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  1. mch

    Yamaha Tools

    My friend has a press, as well as the splitter & installer tool. I have the flywheel puller for both bikes, can't remember if they are one and the same. I have a few different ones from each bike I have owned over the years. I just have to drive 40 minutes and waste some of his time. I was hoping to get some of the stuff done before heading over to his house such as the bearing installation into the new cases. Figure I'll do the hot / cold method, and an the event I run into issues, he does have the press.
  2. mch

    Yamaha Tools

    Kind of a tool junkie, not really anything in particular. If I don't have what I need, usually a friend has it or I will just buy what I need. I was wondering what prices were as compared to the some of the generic stuff. For example, I was looking at the specific Yamaha crank installer for my bike since I 1st bought my WR (2012) and FX (16) (saved an e-bay search). Now that I need to install new engine cases / new crank, etc... I definitely don't need one. Sounds like heat and cold will work, and my friend has already offered to help (he has done numerous motors, has the right tools, etc.).
  3. mch

    Yamaha Tools

    I have been able to find the catalog and part numbers for various tools, but unable to find a parts list. Appears you need to be a Yamaha dealer and like one of the tools I found a Yamaha dealer selling, it seemed way over priced. https://issuu.com/klsupply/docs/2014_kl_catalog/92
  4. I saw something about Isotropic Surface Finish that looks pretty good. http://pemracing.com/rem-finishing/ I was thinking about sending mine off if price reasonable. Have no idea on cost though, so if someone finds out, please advise.
  5. mch

    2012 yz450f case cracked?

    My 12 WR had the same crack after the chain guide broke off and came around on the chain. After replacing the swing-arm, I went to go riding and the seal leaked (inner portion that contacts the clutch actuator shaft). I bought a new seal and new clutch arm (in the event mine was bent). When putting in the seal, it snagged on something and ripped the seal. I ended up trying to clean up the inside with a dremel, but may have done too much. After getting another seal, it installed easy, but poured oil out the backside where it met the case (the part of you have pictured. I should have my new cases on Monday... At least have have my 450FX as a 2nd bike. Anyway, if it doesn't leak, you should be good to go.
  6. mch

    Oahu hare and hounds on July 8, 2018

    Raymond Carvalho is the guy I ride with. You happen to remember Kaipo Fernandez? He just moved up here, hoping to take him out riding one of these days.
  7. mch

    Oahu hare and hounds on July 8, 2018

    I just got back from some training on the east coast and watched some of these Vids... I can understand why he never called you to ride again if you took him on some of that stuff. :) I'm in Las Vegas and ride with another Hawaii guy quite regularly. His kid RJ was the top motocrosser out there some years back. If you want to do some Desert Riding next time you are out here, let me know.
  8. mch

    Oahu hare and hounds on July 8, 2018

    Thanks for the links. I rode a lot at Kahuku, but mostly the track and some of the not too hard tails.
  9. mch

    Oahu hare and hounds on July 8, 2018

    I saw some of the videos posted on the ridehma facebook page.. looked challenging. I noticed it looked like some of the guys had dual sport tires, is that common?
  10. No one has to have 1st hand experience to know they should refrain from particular activities. There are a wealth of examples one can see on the internet as what not to do. As far as OEM vs Non-OEM, there seems a lot more unexplained failures with Non-OEM cranks and pistons. When we see posts from people saying an item had a catastrophic failure with limited hours on the item, you try to find the reason why this happened. Maybe it was lack of normal service, lack of oil, quality of oil, etc.? Though none of us are metallurgists with the ability to do an X-Ray examination of your crank, we are guessing it failed due to build quality. When we (at least North Americans) note a motorcycle part is Chinese, one does not typically think the person is making a racial inference, but their metal / quality has had a poor history / reputation. You ever have one of their socket sets? I had one once, and the extension bar twisted, and the sockets cracked with limited torque. Seems to be the same deal with their engine parts.
  11. mch

    2014 WR450F oil ?

    Make sure it is JASO MA. Some motor oils have friction additives that will mess up your clutch. I have been using Rotella T4 and T6 for years (street and dirt). There are a number of oil threads, just do a search.
  12. It's an extra designation by the manufacturer, that really doesn't equate to much. My 2012 is a 450FB, the 2013 shows it is a 450FD
  13. What are you using to heat the inner race? Figure a heat gun is hard to direct the heat, but a propane torch may be a little much. I saw a video where someone heated up a socket, then touched the inner race. Also, what have you been using to seal the case halves? The manual says Yamabond 1215 which I added to my shopping list. The engine is minutes away from coming out of the bike, but I'll be out of town, so waiting on ordering the parts. No sense splitting the cases, until I get the new cases and install the bearings. Head, cylinder, Flywheel, and clutch basket are already off. Just checked my hour meter and there is only 19 hours on my piston, cam chain, tensioner, valves, etc. Here's a few pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qfGnMbWUySNNBr3h9 That swing arm chain guide breaking turned out to be a rather spendy ordeal. I bought a new swing-arm, changed all the bearings in the linkage and shock, and serviced my shock (I have Nitrogen, etc.). I could probably have eventually got that seal to hold, but just want to have 100% confidence in it not busting out in the middle of nowhere.
  14. mch

    New problem

    Check the service manual on your bike and set the cam accordingly for your specific model. There may be some differences between your model and this one, but here's a video:
  15. I have a flywheel puller, and friend that will help has a case splitter (if even needed) / installer. Just going to buy a new crank even though mine would likely be good for several hundred more hours. Anyone know what the OEM part number is for the bottom end gasket Kit? When looking up each gasket, it says that gasket is also included in the kit. Couldn't find it listed in the parts fiche, or even google.