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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iow1_ZvvotI heres a video of me and some buddys at my place
  2. hey guys real quick was out racing at motopark crossruted off a jump. got the bike back but landed hard heard a grinding sound, so i pulled off the track grinding noise wasn't there. got back on the track and i could hear a sound like the chain too slack almost locking up. ended the race.. so now when i put my bike into neutrel and spin my wheel it locks up every once and a while. i can rock the bike back and forward and it goes away. bent shifter fork whats wrong? need some help?
  3. on the 2006 to 08 models is there any lips in the lower linkage or can i push both of them out with one go using a press? i have never done this b4 any help wpould be nice ill post picture soon maybe after work
  4. hey guys so my cast if off extra i'm cleared to ride in jan. i did lose some feeling in my thumb, the upper side so thats not bad im just working on strengthen it cause i have almost full range but its weak
  5. just gotta go out it will come back by the end of the day
  6. xrays in my video i wanna be riding as soon as possible so any food i should eat pill i should take etc
  7. gripper seat. better boots ,sharpen you pegs or buy new ones if u got the cash
  8. hey everyone me and some buddys are doing a road trip this winter for some riding i live in burlington ont canada so i dont know that the must hit track when were there or any dope indoor tracks to hit up. post your ideas thanks
  9. tdc nuff said if it aint start then kick on tdc with hot start with no gas!!!! then valve or....
  10. hey i got little wavy lines/ scratches not deep but u can see them if u hold a light to it ? there was a ton on carbon build up on the piston! lean it out right? http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/479701_10151830144655241_321961809_n.jpg whats a good way to clean out the carbon build up in the exhaust port i can post more picture tomorrow but now im tired and i need some sleep
  11. u need to hit the front and rear on the same whoop miss it and the front drops going into the whoops dont chop the throttle!!!!! hold it open this thill help u pull through them but its all seat time lean back hold throttle open ans keep it the same check these out its my track whopos are about 2.5 feet deep and 7 ft tip to tip
  12. SHIT get an old 125 like 1990 suspesion and engine will be better then it trust me u dont want tit
  13. if your willing to put 3k into an 04. dont spend a dollar turn around sell the bike and then put all your money and get a newer bike suspension will be awsome and power will be stronger and have more response. if u want then throw an auto clutch on it
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