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  1. It is an absolute blast. I have 550 fresh Kold Kutter screws in my tires as we speak but hat doesn't even compare to a good set of ice/snow tires like Trelleborgs though. Just waiting to get a decent stretch of cold weather here in MI to freeze the lakes! Have fun!
  2. Wardlaw

    Oil for 07 crf450r

    Just my $.02, While the exotic synthetics are in most cases "superior" to the standard off-the-shelf lubes/oils, unless your machine see's extreme conditions or infeaquent oil changes (or you have the financial means to not care) the cost isn't really justified. I learned during my auto drag racing days the difference (or lack there of) of using super expensive oils as opposed to generic synthetics or even conventionals. With changing the oil every 3-5 quarter mile passes on a race engine that saw 8,000RPM, there was no distinctive difference in bearing/ring wear. Granted, bikes require far less quantity of fluids thereby lowering the costs but with regular oil changes, (again, not knowing the specific conditions your bike see's) I don't feel they are really worth it. I just finished my coffee and realized you just asked the question on if a particular brand of oil was good or not. Sorry for the long winded version!
  3. I agree 100% with Krannie. If you have it, I would spend the extra $ and get set up right. I think I was right around $1,000 with everything. Absolutely love my X now.
  4. I guess I'm posting this in the correct section!? Is there anyone on here in the Michigan/Northern Ohio area that rides regularly? All my riding buddies are off having babies or storing their man parts in their wives purse (its awesome having a cool wife) Trail riding kinda sucks by one's self and can kinda be dangerous and (Side of) road riding gets kinda boring. If there is anyone out there that gets together for rides and doesn't mind a novice trail rider tagging along, please let me know. Thanks! Eric
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