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  1. nuity5

    What riding gear for woods riding?

    Leather reinforcements on the inside of each knee - not breathable. Being leather isnt as big of a deal unless you wear braces. I debated the Garne boots for a while but I love them. Very comfortable boot. I think any hinged ankle will be similar I just picked what seems to be the wider brand. I know you didn’t mention a helmet but a well ventilated helmet is huge plus. I use a Klim F4. Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. Clay
  2. nuity5

    2004 yamaha yzf250 shock removal

    Remove seat. Remove right side panel. Remove muffler. Loosen air boot clamp on carb. Pull 3 bolts holding rear subframe on. Nothing between you and the shock at this point. Clay
  3. nuity5

    What riding gear for woods riding?

    These have been pretty good for me. Sedici has these and another model very similar that are available at cycle gear. Lots of room for knee braces and leather panels on the inside of the knees. For boots Garne SG10’s. Very comfortable. Clay
  4. This happened a few years back. I was on the way to one riding area we have. It’s about a 5 mile trip of woods, a dirt road and about 2 sections of 1/2 mile or so of pavement. I popped out of the woods on the dirt road and saw a black Tahoe 100 yards or so to my right stopped. Hung a left and proceeded to the clay pit to ride. Rode for a while and on the way back the Tahoe had moved to the point the dirt road crossed a paved road. Came to a complete stop at the stop sign and made a right as I suspected he was law enforcement even though no uniform. He flagged me back as I went by. I was on my tagged XR600 but figured he still might question me riding. When I came back I shut it off. He asked where I had been riding. I explained and then he asked “When you were riding up there did you happen to see a guy running around in hand cuffs?” At this point I had to chuckle. I said no but I’ll have to admit I wasn’t exactly looking for one either. He said they were searching a house and had him cuffed and sitting on a bench in the house. While they were searching he bolted. I offered to cruise around and help them look but he said that’s ok never mind. Clay
  5. nuity5

    What would you do?

    I agree 100%. Clay
  6. nuity5

    Help Me Guess the Bike!

    Not 90’s RM. The right hand drive would kick out a lot of possibilities I would think. Maico’s were right hand drive so he may be correct. Clay
  7. nuity5

    2000 Drz400s carburetor Help!

    A great resource for exploded factory diagrams is Rocky Mountain - rockymountainatvmc.com. Pretty sure you’ll have to register to search OEM Parts but we’ll worth it. Looks like you have a pilot jet, main jet or main air jet depending on size, idle mixture adjusting screw and spring (the lower screw and lower spring). Clay
  8. nuity5

    KX Hybrid gas tank fitment

    Frame is 2003. Engine is 2004 in case the head mounts are different from the pre 95 engines. I left the upper mount in the factory location and made an offset head stay bracket. Clay
  9. nuity5

