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  1. I was in the same boat last year. I was towing a 26' Toy Hauler weighing in a little over 9,000lbs fully loaded with a 2008 Tundra Crew Cab 4x4. The Tundra was killing me on gas would get 150-170 miles per 26 gal tank towing at 70mph. It would tow it just fine just the fuel consumption was insane. I got rid of the Tundra and picked up a 2012 Ford F250 6.7 diesel and wouldn't go back to gas. It's my daily driver in Atlanta traffic and I average 16-18mpg with a mix of city and highway, towing i get 12-13mpg with a 38' 5th wheel toyhauler which weighs almost 15,000lb loaded. To me it's a no brainer but some will still argue :-). Alain

    Polaris Trailblazer 400 2-stroke excess smoke

    Yeah but this is more than it did in the past. Thats the strange thing nothing else has changed other than the amount of smoke it's putting out when you 1st start it. If I run it then let it sit for 1hr or so it starts up and normal smoke but if I let it sit for a week then it has more than normal smoke. Wondering if some how the oil injection is letting oil seep into the system or something. I may just try mixing my own gas to see if it gets better before I go into the motor.
  3. Hey guys, I have a 2003 Trailblazer 400 2-stroke that just recently started smoking more than normal at startup. The ATV still has the stock injection system and nothing has been changed from when it didn't smoke to now. It smokes for about 20-30 seconds and then is back to normal and always runs fine. I am wanting to sell it but want to fix it before I do. I was thinking maybe the rings but not sure. Any ideas? The quad has barely been used if I had to guess it has maybe 30hrs on it since new. Thanks Alain

    Pic's of your little one's!

    A few pictures of my 9yr old on his KTM 65.

    Let's See Your 150r's In Action!

    Here are some pictures of my son on his CRF150R. Alain

    Possible Jetting Problems with 2012 CRF150R

    I am not sure on elevation but I live in Georgia if that helps. We bought a 2013 and it had the same issues. I swapped the jets into the 2013 from the 2012 and it worked perfect. stock #38 to a #45 and after I did full exhaust went to a #48

    Any problems with the 2012?

    Our 2012 CRF150R had 96hrs on it mostly racing when we sold it. Best bike we've owned valves were always in spec all we did was oil changes, air filters and jetted it. We now have a 2013 and it's been rock solid 23hrs of racing on that one. Alain

    Can Eli win it next weekend?

    As much as I like Eli I think he blew it last race. If I did the math right even if Eli came in 1st Roczen would have to place 4th or worse to loose the championship. I guess anything can happen as we saw last week. Alain

    Brake upgrade for 2012 CRF150R

    Thanks for the info procycles. I will put that on my list of items to buy for the future. At this point might as well do the mastercylinder :-) everything else is already done lol. Alain

    Brake upgrade for 2012 CRF150R

    We'll be testing his new brake setup in a few weeks. Front: *Galfer wave rotor front *Galfer front braided line *Dual piston caliper *Applied racing adapter *EBC brake pads Rear: *Galfer rear braided line *Outlaw wave rotor rear *Stock pads It feels better on the lever see how it does on the track soon. Thanks Alain

    Brake upgrade for 2012 CRF150R

    It's going to cost alot more than $250 for that setup. *Rotor $125 *Adapter $75 *Caliper $75 (used) *Braided Line $69 *Pads $39 *Shipping & Fluids $15 Total $400 I did the rotor and braided line the bike still didn't have the braking my son wanted. I just put the 2 piston caliper, new pads and it's a HUGE improvement.

    Ford diesel vs Cummins

    I was in the same boat a month ago picking between the Ford, Chevy and Dodge. After driving all of them I went with the Ford F250 Lariat Crew Cab overall because of the cabin size and how it drove. I drive it everyday in Atlanta traffic about 78miles round trip and average 16-18mpg hand calculated with no load. With my 11,000lb toyhauler driving mostly highway at 70-75mph I am getting 12-13mpg thought I'd get more but with 5,000miles on the odometer it seems to be getting better each trip. Alain

    Possible Jetting Problems with 2012 CRF150R

    On my sons 2012 I had to swap the slow jet from the stock #38 to a #45 and after I did full exhaust went to a #48 and issue was resolved no more starting issues and the bike runs like a champ. I've been running it with the #48 since January 2012 with not a single problem. His 2008 I ran a #45 and it ran great. Alain

    Extinctinction of the youth...

    Both my kids 9 and 12 are in the same boat. I believe a few people ride but no one really races. I think the biggest impact as stated before is cost. I mean not everyone can or is willing to spend $400-500 every other weekend between fuel, race fees, food and RV hookup. Thats not including the cost of bikes, gear and upkeep. It adds up really quick and honestly alot of kids rather play xbox or something than being outside. For us it's spending time as a family and having a great time doing it while racing :-). We have a few places within 1.5hrs that we visit regulary and have gone as far as 4hrs to go race for a weekend. It's worth every penny in fuel and fees Alain

    Gearing 2010 KTM 65sx

    Thanks for the response. After watching him race this weekend I think the 48 is better as well. I'm going to send it back as much as I hate shipping stuff back. Alain