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  1. It did happen while riding first. if I pulled clutch in and the revs dropped enough. And it would die. I had a race today and didn’t have the tool but I fooled with the idle and the tps just with my hand so I couldn’t tell what volts it is but it rode perfectly didn’t flame out once and just flew. I really love how it is. But it will be interesting to throw the tps tool on it and see where it is.
  2. I suppose it may or may not have been. In the notes I mentioned that it was for the 270 big bore I just placed an order for the tpstool and when it comes I will set it. It looks like the number should be around 64 ?
  3. It would flame out only when it was cold before. And it would run like a top after that.
  4. Sorry my garage is a mess , I’m pretty much a mess ha
  5. It will start and if I go really slow through the revs it will continue running but if I let it go from idle and blip the throttle it instantly dies
  6. Well had Tokyo mods flash the ecu and it is flaming out just as bad right now as it did before . Off idle to full throttle just dies warm/cold/moving/ stopped. I have a new spark plug in it and even tried to mess around with the idle It has a new spark plug in it. I have a new battery hooked to it. And all I really see left is that effin fuel rail thing. Or the tps ? Would that really be the difference maker ?
  7. thanks. Who or what did you use for the remap?
  8. So I have a 17 250sxf that I just had a mechanic put in a 270 cylinder works big bore . Before I did that my bike would flame out if it wasn’t about boiling over but it would run great from the time it was hot. Cut to know I just started it up and got it nice and hot and went to blip the throttle and then it flames out. I have read on here that on other bikes it could be the TPS and on some it says to have it remapped by Tokyo nods or twisted development. As someone who is not very mechanically inclined. it looks like I could take care of the TPS with that tool. But would it just be better to send out the ecu. Or is it kinda a both deal. Thanks for your help guys.
  9. I’d just ride it a gear high
  10. rickhorror

    To kick start or not to kick start?

    +1 on jumpstart pack.
  11. I only clicked this because of heavy’s Dom Mazzeti pic. “ does your health insurance cover pre workout” good because you are gonna take it anyway
  12. rickhorror

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Thanks . It’s just the second time I rode with them so they are still looking fresh. Some of this clay is already staining and breaking my soul haha
  13. rickhorror

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I took my rear warp9 off and slapped it on my ktm because I didn’t have time to get a tube haha
  14. For absolutely no reason I can’t stand kawasakis
  15. rickhorror

    DRZ400: From Supermoto to Dirt Setup!

    Thanks. You are definitely going to enjoy it. I think I have more fun on the drz than my ktm sxf haha