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  1. JP4

    swingarm bearings

    An Arbor Press makes the job easy. A little creativity is required to remove the bearings in the swingarm for the linkage pull rods.
  2. JP4

    Is there a better wheelie machine than this bike!

    Ditto to the above! This beast will wheelie, but you have to work at. And, as another poster stated, on the DR wheelies are a high risk proposition - takes a good tug and lots of throttle to break the balance point - and there's not enough grunt to keep the front wheel up with an extra twist of juice. Gotta cover the rear brake big-time when wheeling this monster. The best big-bore wheelie machine I've ridden is an uncorked 06 Honda XR650R. Easy to sustain (meaning they go on forever) snap wheelies (meaning just a quick throttle burst to break the balance point) all day long, even in 5th gear! I think the original poster needs to ride a purpose built dirt bike to understand the real beauty that a perfectly executed wheelie can be.
  3. JP4

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Thanks for the info. You guys ride some weird stuff on the other side of the pond. I ride a fully dirt tweaked DR650 as my commuter, but things are different over here. For an $800 (500 pds) ride around town bike - I see the utility. Kinda looks like a Kawasaki Sherpa. Hey, it's got two wheels and a motor so kudos!
  4. JP4

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Interseting bike ... but not in an appealing way. I'm assuming it's used as an intra-city commuter? Where was that thing made? And what did you pay for it? That's a strange beast.
  5. JP4

    New Spanish project: Pursang 450

    An interseting thread ... I hate to foo-foo on these guys, but this project is a dog. I appreciate new ideas and innovation - that's largely responsible for the great bikes that we all get to ride today. But this just seems like a nostalgic appeal to rehash history. Like others have said above - another 450 4t with a donour engine - why .......... I feel bad for these guys cause they likely believe in what they're doing and probably have spent a ton of energy and money. I've never designed and built a bike from scratch - even with a donour engine - so kudos to them for that. But this thing as a marketable commercial enterprise? They wouldn't get my money as an investor or buyer. Guys that want to innovate need to forget the past. Come up with a new name, new tech and new ideas. I love the magic of combustion powered engines, but what gets my juices flowing is the thought of an electric battery powered dirt bike with the range and capabilities of a current petrol powered bike. All for less than $10K. Now that would be innovation! There are some attempts out there now, and I've heard that KTM is aggresively pursuing the idea. Bring on the innovators ........... Cheers, Jason
  6. JP4

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    While riding in NW Ontario
  7. JP4

    Pro Taper 1-1/8 high bends

    To increase bar height to make standing more comfortable I went with Keintech's Taller Bar Mounts 2" Riser (raises bars 1") and Renthall 996 bars. Much better for standing. With this set-up the cables and wires are not stretched, but seem to be near their max. Oh ya ... the pic in the messy garage, that's a friends garage, not mine! http://www.kientech.com/DR650TallerBarMounts.html
  8. JP4

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Gas Gas 2010 EC300 - And it's plated for the road!
  9. JP4

    Decision in contrasts...HELP

    Congratulations, and an excellent decision I must say. I purchased the same bike (my first Gasser) in late November and rode it around the lawn once before the snow came and shut things down, but I'm impressed with the bike. Go to 'My Garage' if you want to see pics of the bike with some bolt-on bits - skid plate, rad frames, handguards, kickstand fix. Jason
  10. JP4

    2011 GasGas 300 Six Days

    Thanks. A YZ was never really a consideration. Yes, they are supposed to be about the best Japanese 2-t for off-road use, but I'm done with trying to make an MX bike into an off-road/cross-country/enduro ride. I spent a fortune in time and energy turning a 2004 YZ250F into a decent cross-country race bike. When done it was still a heavy, hard starting (when dropped or crashed), MX bike with a close-ratio tranny and no lights. Without huge bucks you can't get around a MX bike's tranny. Some of the stuff I want to race requires lights. Again, big bucks to overcome this on a converted MXer. When I was shopping for a new ride I was thinking KTM XC300, cause I'm done with 4-t maintenance and expense. I tripped over the Gasser, and now I'm sold on it. The lower seat height (just 37" on the gasser) and awesome handling suit my style -5'11" and precision type rider, not a WFO feet off the pegs type - maybe I'm just slow, but I know how I like a bike to work! I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship ... P.S. Just ordered $500 worth of bolt on goodies ... Gnarly Parts (BC Canada) has the goods!
  11. JP4

    2011 GasGas 300 Six Days

    I just picked up a new 2010 EC300. I checked with Clarke and their 3.2 galllon tank does not properly fit the 2010+ Gassers, the frame is the same geometry but the new twin-tube process (maybe hydro-formed I dunno) does not allow the old tanks to fit right. The Clarke person said they are going to tweak the mold and start producing tanks for the 2010+ Gassers early in 2011. You might want to check with them before you buy a tank. I've not ridden my 2010 much - full on winter here - but based on the little time I've spent on it I'm super impressed with the handling and power delivery. I think Gas Gas is set to make a big impact on the North American market with their recent organizational changes on this side of the pond. The pricing seems competitive too. I picked up my bike for $6500. A 2011 YZ 250 (2-T) retails for $8400 here - unreal. Edited for sloppy spelling -oops!
  12. JP4

    Mikuni TM40 almost perfect... almost

    Just thought I'd post an update in case aybody else has had the same issue. Took awhile as I've been focused on my new Gas Gas as of late. So I pulled the carb off and tore it down. All looked fine. Bolted it back onto the bike. With the throttle cables only loosely attached to the mounts on the carb, I twisted the throttle and got the same sticking problem. It took a few times of pulling the throttle assemby apart, but I figured out the problem. The throttle return cable was coming off the cam (handlebar side, not carb side) and binding in the throttle housing because it was too loose. The problem was only infrequent (but getting worse) before I pulled the carb off. However, on re-install with the cables only loosely connected to the carb, it exaggerated the problem allowing me to diagnose it. The return cable wasn't that loose, but loose enough to jump the cam. Wouldn't have expected that. Tightened up the cables and all is good - nothing wrong with the TM40. I'll chalk this up to a learning experience! Jason
  13. JP4

    Counter Spocket seal keeps leaking

    Do not countersink the seal when you install it. If you do it will leak. Just push the seal in until it is flush with the case. See my post in this old thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=714806&highlight=leaking+countershaft+seal