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  1. yamahakid88

    Legit MEC streams

    Is it a bit laggy for you guys?
  2. yamahakid88

    Legit MEC streams

    finally one that works
  3. yamahakid88

    Legit MEC streams

    Ya dont have it here, so no one has a stream? that really sucks...
  4. yamahakid88

    Legit MEC streams

    doubt i have that channel, mine only go up to about 130 or so
  5. yamahakid88

    Legit MEC streams

  6. yamahakid88

    Supercross MEC Live stream

    Anyone have knowledge as to where it will be streaming tonight? I dont have FS2 and Id like to watch it live then wait for tomorrow , thanks
  7. yamahakid88

    Hangtown FLY 150?

    Can't make everyone happy
  8. yamahakid88

    Shaft Driven Dirt Bike

    To much weight
  9. yamahakid88

    Body position and fitness?

    Sweet, definitly an undescribable feeling when you can flow. Good riding habits help you ride more efficiently.
  10. yamahakid88


    No wonder this state is screwed, its run by homos
  11. yamahakid88


    Interesting that you picked out the one word most important to you
  12. yamahakid88


    About time someone snapped in the pro section. Reading your guys posts Is like swallowing fire
  13. yamahakid88

    Bought my first bike

    I thought KTM used toejam instead of grease
  14. yamahakid88

    Bought my first bike

    Everything Josh said is accurate. Maintenance wise, bike manufactors tend to put very little grease in places. I'd recommend taking the suspension linkage off, steering stem, and wheel axles to regrease.
  15. yamahakid88

    Body position and fitness?

    If you are comfortable with it run it, everyone is different and we all have our preferances. Best advice I can give is work on an individual thing when you go to the track, have a purpose, not just riding around. Pick a day to work on corners, jumps etc. It helps out alot