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  1. Here's my 2015 I picked up this winter with only 15 hours on it! ??
  2. Ive always ran geomax 51s on my bikes. Only tire ive really liked and thought they hook up great, handle good, i found they wear a little quickier than a m404 or mh3, but i change a rear every 2nd round though a front about every 5-6 rounds so not really an issue for me
  3. He didnt actually crash out this year ike the rest of the pack, he was involved in a racing accident. Making the right steps to heal up. probably has a better mindset. I think he can still be a top 5 guy.
  4. Honda thinks hes worth it. signed for 2013 and 2014. http://powersports.honda.com/experience/articles/090111c081061b33.aspx
  5. i have had them on my 2008 and 2011 rmz, never used the foam piece. great skid plate , light, good oil drainage, my bike didnt see dirt till i had it on.
  6. He's proven he istnt timid when coming back from injury. Washougal last year was prime example!. this last one wasnt his fault though, just a fluke racing accident hes level headed and will come back strong.
  7. He isnt returning till sx 2013. he already said he wasnt doing MEC.
  8. I hear you, main reason i made sure I got my bike in a crate. To ease your mind their is a rider who is a intermediate speed rider here. he has had 2010.2011, 2012 rmz and he does NO maitenance. he put well over 100+ hours on the 11 and 10 never checked valves, he had no clue on the tranny problems cause he never hit a netural, and all 3 of them run still. the kid cam chain is ticking cause he doesnt know how t adjust it
  9. Not a single one in break in process, and still going good 14 hours later. I PDI my own bikes and strip them before they see dirt. Had still in the crate wrapped up. i have size 10 boots running tech 10s and i still didnt see the need to use the hammer head.
  10. The suzukis come with FULL SYNTHETIC 300V in them in the crate... I have never been a fan of using a synthetic oil for run in. I drained it and put a mineral oil in to seat the rings. Used belray 15/50 full synthetic since.
  11. It would never happen. Cant see Chad forking out the $$$ involved. If RV crashed out..... Huge investment was wasted just for the hype. Not to mention Kawasaki would just pay Ryan more to stay. All of Ryans sposnors I dont think would allow him to ride Under 22's Tent (thor alpinestars, Monster, are the ones of most concern as Chad has some serious backing form FOx/shift, and Mucsle Milk) cant see it happening. Good publicity stunt for Chad. I think chad should sign someone after this sx 2013. go after Bagget, or dd, canard etc. im sure they are alot cheaper.
  12. Whens the last time you check your your valves
  13. If your troubled becasue plastics are "worn" and have to tap a clutch.... Im going to ask how long do you expect your transmission to last when powershifting? if you miss shifts doing something thats not really recomended thats YOUR fault. Go do that in a car and report back to us how long your car transmission lasts. You bought a bike you knew nothing about and come on the forum to troll and complain. Lucky theres tons of recomendations and people who can advise you some remedies. I founf a 15/50 oil helped, I have yet to hit a false while riding on mine, a hammer head shifter helps and most bikes are pretty hard to find netural while idling etc.
  14. W I agree, honestly air box more weight in the front, flipping motor would also change the inertia Id think.
  15. ontherev164

    2011 rmz

    My 2011 has about 11.5 hours on it, done oil changes after each round (1 hour approx run time) been using the belray full sysntetic 15/50 Love the oil! all filters clean oil obvs still comes out clean. But The belray runs awesome, no complaints
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