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  1. rbernard35

    Mikuni TMX 38

    Why? Holes in the float bowl fill the channel then the holes in the channel fill the float bowl plug
  2. rbernard35

    Mikuni TMX 38

    Agreed took me 10 minutes today and I am not handy... Tilt the carb, unscrew the plug and drill w / 1/16 bit easy peasy
  3. rbernard35

    Mikuni TMX 38

    Where can I order the float bowl plug?
  4. rbernard35

    2019 sx 250 dep pipe test

    Really would love to see that compared to the FMF and the PC
  5. rbernard35

    TE 250 RK Head

    Thanks for the explanation, we are different riders I am the reverse, almost all track so very little low end throttle. I do enjoy experimenting on these bikes, it’s fun and easy compared to a 4 stroke....always looking to try some new things. Enjoy your ride!
  6. rbernard35

    TE 250 RK Head

    Can we compare dyno runs? Would love to see the gains.
  7. No dog in this fight but JD did a dyno comparison between Mikuni, Keihns, smart carb and lectron....absolutely no difference
  8. Never mind, saw the husky thread...looks good
  9. Who did the graphics?
  10. Why do you care? The sports dying and you have 50 year old guys spending money on bikes and parts to support the industry and you’re giving them a hard time.... give me a break. By the way it’s “too”, not “to”
  11. rbernard35

    2017 250sx longevity, issues?

    Read the manual...60:1 Read mxa they had issues until they ran 60:1
  12. rbernard35

    2017 250sx longevity, issues?

    60:1 Did my top end at 50 hrs and it was time (said dealer) Great bike no issues
  13. rbernard35

    19 sx 150 Dyno time

    What does an aftermarket ignition do?
  14. rbernard35

    Best year for a kx250f

    I would go any year from 2012 on. 2012 is when they started using the duel injector, significant power gain over the 11. They also all use the SFF fork. I’m 195 pounds and had no issues with the 12 at all, sold it with 70 hours on it absolutely zero issues
  15. They may charge less, but don’t sell nearly as many as JD.... he charges more and sells more go figure. Supply demand dude if you don’t want to pay don’t.