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    Now that you don't have to worry about the law getting after you for the loud exhaust, all you have to worry about now are all those wheelies, and the blackmarks you are leaving coming around the corners! It's always something with Joe Law.
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    Hello from new Member

    New to Thumper. I have an 08 XR650L. So far all I have done is remove the smog pump, put in a Dynojet kit, and mount a GPS. The bike had 7 miles on it when I bought it last year. First owner literally drove it home, and never rode it again. Carberation much better afetr the jet kit, although still not perfect. I plan to stay with the stock muffler. Heavy and maybe restrictive, but quiet. I have a great hare scrambles loop that so far I have been able to get away with riding on. It would all be over as soon as I put on a blooey pipe. My future plans are for a larger gas tank, and probably a self built rear rack hard bag mount combination. I made a bag mount set-up for my Cagiva Gran Canyon that uses Pelican cases that I am very happy with.