear it down. My money is on an extreme piston to cylinder to piston seize, however, a bearing seize would make more sense due to how it's acting. So tear it down, and post your findings (preferably with pictures) here on thumpertalk so we can better help you figure this out.
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    crack on pipe (pic)

    I would roll will some pipe wrap until you have the chance to weld it.
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    What to do after buying a brand new bike

    I have every piece of gear i'll need, except for maybe a neck brace, but that's debatable. I'm definitely going to get bark busters and a skid plate. Thanks for all the replies but I have one more question, how would you break in the motor? Or is that something that will covered in the manual? I guess two more questions, how important is the grease? I've always kept my bikes well greased, but my parents would probably be pissed if a week after they spent that much money on a bike I had it torn down, (I'm only 17).
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    Clutch seal leak on a cr 250

    I was really hoping to hear that. Thanks for the quick reply.