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  1. whats up with new joyzee .. is it one or two?
  2. rdbs505


    I hear ya, I have the same boots (sg12) and I'm really not sure how a toe would have been injured.. but who knows. Almost looked to me like there was a rock or something buried in that rut.
  3. LOL! I definately do think bubba should go over there tho, as it would make for an awesome new reality series.
  4. quite a bit of apples to oranges comparisons goin on. I would think going across the pond to race that race would be cool even if he does do it every year. He obviously didn't have as good of an outdoor season as he would have liked, maybe to him its a refresher. To ride somewhere he doesn't ride often, or has ridden at before, break the monotony, represent his country. ? I dunno, I'd like to see him be 100% for sx, but I think many people try to foresee decisions that he will/should make based of what little information they have, when truth be told none of us know what he does or how bad his back or health is. I'd say hes done pretty well for himself, hes more than proven his decision making ability and if he has decided to race in des nations, one would think that choice is solid. I do agree though, that I wanna see the supercross reed of last year, in 2015.
  5. I think for the most part doing something like des nations, for anyone at any point in their career is just badass. Even if he does feel like it is "his last chance" to go, so what..go and do your best. Des nations is a huge honor, and I can only imagine it being a hell of an experience. Running around throwing a ball in a hole is worlds apart from moto.. Reed could break his leg anytime he swings it over a bike, although I do see your point to an extent. And dude, its Reed.. money is no issue I'm sure.
  6. Looks fast, and if anything like last year should provide some drama! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdeb9Krbjfk
  7. Yea, I hear ya.. My opinion isn't influenced by anyone that I know, that knows or has been around him or anything like that, nor am I excusing the bs stunts he's pulled in the past. I am however, failing to see your equating of someone who supposedly has no drive (even though they are one of the fastest riders in the world) with someone who is a dick? Hes done stupid stuff before, a lot of racers have. I dunno tho man, I just think the stupid stuff hes done gets tossed in with all the stupid crap his family has done, and there you have it.. Mikes a huge piece of garbage with no drive.
  8. Not that I know him personally, but I don't think hes a dick. His dad definately seems like one, no doubt on that. His brother comes off as a douche as well, but I think Mike is a good guy. Of course hes caused issues for himself, but I think a lot of his reputation has been built off his family's bs, not his. Either way, hes a badass on a bike.
  9. Were you maybe thinking of christian Craig.. ?
  10. I was just coming here to bitch.. its unreal. 2 minutes of racing coverage then 5 of commericals, then they come back to racing coverage, show panaramic views of the infield, or the upcoming schedule, or some tech tip or something. Its like they are trying NOT to show the racing. The coverage has sucked this weekend but it was MUCH worse on the NBC feed.
  11. Canard imo has to be one of the most under rated riders out there, I think he deserves a fair amount more credit then hes getting for putting himself where he has thus far this season. Everytime the dude gets a step or two ahead he gets knocked back 50, and yet here he is... again up there battling the top dogs.
  12. yeah I heard today that he "might" try to ride practice at glen helen and see how it goes.. ? we shall see, some pts better than 0.
  13. I just listend to the steve matthes, weeg, jt 450 preview show, and I'm pretty sure they said tomac was out the first couple races..
  14. why so many cali rounds? didn't I read that attendance goes down from A1-A3.. and now there are 6 rounds in cali. and back to back atl rounds is cool but please tell me they are going to atleast change the track up from one weekend to the next.
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