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  1. Qtip314

    Need some help with my 690SMC

    I just bought a 09 KTM690 SMC that was formly a race bike from one of my teammates. Bike is in great condition, has only 492 miles on it, and 19.5 hours. Now it doesnt appear to have any of the wiring harness cut any where, and I know the full history of the bike, but I can not get my headlight to work, the smaller light comes on just fine, but the main light does not work. Hooked it up to a power source directly to the light, and it lights up. It could be a bad harness, but the smaller light works and its part of the same harness. Next up is the taillight, same issue. Could it be a relay? Mods done to the bike, has a vortex cdi box,. fulll exhaust, filter etc etc. Next question, since this is my first KTM streettard, does anyone know if the speedo sensor will work with Marchesini rims, how does that thing work exactly, I am going to have order the sensor and I guess plug n play till I figure it out. But extra ideas are always helpful. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Qtip314

    Pic's of your little one's!

    my 8 year old on his 65
  3. Qtip314

    Are stainless steal valves better than Titanium?

    Every 4 hours your adjusting them???? Wow, thats a lot of adjusting! My smr is just a race bike, and in a weekend of racing it may get 2 hours of hard running on it, but I still do not adjust the valves after every race. I am sure you could go longer then 4 hours inbetween adjustments. I am not sure what the manual says, but that sounds like a lot.
  4. Qtip314

    Are stainless steal valves better than Titanium?

    TRUE!!! i had issues with my Titanium ones in my SMR, and the dealer went with Stainless and its been good ever since.
  5. Qtip314

    What SuperMoto should be Collected and Why?

    I think the 450smr is a better choice then the 690, its lighter and IMO way more fun to throw around, yes the 690 has more wow factor, and more grunt, but a good 450 is no slouch! Also I own a 450SMR so I am biased...LOL
  6. Qtip314

    new mini dad...moving up from a jr50...ktm or cobra? or?

    my son loved his ktm50sx jr, and you can raise or lower it as your boy grows, I am sure the others can do that too, but i am not sure. It was a great solid bike. My friend had a cobra, and they are good too, but from my experience I say go with the KTM, especially since you have a dealer nearby. But just wait, once they get on a 65, I hope your heart can take it, mines about to jump out of my chest with every hit!!!
  7. Qtip314

    im having so much fun...

    we do a lil bit of everything, but i mainly race supermoto. I would love to throw some 12" slicks on that 65 and turn him loose on the asphalt, but he doesnt want to do that yet. We did some indoor arenacross racing last winter on his 50, and he made it about 100 yards and threw it down something aweful....bike and rider went seperate directions, seat flew off in the aftermath, people scattered, and my then 6 year old didnt want anymore of that 50sx for a while! lol now he cant get enough of the 65. I am going to take him to my friends private track in a few weeks and let him loose, its only a matter of time before i am playing catch up to him!
  8. Qtip314

    im having so much fun...

    haha, we can now shift!!! Man this has been easy, I was thinking this was going to be some nightmare teaching him how to use a clutch and go through the gears, I am truly blown away!!! We had to take a week off for vacation, but in 4 sessions of riding the 65, he has learned to start it, use the clutch and shift. The occasional false neutral cracks me up, cause I can hear him across the pasture...CRAP!!!....ringg da ringggggggg, clunk, braappppp, LOL CRACKS ME UP!!! I am thinking its time to go hit the track soon. Anyone have a neck brace they want to sell?
  9. Qtip314

    im having so much fun...

    I just sold my sons old KTM50sx for about $500 WITH BOOTS!! LOL But I agree start her out on a PW50, you can pick those up for cheap all day long. my son started on a PW, then went to a Katoom, and now he is on the 65. He keeps getting faster and faster with every ride, so I'm getting nervous and excited at the same time.......I am hoping the track is our next visit, but I am not going to rush anything, just let it happen.
  10. Qtip314

    im having so much fun...

    my son is just starting to rev it hard enough to get the hit in 1st, seat time is all it takes. we are going to work on shifting next week and see how it goes. but man its fun isn't it?
  11. Qtip314

    im having so much fun...

    teaching my son how to ride his 65SX, its been a blast and we are only on day 3 of riding. He figured out the clutch in only 3 or 4 tries, and was off and going. We have not shifted yet, but he is ripping around in 1st pretty good. I have made so many videos of him falling and picking it back up and starting it, only to stall it on take off and kick it over some more, priceless! He still went faster on his 50SX pro, but once he figures out how to shift and gets used to the weight of the bigger bike, look out!! I just hope my nerves can take it........
  12. Qtip314

    Pw50 questions

    there is a restrictor plate between the head pipe and the head, its just a shim that cuts off half of the airflow, which slows the bike down a bit. Pull that and see if it runs stronger and revs a lil harder. I pulled it on my sons pw and it woke it up considerably. It sounds like its loaded itself up, then choking itself when you get it revved up. Worth a shot anyhoo.
  13. Qtip314

    05 ktm 450smr

    nothing is wrong with the OEM stuff, i am just looking for a lil more power out of the thing, and i am going to start with a complete system, then move on to cams. Right now, its got a very linear power curve, very smooth, and i hope changing the exhaust wont effect that too much. So far I love the bike, it handles way better then my converted yz250f, and its a lot easier to ride too. I just want a lil more snap.
  14. Qtip314

    05 ktm 450smr

    Hey guys I just bought an 05 450SMR, and its my first KTM big bike. Problem I am having is finding a full system exhaust for it. None of the manufactures list an SMR option, so my thought is, the SMR is the same motor as an SX? I am not a KTM guy(yet!) and looking for some advice. Thanks in advance!
  15. Qtip314

    65sx help

    WOOHOO we nailed it, still a lil sloppy on the clutch release, but he can start and stop all by hisself, and restart when he kills its, I was surprised at how fast he actually got the thing moving, we have not shifted yet, but we can start and stop!!!