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    CaveMike like make fire, fashion spears from wood, long romantic walks on beach.

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  1. CaveMike

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Twain Harte probably not best place in state for avoid fire danger. Few close calls already.
  2. CaveMike

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Jackson, Pioneer, Amador all 28-35 miles away.
  3. CaveMike

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    Fall riding trip to CaveMike lair in Twain Harte might need happen.
  4. CaveMike wish every day for coating whore
  5. CaveMike

    Fire near Cow Mt.

  6. CaveMike

    2008 yz450 front wheel onto a 2005 YZ250

    05 be 99 percent same as 06+. Triple clamp different, fork be earlier more primitive sss version. CaveMike very primitive, easy for him relate.
  7. CaveMike

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Many people accuse CaveMike of having defective head.
  8. CaveMike

    2008 yz450 front wheel onto a 2005 YZ250

    2005 yz250 be one off. 2005 yz250 have different triple clamp spacing than 2006-current. 2005 spacers only good on 2005 yz.
  9. CaveMike

    Return of The Wolf II

    CaveMike been riding Pirelli lately on plated beast. Him like trials rear, scorpion rally front. Scorpions very scary. Make CaveMike feel tough.
  10. CaveMike

    Need Help Starting

    CaveMike always huge fan of deer antler spray banned by NFL. Use it for get super high, then kick bike over. Don’t go full NFL and kick girlfriend. Just bike.
  11. CaveMike

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    This true. CaveMike eaten several people lost in woods.
  12. CaveMike

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    CaveMike very elusive, hard to spot in wild.
  13. CaveMike

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    Any idea what you going use second chance for? CaveMike think it be good idea you get job at prestigious university as night janitor. Solve very complex math problems on chalk board in secret. Later hang out with Ben Affleck.
  14. CaveMike

    Need help figuring out what I got here.

    CaveMike not positive but to him it look more like a dog.