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  1. YFZRooster

    efi yamaha?

    Originally Posted by Raider50 ... the electric start ...went out 6 months after i got it and after countless trips to the shop still dosnt work Just what they say about each new technology.
  2. YFZRooster

    efi yamaha?

    I bet Yamaha is already in the shop ripping it off a couple Raptors to put it in on the bike!!! After watching Bubba sit there trying to kick it over while the EFI bikes got back to it does not bode well for Yamaha.
  3. YFZRooster

    Anaheim 1

    Awesome race, some of the best end-to-end action in recent years.
  4. YFZRooster

    Glen Helen MX on Speed tonight...

    Are you serious?
  5. The oil squirter mod is only really needed if you are beating the hell out of it racing constantly. It cools the underside of the piston and lubes the pin. I rode my 04 and 05 HARD and after taking the 05 apart after three years without it, it was fine. It does not require splitting the cases but it is a bit of a job. You can do it in about 2.5 hours taking your sweet time and transferring the water pump and stuff over to the new 07 side case.
  6. I would say get the 450 over the 400 as well. I have had both and the 450 is just that much better. What is his budget? You can get a 450 for $3500 that isn't in too bad of shape in most places of the country.
  7. YFZRooster

    ktm's website??

    Their site is horrible to begin with.
  8. YFZRooster

    Quad time

    The quad will beat him more. Just get a softer enduro.
  9. YFZRooster

    MX isn't a physically demanding sport

    Now try it on a quad. That's like dancing with a 350 lb woman, twice the contact patch and a HELL of a lot more lateral banging with less suspension.
  10. YFZRooster

    Dirtbikes vs. ATVs

    Agreed. They are a lot of work. The added traction is very nice.
  11. YFZRooster

    Dirtbikes vs. ATVs

    That's worse that a 90 cc atv. I say go buy MX vs ATV unleashed and take out all of your built up anger.
  12. YFZRooster

    riding dirty!

    From my seat in the bleachers it was a little rough. I knew short was going to pay Ferry back in the last corner after Ferry past him and leaned on him right in front of me a couples corners before. Short has been booted a few times and wasn't going to lose a podium again because of rough riding, at least not last night. There was a lot of that stuff going on during the mains and not just between those two.
  13. Years ago a friend of mine almost died when the bars when into his gut. He lost 2/3 of his liver and it's a miracle he lived through recovery. I wear it like I wear my helmet.
  14. YFZRooster

    Tall rider vs Short rider

    I'm 6'5" and the main bitch about being tall is most bikes bars are down at my knees caps when I'm standing. That's a ton of fun. I can raise them a bit but it is just a pain.