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  1. Bracket very nice, but technology very scary for CaveMike.
  2. mikuni 40mm pumper be nice middle ground. Cost 450 shiny rocks not 800, but still be nice improvement over stock carb.
  3. Likely gear in Kickstarter mechanism be missing teeth.
  4. This look very good? How many shiny rocks it cost?
  5. Chinese copy carbs available on eBay very cheaply. CaveMike usually not fan of chinese goods, but sometimes cheap bike need cheap carburetor.
  6. Go to look at bike. Bring gallon of oil/pan/filter with you. Drain oil. Look for shiny bad metal in oil. Change oil. Take for test ride. Change oil again. Look again for badness. If very much badness, hit owner with rock or club. If not badness, buy bike.
  7. How bike on freeway/highway now with fairing?
  8. CaveMike think that number 4 really deserve be number 1 on list. CaveMike also kind of smell like number 2 right now.
  9. CaveMike end up with 3 Honda xr bikes because friends become fat, aging, lazy, slow, breeding beyond monetary means. All 3 bikes from different people. XR250R be blown up, and CaveMike parting out. Him curious if anyone know if wheels from 2001 xr250r fit 92 250L or 01 650r. Him also curious if 250L wheels maybe fit on 650r. CaveMike figure him ask here before try for self at home. Maybe someone know, save CaveMike trouble. Him very lazy also.
  10. CaveMike have tremendous petrified cave wood looking at shiny TM300.
  11. CaveMike super excited for new release of 2020 yz125x, same bike him build in him garage 14 years ago. Now him not have to, because Yamaha make for you. CaveMike huge fan of yz 2stroke, and more importantly, him huge fan of 2006. In 2006 Justin Timberlake finally bring sexy back, Fast and Furious Tokyo drift new in theaters, horrible terrorists Saddam Hussein, Al Zarqawi, and Don Knots all die. And Yamaha make primitive yz125 without kickstand or 18" rear wheel. Fast forward 14 years and now yz125 get kickstand and 18" rear wheel. Sometimes rapid progress like this scare CaveMike, make him wish for simpler times.
  12. This be best news CaveMike hear in last 2.5 million years. Better than when him hear last Tyrannosaurus be dead.
  13. Twain Harte probably not best place in state for avoid fire danger. Few close calls already.
  14. Jackson, Pioneer, Amador all 28-35 miles away.
  15. Fall riding trip to CaveMike lair in Twain Harte might need happen.
  16. 05 be 99 percent same as 06+. Triple clamp different, fork be earlier more primitive sss version. CaveMike very primitive, easy for him relate.
  17. 2005 yz250 be one off. 2005 yz250 have different triple clamp spacing than 2006-current. 2005 spacers only good on 2005 yz.
  18. CaveMike been riding Pirelli lately on plated beast. Him like trials rear, scorpion rally front. Scorpions very scary. Make CaveMike feel tough.
  19. CaveMike always huge fan of deer antler spray banned by NFL. Use it for get super high, then kick bike over. Don’t go full NFL and kick girlfriend. Just bike.
  20. This true. CaveMike eaten several people lost in woods.
  21. Any idea what you going use second chance for? CaveMike think it be good idea you get job at prestigious university as night janitor. Solve very complex math problems on chalk board in secret. Later hang out with Ben Affleck.
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