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  1. 305TID

    2013 Motocross of Nations

    Not to make an excuse for Dungey, but he has never looked the same on the Ktm. It seemed to have mellowed him out as a rider. He struggles with settings on new tracks and never looks comfortable. He was a completely different rider on the Suzuki. So obviously going to a different country to race is not going to help him. I still think we do not give Cairoli enough credit. That guy would gap the field like Villopoto would. The guys looks like Villopoto out there, the way he is always under control on the bike. I wish Villopoto was there, not so we could win, but to see them race each other straight up.
  2. 305TID

    2013 Motocross of Nations

    Am I the only one who thinks that Villopoto didn't want to go because he did not want to get shown up by Cairoli? How he conveniently announced his surgery about a week away from announcing the USA team? I think Villopoto is faster but did not want to risk it.
  3. 305TID

    MXDN bikes: FIM vs US production rule bikes

    The rules are different. But I think there is a production rule there too. There was a tony cairolli edition 350. Like the dungey 450. Not sure if it was for a production rule. But i remember a few years ago we went over to europe and our bikes were too loud, it was a big problem.
  4. 305TID

    Does training with RV help you

    When people talk about Weston Peick, you have to remember that guy now has a following and will never take Weimer's spot because some attention will be taken off Villopoto. Kawi will never want that for their golden boy. Weimer is there because Kawi wants 2 riders and knows that Weimer is only their for RV. Why else would he be resigned?
  5. 305TID

    Tony Cairoli

    I don't know but i remember him taking a moto win last year against dungey and barcia, it was pretty convincing, like 40 seconds. He doesn't have luck because it is a one man show for italy, he has no team
  6. 305TID

    The plan worked.

    Is there any other proof. Because how could he be on geico when Amsoil is the amateur team. I think he is just standing by someones bikes.
  7. 305TID

    Jeremy Martin tearing it up

    Any bike can go fast with a good motor. I don't think the motor is the problem, it's the suspension setup. Sure he can go fast on his setup but maybe if it were better, he could go faster using less energy. And the comment about the AM ranks is not a strong argument. Cooper Webb was clearly the fastest guy in the AM ranks at that time.
  8. 305TID

    Millsaps to KTM

    So what happens to Suzuki, they don't even have a team for the 250 class. If I were them, I would reach into the amateur ranks and get a good rider and groom him to ride on the yoshimura team. That's off topic so here is my opinion on Millsaps: He was riding great and they had a chance at a championship with him on the zuke, it takes time to get used to a new bike.
  9. 305TID

    2t 125 moving up to what...?

    If you don't want a 250f then get a 250 2-stroke.
  10. 305TID

    Now THAT was some good racing....

    It was refreshing to see people other then the Ryans racing hard.
  11. 305TID

    Marvin Musquin not on the French's MXoN

    Wow, I cannot believe that. The guy is a top 5 guy every weekend and constantly makes the podium here in America. I am a big Musquin fan and it must be a slap in the face to him choosing a young rider with no championships to his name. Oh and the comment about he shouldn't be chosen because he is in Europe racing is just dumb. Explain Ken Roczen, I guarantee he is chosen to represent Germany
  12. 305TID

    when is factory kawi let weimer go?

    It's pretty obvious when they said a few weeks ago that Davi switched to the air fork this week. That was Suzuki stepping in and saying here you go, since you performed well, we will give you some trick parts. I doubt Rockstar was going to get those forks for Davi before A1 where they didn't know how he would do.
  13. 305TID

    Carb Help. Starting.

    I turn on the gas give 2 twists of the throttle no choke because it never starts with it then tdc on every kick
  14. 305TID

    Carb Help. Starting.

    Would a 45 pilot help it? It only has an fmf slip on and a loudmouth intake. The fuel screw is the adjustable one so every time I ride I reset it for the optimum setting. I'll have to check that. It also has a brand new plug. Every once in a while it will backfire when I kick it. Any help is appreciated guys.
  15. 305TID

    Carb Help. Starting.

    Hey guys my bike has been bad starting since the day I got it. When I got it, it would not start with the choke out, just no choke. It usually takes about 30 kicks. And it is not the valves because I checked and they are in spec, and the leak down test came to less than 2%. It only has 2 hrs on a full rebuild. The carb has been cleaned twice since the rebuild and still hard to start. I will add that it runs great once I get it going. It is also hard to start when hot. It is only starting it that is bad. I am running a 42 pilot. 172 main, and I think a 68 starter. What could be wrong? Float height? Although I am not sure how to measure it.