    KX Hybrid gas tank fitment

    I actually tried to register on that site a while back but never received my email to finish registration. If I try again it shows my email address is already taken. Looks like the owner just did a major upgrade and the “contact the administrator” link is disabled. I’m assuming once I register I can use the search function. Basically I need to contact admin to register but I can’t contact the admin because I’m not registered 😄. I would like to ask some specific questions as it does appear the tanks in question have been used. The rear head stay seems to be an issue. I’m curious if it’s because they moved the upper mount on the KX frame to align with the KDX head or it is actually an interference issue with the head itself. I’m also wondering if one or the other is more preferred because of a slightly different shape or they’re the same and it doesn’t matter. Clay
  10. I’m wondering if anyone with a KX hybrid has installed an aftermarket larger capacity tank (3 gal.) such as Clarke or IMS? I’m mainly just interested in the color change from black to natural. From a fuel filling standpoint black is just retarded to me. I would be happy with a stock capacity natural tank but I can’t find anyone that makes one. I never had a KX125 engine when I built mine so I don’t know how much taller the KDX200 engine is and if there is an interference issue somewhere. Thanks for any info. Clay
  11. One of the best quotes I’ve seen concerning protective gear - “Always remember - you don’t dress for the ride, you dress for the crash”. Gear has saved me from several emergency room visits or worse. I’ve been hit hard enough in a helmet that I didn’t know where I was for a minute. Slid down a dirt road around 50 mph and the chin guard / visor had my head tucked under so I couldn’t pick it up. Goggles saved countless limbs, dirt and rocks from getting in my eyes. I’ve had bruised feet a time or two and ripped my big toe nail off while wearing motocross boots. This was all doing off road / woods riding. I’ve been hurt sure but I have absolutely no doubt protective still saved my ass. As I’ve gotten older I have invested more money in gear mainly because the higher end stuff is just more comfortable. I’m sure others can provide actual experiences where protective gear saved them from an injury all together or at least made the injury much less. I don’t know if real world experiences will change your fathers mind but anything is worth a shot. Clay.
  12. It is peened but that’s not how you want to proceed. The cartridge screws apart just below the steel ring the spring rides on where the dull tube meets the shinier end piece. If you tap the steel ring off you’ll see 4 ears that you can use to hold that part of the cartridge. I made a wrench to hold the top part but you should be able to clamp it between 2 blocks of wood. The ears should dig in and hold it. Apply some heat first. I usually go until you can still touch it but it’s pretty hot. With the top clamped put a Phillips screwdriver through the holes on the bottom and screw it apart. Phillips screwdriver is convenient since it’s round and has a good handle. They can be pretty tough the first time. When it breaks loose I immediately spray some penetrating oil on it to help prevent galling of the threads. Now just screw the end off and pull it apart. Clay.
  13. I have used the same method eastreich described. I used nylon because I had a scrap piece at work but wood should work just as well. I made it very snug on an end that should still be in shape. Put a good chamfer lead in on your block. Depending on how stiff your case is (mine was aluminum) you might have to work a little from each end at a time. Wasn’t a 100% perfect repair but it turned out very good. Clay
  14. nuity5

    Rough mileage estimate

    Shouldn’t be a problem at all. I get around 30 mpg give or take riding a good “B” pace in a east coast enduro / hs type ride on a 03 YZ250F with 290 kit. Pretty sure I’ve seen others quite similar mileage. Clay
  15. nuity5

    Titling an off-road bike

    Another update. Sorry for the long posts. Believe it or not the SCDMV is still dragging its feet. The incompetence and confusion are mind boggling. One lady - Regina - said the hold up was the VIN shows up stolen out of Panellas County, Fl. on the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). No problem - I called the Panellas County Sheriff’s Office to see what they can find out. According to them everything is fine - nothing shows up with the VIN# as stolen. I go to the NMVTIS website and it appears they basically compile info from other sites like Carfax, Experian, etc. I searched 10 of the 12 providers and nothing found on the VIN#. The 2 others required registration / payment to search. So basically NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), Calhoun County Sheriff, Panellas County Sheriff, and the vast majority of the NMVTIS providers say VIN# is clear but Regina at SCDMV says otherwise. I’m thinking clerical mistake myself. Another call to DMV to get more information on the Panella county case. I asked for Regina as before but of course she wasn’t there. Problem is this person - Candice - doesn’t know a thing about my case. About every time I call it goes like this. First they’ll ask for the VIN#. Second they’ll tell me they can’t find anything on that VIN#. I then explain you won’t because it’s never been titled as I’m APPLYING for a title. Third they’ll ask for make and model. This last time I inquired why do you ask this every time since this is on my application paperwork? Candice’s reply - Oh we don’t have your paperwork. Do you have copies you could send us? She did give me an email address this time as I explained I sent everything certified mail the first time and evidently you lost it. Called 2 days later to see if it was received - of course Candice wasn’t available either. Start over with another idiot that asks for VIN#, says it doesn’t show up, wants to know why I used that email address to send paperwork, blah, blah, blah. I really believe McDonalds employees are running this place. I figured it was time for another approach so I contacted the director of the title department - Larry Murray. I sent a long detailed message about all that has been going on for 6 months. He tried to appease me but really didn’t provide any useful information or assistance. He mentioned it was showing clear in Panellas County because their database gets purged every 5 years but NICB is forever is why it shows up stolen. I replied it shows clear in the NICB as that was the first place my local sheriff’s office checked. Basically I feel like all he’s going to do is “handle” me and he’s just as useless as the rest of his department. I sent the DMV inspector a message Friday about assigning another VIN and try that route. He seemed to be very helpful so maybe.... The entertainment continues. Clay