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  1. sunnyboy

    Plastic tank repair - Help Please

    A friend had an old IT 465 given to him. The bike's been ridden hard and we would just like to see if we could get'er to run. (Do not want to put cash into it). Thanks for helping.
  2. Has anyone repaired a crack in their plastic gas tank? Any suggestions on epoxies or other ideas? Thanks.
  3. sunnyboy

    Looking for RH mirrror/blinker/handlebar...

    Do yourself a favor and get some aftermarket handlebars. Youl'll probably replace the stockers as many times as you purchase them. Save yourself the effort. Also Emgo flushmount signal lights are around $20 a set. Replace the stockers again and you will be fall proof.
  4. sunnyboy

    Big DR best mod yet

    Glad you enjoy them.....knew you would!
  5. sunnyboy

    Kenda Trackmaster II on the street; Yikes!

    I run TM rear all the time for dualsport. Everytime I put a new one one it scares me enough to think there is something wrong with the bike. Never is. The knobs are very square and need to round off. They are much better after a "break in period". Enjoy!
  6. sunnyboy

    Looking for a picture

    Why not post a pic of your own bike and let others tell you?
  7. sunnyboy

    Will RM handlebars fit my DRZ?

    That's what I said 3 sets of bars ago. Think of the time I now have invested/wasted changing bars. Go straight to fat bars, if you are cheap (like me) you will save money in the not so long run.
  8. sunnyboy

    Buying an "S" tomorrow morning, need advice

    I intend to use my DRZ for short commutes and joy riding, possibly some motorcycle camping and as much trail riding as I can possibly find Sounds like the perfect bike for you. 1. Stock springs will be very undersprung for your size and aggressive riding. 2. All reputable helmets must have reach safety requirements. I prefer an open face (with breath guard) but it is a personal choice. 3. Good price OTD. 4. You will be disappointed with lack power .....purchase jet kit before judging bike. 5. search mototune engine break in right now before you pick the bike up. Congratulations..... You are going to love it!!!
  9. sunnyboy

    Time to break in the new DRZ

    It would be wise to purchase handguards to protect that nice shiny bike as well. It will save you purchasing parts and handguards after you fall. Sharp looking bike!
  10. sunnyboy

    rm brake and clutch levers adapt to a drz400

    How do you like your mirrors William? Did you make them yourself?
  11. sunnyboy

    stock bar replacement

    If you are riding in the dirt (falling) do not waste time/money/energy on 7/8 bars. Install 1 1/8 fat bars. I would have been much better off to do this two sets of 7/8 ago.
  12. sunnyboy

    Suzuki DRZ R6 throttle install

    NO it is not molded onto the tube. I just did this mod last week. The grip will cut off in one long slice if you like.
  13. sunnyboy

    Best Excuse For Buying a Modification

    Say "with these mods I won't have to buy another bike" That ones been gold for me!
  14. sunnyboy

    Oil question

    Oil threads are a bit of an ongoing joke here.... Nothing personal. Welcome to Thumpertalk!
  15. sunnyboy

    Shorty Levers for DRZ400E that work!

    Why not cut the stockers? Has anyone tried this?