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  1. MXboy00

    Southwick Picture and creative lies

    +1 GuyB's never done anything like that in the past, and I highly doubt he would start making things up now. Even flipping James off was too much. Beer or no beer. Inexcusable.
  2. MXboy00

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    It doesn't. But wearing the brace reduces the risk that has always been there. Enough so to justify purchasing it IMO. Those piece of crap foam neck donuts only increase the chances of breaking your neck by acting as a sort of fulcrum. They only protect collarbones. The Leatt-Brace on the other hand is to the moto-world what the Hans device is to car racing. But go on guys, buy those $200 graphics sets and $800 exhaust systems rather than a $395 neck brace because you feel they're being "greedy" and charging excessive prices. Do you guys even know what the manufacturing cost of the Leatt-Brace is? I sure as hell don't. That info has never been made public, to the best of my knowledge. So how the hell are you people so sure that they're ripping everyone off? Please tell me what their profit margins are. I swear, every time I read a Thumpertalk thread I I'm done reading Thumpertalk for a while again. I'll check in again in a few months.
  3. MXboy00

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    I can't believe some of the responses in this thread. Saying the brace is "overpriced", you'll never buy their product and so on. What exactly will that achieve? Aside from putting yourselves at an unnecessary risk of paralyzing injury. I only read the first several pages, but I particularly liked these quotes: Might as well just say "I'd rather break my neck than give business to this company." Lots of prime candidates for the Darwin Awards in this thread. One of the reasons I rarely come to this message board anymore, aside from when other forums post links to idiotic threads like this. Have you critics even noticed how frequently there are reports of paralyzing injuries, or even deaths from neck injuries, in motocross lately? Yet you want to shun a product because of a $20 price difference. On a brighter note- I received my Leatt-Brace the other day (Direct order from the company headquarters). Paid full price, no complaints. I don't care about not saving $20.00 when the possible result of not wearing the brace would be crippling (literally and figuratively) hospital bills. The chances of getting injured are probably slim, but I would feel like such an idiot if I did get injured when there's a product available to help prevent the injury.
  4. MXboy00

    new BMW 450GS

    That they are. It'll be sold under their Buell brand. http://www.speedtv.com/articles/moto/motoindustry/35268/ Thankfully they'll be using a Rotax engine...none of that Harley junk. The only thing i'm worried about, is Buell is always trying to be "innovative" with their sportbike designs...and they're nowhere near as good as the Japanese sport bikes. There has also been rumors about Can-Am getting back into dirtbikes. BTW- This is the first time i've seen pictures of the BMW 450. Pretty cool looking bike!
  5. Well, it's fairly regular for places like JD Motorsports to loan exotic cars/trucks to riders for short periods of time. But i've never heard of those places loaning multiple $130,000+ rides to one rider at the same time. I'm thinking either Ramsey made smart business investments (Outside of racing) that are paying off nicely, or the San Manuel Band of Missions Indians are paying L&M Yamaha A LOT of money, which is entirely possible with the casinos and everything else they own. Who knows...maybe Ramsey is making close to the same amount as Reed. Either way, good for them banking that much money and having nice toys like that.
  6. http://holeshotheaven.com/ Check out the cars and trucks that Ramsey has. Hughes and Hansen have pretty nice rides, too. PS- Sorry if this might be a repost, but I didn't see a thread for it on the first 2 pages.
  7. MXboy00

    Bubba's new bike!

    Berik no longer has any MX boots listed on their site, and they recently had a huge sale on them...$350 boots for $150 at some places. I think Berik is done with motocross. They were paying Ricky a huge amount of money and probably didn't see a positive R.O.I. I haven't seen too many people wearing them for the past two years, either.
  8. MXboy00

    Bubba's new bike!

    Nope. Mitch Payton still runs the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team out of his race shop in Corona, CA (With factory support, as always). The 450's of Stewart and Ferry are in-house Kawasaki based in Irvine, CA. It's a good fit for Monster and Kawi, IMO. I'm just curious how this is working out for James. Red Bull was paying him a rumored $800k per year. Does he lose that now, or will Monster or Kawi pick up the tab and increase his salary by $800k (Or however much his Red Bull contract was worth). And yeah, Yamaharider367...One Industries basically has all of the factory teams now. Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Factory Connection Honda. The actual factory Honda team is still with Throttlejockey.
  9. MXboy00

    Bubba's new bike!

    I could have sworn that last year, James signed a multi-year contract with Red Bull...meaning he would have had atleast one more year left on it. I guess I'm wrong. We'll see for sure at A1.
  10. MXboy00

    Bubba's new bike!

    Yes, and he'll be racing the East coast "Lites" class, I believe. He still has another year (or two) left on his Pro Circuit Kawasaki contract. Should be interesting to see how the podium interview goes for James at A1. Sure he can still have Red Bull logo's on his helmet...but they must not be too happy about having their biggest competitor, Monster Energy, plastered all over the bike. James still has another year on his Red Bull contract, and honestly I don't see them renewing his sponsorship unless he switches to another factory team, or starts his own team like Reed's L&M Racing or Pastrana's factory-backed Cernics Suzuki team. On another note- I love the look of the '07 race bikes. I'm curious to see what the Kawasaki road race bikes will look like with Monster graphics. Those bikes have looked a little "blah" the past few years. Thanks for the pictures GuyB.
  11. MXboy00

    Tomorrow's Thursday Theater...

    She rides, too! And a YZ250 no less, not some cheesey knock-off pitbike like most of the TWMX models! She needs to be added to this list of definitions: Dictionary
  12. MXboy00

    New Racer X Nick Wey Video

    His MDK Honda team is VERY well funded...trust me. Besides owning the Motosport Outlet mail order business (As well as Motosport motorcycle dealerships)...the team owner is also part of Sequoia Capital, which is a large venture capital firm. They have helped finance Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Apple Computer, PayPal, eHarmony, Cisco Systems etc... Here's the Wikipedia information about the company: Click Here. And now that MDK has stopped buying Pro Circuit engines and started venturing into an in-house Engine/Suspension modification business of their own (MDK Speed), they're only going to get bigger and better.
  13. MXboy00

    Bubba on 125

    Yeah, I know it's an old video. Still phenomenal, regardless. Hey, does James still ride at local Florida tracks anymore? Or has he started doing the whole secretive training regimen thing like RC? I've ridden at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ with Jason Lawrence and Travis Preston (Both insanely fast)... but it's unreal when you begin thinking how Stewart could lap Lawrence and Preston at the nationals. If James can keep it on two wheels, he's gonna be winning for quite a few years. There's nobody besides RC that can match him as far as natural ability on a bike.
  14. MXboy00

    Bubba on 125

    The 125 video: And remember the whip pictures from a couple months ago...a lot of guys here on Thumpertalk were yelling "Photoshop!". Well...here's the video of him whipping that 450 on his private track: http://discount-poolsupplies.com/bubba.MOV And here's another bonus video for those of you who haven't seen it: http://media.putfile.com/stewart--florida-track
  15. MXboy00

    Jeremy McGrath Invitational:

    Well, motocross.com is loading EXTREMELY slow...I guess they didn't purchase a large enough server or whatever. I've tried everything, and the site won't load!