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  1. ToddYZ250

    Yz 125 primary drive gear problem

    If you are talking primary drive gear on end of crank in the case that drives the clutch then yes NO washer. If you are talking primary drive sproket then YES it does have a lock washer.
  2. ToddYZ250

    Stiff Crank After rebuild

    You canTap on the crank with a rubber hammer on each end to get the free play you are looking for.
  3. ToddYZ250

    2003 yz125 carb questions

    You are probably correct that the float is set wrong or sticking. Since you just got the bike I would take the carb apart and check and see what kind of jetting it has and if it is different then stock. Always good to know. lots of great info on this site on dialing in your carb. Good luck..
  4. ToddYZ250

    Engine rebuild tips for a newbie

    I would get a compression tester and start there. New top end should be around 150psi. Normal could be 125-135psi. Anything under 100psi I would say needs new top end. Some tools are specific like the flywheel puller. Others are universal like the clutch basket holder. If compressions is good I would look at rebuilding the carb for starters and see if that fix's the starting problem. Good luck.
  5. ToddYZ250

    Engine rebuild tips for a newbie

    Just finished a complete rebuild of my sons YZ125 04'. Good tools and a nice work area and a service manual are great thing to have. If you are going to split the case, having a large work area that you can stay organized is ideal. Take pictures as you go always helps. Bottom end play on the rod bearing can be check with a dial indicator down the spark plug hole. May give you a good idea if you need or want to do the bottom end. If you dont want to use an indicator then you will need to pull the put end and check by feeling for up and down play on the rod. Top end pretty simple like you said. Bottom end is not so much. Need special tools to hold clutch and flywheel to remove nuts. Special tool to remove flywheel. inch pound and foot pound tourque wrenches for assembly, some way to press in all the new bearings and remove the old ones. Is may cost a little to have all the right tools to start but it is very rewarding to work on your own bike any time you want. Hope this helps.
  6. ToddYZ250

    YZ125 fork oil question

    If you don't have a service manual then I normally use Race Tech as a referance. They say 5W @ 90MM. http://racetech.com/ProductSearch/1/Yamaha/YZ125/2002
  7. No need for AMA or D23 membership for practice days at Mora, just show up and ride. They normaly run 4 group so plan on only riding a 15min heat every hour depending on the number of riders for that day. Always a fun place to ride.
  8. ToddYZ250

    dear ArkansawMX and MN motocross tracks

    Cant wait... Its been a long winter. Son and I are ready to ride. We will try and keep our campfire out of the path of the sprinklers this year..Haha
  9. ToddYZ250

    Plastic pieces on 2003 yz 125 crankshaft?

    They are called crank stuffers. They are their just to take up space on the crank. I dont think you can buy new OEM ones but I think I have seen them on ebay. Buy the time you buy new stuffers and parts to rebuild old crank may be cheaper to buy whole new assembly? Good luck.
  10. ToddYZ250

    shifter keeps coming loose?

    Had the same problem. Shift shaft was bad. Was hard to see until I took it off.
  11. ToddYZ250

    Berm Benders Raceway in MN

    Go to the D23 web site for all your answers. Will need a D23 membership and AMA membership to race. Good luck.. Its a fun track. www.armca.org
  12. ToddYZ250

    Crank is finally in, but what is this? Pic.

    Just put a Wiseco crank in my kids YZ125 last fall. Three hours on it and it went bad. Tore apart and one of the crank stuffers cracked where the screw holds it on. When I called them, Wiseco gave me a new crank and top end kit and wanted me to send them the crank back. From what i have been told, Wiseco has pulled all assemblie of their cranks from over seas and now does them in the USA. Better control over quality. The rep said they havent seen many isues since then. Very happy with their customer service. Will give them another try.
  13. ToddYZ250

    Wiseco cranks

    2004 YZ125 installed a new Wiseco crank kit after the OEM crank went out. It lasted about 4 hours. Not sure if I will try Hot Rod next or go OEM. Should have taken the new crank to the engine builder down the road and had it checked before installing. Not sure how much work it is to complain to Wiseco?
  14. ToddYZ250

    Support a local track

    Signed...#80 Good Luck. My son and I had a great time riding at Arkansaw this summer. Love all the updates you guys made this year.
  15. ToddYZ250

    where can I get a timing tool

    I picked one up from these guys. Works great. http://jjandaracing.com/contents/en-us/p262.html