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  1. quick221680

    Huge oil issue, is my bike done?

    Facts section.
  2. quick221680

    Mandatory mods for the Suzuki drz400sm

    #1 first and foremost is the quick turn throttle. Then case savers and rad guards. With out these everything else is for not
  3. quick221680

    Added a stable mate.

    Idk if I will be keeping the DRZ. But it has been great to me.
  4. quick221680

    Back sprinh

    Your best bet is to call cannon race craft. I got my springs from them years ago and have been very pleased. They also used to be the only place you could source SM fork springs from. Idk if that still holds true.
  5. quick221680

    Front Tyre sizes - Will a 120/90/17 fit?

    Fits fine. I am running a shinko 705. In the 120/90 size. Makes the bike feel a little different. Doesn't look all that great. But it is cheap and it works.. the larger size also made the speedo spot on.
  6. quick221680

    Quick fork oil change without removing forks possible?

    There is a good write up you can find on super moto junkie on the fork spring swap. When I did my for springs I changed to 7wt oil. I didn't Change anything with the valves and I am very happy with the results
  7. quick221680


    I always just use the miles clock for all my maintenance. Every 800 miles is oil. When I was riding a ton I would check valves, grease rear linkage, and change plug in the spring. Now it is maybe every 3 years for those things.....
  8. quick221680

    2016 drz400sm throttle tube recommendations

    The quick turn throttle is the best thing for the money that you can do to the bike. It is a great mod if it is the only one you do or if you get the bike built completely. I don't know but you may be able to call wheeling cycle supply and order a single pull or a dual quick turn assembly.
  9. quick221680

    Oil Filter Debate

    I have been using a stainless steel filter for 17k miles now. Bike still runs strong.
  10. If you are hitting the start button and the light goes off but it doesn't turn over..... try pulling apart the starter switch. I had this problem and there was some corrosion on it. Once removed it started working again like normal
  11. quick221680

    DRZ400S & FCR MX39 Hanging Idle and Poor Starting Issues

    Remove the auto decompression valve on the exhaust cam. When I did it made it so the bike started on the first cycle almost every time They are also known to fail
  12. quick221680

    Muffler packing

    I was at my local ace and saw graphite empregnated gasket. It is used on wood and pellet stoves. It is very cheap and I was wondering if it would work as an alternative to the highly over priced bags of muffler packing you can get for your exhaust when they need to be repacked. Has anyone ever tried to repack their exhaust with such a thing. Any thoughts on if it could be used for such a purpose?
  13. I resprung the rear shock and the forks. Cannon race craft used to be the only place to find the fork springs. I also went to a 7 wt fork oil instead of the stock 5. There is a great write up on super moto junkie showing the process. Search for spring swap mega pic. Dial up beware. All in all for both your probably looking at about $250 to 300 in springs and oil. Makes a huge difference. There is a calculator you can use on racetech I believe to find the needed spring rates.
  14. quick221680

    Headlight upgrades?

    I upgraded to a klx 450 cheapo. I used the stock bulb instead of doing any changes. And I got the plastic tabs to fit into the triple clamps to hold it on. I will take some pics if interested
  15. quick221680

    Ethanol gas?

    As long as you drain the carb if the bike is going to sit for over 2 weeks you will have no issues.. I have 17k miles on my bike. Never ran anything other then 87 e10. My bike has also been stored on a number of occasions for over a month and a few occasions for 6 months. No ossues. If you want to be extra extra safe add a cap full of sea foam on occasion