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  1. LOL, I'm not known as the most patient guy, but then I guess at this stage of my life that's a good thing... Anyway, my wife was hell bent on a two up model, and we just bit the bullet and bought a 2010 650 Max XT Can Am with that NICE power steering. Wow, what a butt load of coin, but hopefully we'll get years of enjoyment out of it. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the reply! So, what brand is the sportsman? Do you have an opinion on the King Quad? I guess one of the reasons I'm looking that way is I've found a fair amount of positive reviews on them, and they seemed to be priced slightly lower. There is a guy selling a 2007 in my area that has 50 miles on it and a never used winch, but he's asking 6,600 OBO and I'm not going near that price! Thanks.
  3. OK, so I just sold my dual sport today and I'm kicking around getting a quad. (I still have my vintage trials bike and street bike, so I won't go nuts) I plan on doing a lot of trail, green dot road riding, and a fair amount with my wife on the back probably? I definately want independant suspension, and would really like some form of power steering. I'd also really like this thing to be in GREAT shape. OK, this may be where you start laughing. I want this low miles, great condition quad for around 5K or less.... My questions: 1) Is this price going to get me what I want? 2) What in the hell DO I want??? Which make/model/size.... Sadly, I don't know squat about quads, and in my limited research, I'm liking the the Quad King and Can Am, but.....$$$$$$ Thoughts? THANKS!!! Bogey
  4. It was a kick, and the A trails were fun, but still a lot of gravel road, LOL, DUSTY gravel road. I know they call it "dual sport" for a reason, but I'd be good with it being a little shorter, and a bit more single track. All in all, well laid out (although I just about coasted in for gas at the 82.7 mile mark!!!) We'll be back next year.
  5. Just wondering how many folks made the run and what you thought? I thought I was back at Mattawa or Odessa with all that DUST!!! Fun ride though:thumbsup:
  6. Bogey

    Anyone know of an XT 225 for sale?

    Thanks guys, he found a 1993 XT 225 with "291" miles on it!!! Someone traded it in to a shop, and they went through the carb and all that and it runs great; oh ya, also has hand warmer grips.
  7. Bogey

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Bogey Eastern Washington 1994 Shadow 1100 2003 KLX 400
  8. Bogey

    Anyone know of an XT 225 for sale?

    Thanks. Ya, he's looking for his wife. He saw that one on Craigs list that you gave me, but he was hoping to find a cheaper one. His wife borrowed a 2001 I think, and really had a great time. He's checking all the places he can think of, but I've went this route TWICE on this forum for other buddies, and low and behold, there were guys out there that just hadn't listed their bikes yet! Thanks again.
  9. got a friend looking for a used XT 225 if anyone knows of one. Thanks.
  10. THANKS!!! See, it paid off to post it in a off road forum!
  11. Hey guys, I'm trying to find a pair of leather saddle bags for my 1994 Honday 1100 VT shadow... The blinkers look like they'll be problematic for me? Or put on a pair of bags that size of a sandwich?? Does anyone have this bike, or know of bags that would fit well? There are SO many bags out there, and for the most part, I have to search via the internet because of location... Anyone have a bag or size I should be looking at? ANY info would be much appreciated! Thanks
  12. It probably has only had 2-300 miles put on it each year for the past couple of years? It is a cruiser. Ya, I'm worried to about how much it has sat...I'm not a very mechanical person. I did see him with it last summer and it still looked as pretty as it did the day it was bought and I test drove it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that was the only time it was ever "wound up"! YES, it is a tough decision and it's killing me!!! I appreciate all advice, and I'll just take it all in and make a damn decision THANKS!!!
  13. Thanks! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, decisions
  14. Hey, I'm riding a KLX 400 right now, and will continue to do so, but I have chance to buy a 1994 Honda 1100 with 4,000 miles on it. I know the owner, it has NOT been abused... My question, if anyone can help me, is how dated is a 1994? I mean, I've been out of street bikes since my 1980 Gold Wing, so can anyone tell me how left behind this bike is technology wise, or is it still considered a good machine? Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks.
  15. Bogey

    Funny cop vid

    that guy got arrested, for verbal assault on a police officer - NEVER heard of it????? If such a law existed, there would NOT be enough jails!