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  1. There is no better bike for technical trails IMO The starters feom 08-16 are not the best. Just remember its a restarter, not to be used on a cold start. I try to kick mine most of the time. They can be fixed, it's just kind of a flawed system
  2. GlennE

    2019 sc250 vs 2019 Gagas xc250

    It looks the same as the 2015 but its still on the side. It almost identical to the pre 2017 KTMs. Even the old KTM starters lasted more than 70 hours. Heck, my 2011 KTM has several hundred hours on it, although I never use the E start when the motor is cold, and kick it when I'm not in a hurry. The question is will the Gasgas setup hold up for 200-300 hours? I'm not saying the Gasgas setup is terrible, I'm just saying the Sherco, Beta, 2017+ KTM setup that has the starter under the motor is a better setup.
  3. GlennE

    2019 sc250 vs 2019 Gagas xc250

    Totally disagree The Sherco starter is under the motor and I had almost 300 hours with no issues. Worked great. The gasgas starter had issues until 2015. Its still on the side of the motor like the older KTMs. I think the Sherco fit and finish is fantastic
  4. GlennE

    2019 sc250 vs 2019 Gagas xc250

    The Sherco e start is far superior to the gasgas setup but it is nice the gasser has a kicker They are both on par weight wise but both are heavier than a KTM. The Sherco build quality and fit and finish are top notch although I have not seen an 18 Gasgas in person Tough call. Do you have a local dealer for both? Which is better?
  5. GlennE

    I need a bigger float needle

    I would replace the float needle with a new one. The rubber hardens up over time. I've also seen stuff stuck in the aluminum recess in the carb were the needle sits causing the carb to overflow. Sometimes using a drill bit with your fingers or just a couple gentle revs cleans it up enough to work.
  6. GlennE

    Shutax’s 2018 250XC Post

    I can tell you the FMF and PC pipes were way thicker than my 11 stock pipe. It crumpled like a tin can. My PC has held up well. I like the carbon guards. I've run them on three different bikes with no issues. I've run the Gnarly, Fatty and PC pipes and like the Pro Circuit best. If you want bottom end, the Gnarly is great, but you do lose top end.
  7. GlennE

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    Agreed, if you look at the 06 RM250 sea level jetting they were running a 162 or 165 main, granted the suzuki triple taper needles require a size or 2 leaner on the main
  8. GlennE

    KTM Pistology

    I ran a 38 pilot for a long time. I would do that and drop to the 1st clip.
  9. GlennE

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    The pilot is only up to 1/8 throttle Drop your needle to the first clip but you need the main to be in the 150s as well
  10. GlennE

    KTM Pistology

    I should also mention that when I ride in the winter at 20-40 deg temps, with my studded tires and I am around 5-6k ft I do go up to a 38 pilot and 155 main
  11. GlennE

    KTM Pistology

    Mike, I am running NECJ in the 2nd, 35 pilot, 152 main. I ride from 4300 ft to 10000 ft, although I would say Im mostly 6-8k. My 11 300 XC has the head cut, pro circuit pipe w/shorty, and 300 SX CDI so its quite a bit more aggressive than stock Ive run the bike on a dyno at 4500 ft and 60 degree temps with an AFR gauge and im spot on wide open at around 12.8:1. Plug chop also looked good. Didnt really check mid range cruise or lugging but didnt see anything out the ordinary numbers wise
  12. GlennE

    KTM Pistology

    Looking the first picture, the wash on top of the piston, I think it looks rich. The top of the piston is not actually melted is it (hard to tell in the picture, but looks like just carbon on top)? If it is, which I've seen on snowmobiles, that is too lean at some stage, but perhaps the needle is way rich giving you so much wash. I've never actually looked at the underside of the piston before. The second picture looks closer but hard to tell. Usually you get a nice carbon coating on top. That is all blotchy so may have been closer at some point or may of idled before shutting down washing the piston down? If you google piston wash, there is a lot of info about it. I used it to tune snowmobiles for years but the principles are the same on any two stroke. Here are some photos https://www.arcticchat.com/forum/xfr-firecat-sabercat/283250-piston-wash-what-how-do-i-check.html Basically perfect is the top of the piston is completely carbon with two bare spots near the ports the size of pencil eraser. My dirt bike pistons usually look like the safe picture. I've had some EFI snowmobile pistons come out perfect.
  13. GlennE

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    The book is way, way off. Must of been written by lawyers. Go back to 06 or 09 and they were closer but still way safe
  14. GlennE

    Jetted 250xc -low end still boggy

    More like 150 or 152 I ran the N2ZJ in the first clip, 38 pilot and 155 main and rode 6-9k Now Im running the NECJ in the 2nd, 35 pilot, and 152 main. Ive ridden 4300-10,000 ft with good success
  15. GlennE

    2019 GasGas EC Ranger

    Just wondering why is this 6 lbs heavier than the EC300? Seems like it should be lighter with no kicker. Also, why add the cost and weight of a headlight or taillight? Seems like the ECR should get the XC treatment