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  1. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    I don't remember seeing one. If I had one, don't remember what happened to it. I'll take a look around. I do recall seeing one for some of my previous bikes, not sure this one had one.
  2. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    Not sure if that link worked, so you can try this: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AugJmda28QLljQNVwKwuAunHtTU7 2012 WR450F Service Manual
  3. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    Let me know how this works out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/40yqhre47qfrear/2012 WR450F 1DX-28199-10.pdf?dl=0
  4. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    I got one that is good enough. I will probably clean up some of the index pages at some point. It still looks real good. You can print and put into a binder. I'll put up a temp link.
  5. mch

    2018 WR450F way too stiff - desert riding

    I have a 2012 WR, and all I did was stiffer springs and all worked out. I'm like 280 and bought a 2016 450FX. Before even riding it, I went to stiffer springs. For the next year and a half, I had the most miserable front suspension of my life. I tried the gold valve, and not sure how much that improved anything. I finally put the stock springs back in and softened the re-bound (I think it was re-bound more than compression that was the culprit). It doesn't bother me now, but I'm shifting my weight back a little more to compensate for the softer springs. We normally ride Apex, Jean, Searchlight, and Ute. There are at least some of our group riding somewhere each weekend if you want to meet up sometime. We ride fairly early, so home before lunch unless maybe riding searchlight.
  6. mch


    It's the same for 2012-2015: Part number is 1DX-21190-00-00, and it looks like new is around $420.
  7. mch

    Unknown yz426 part

    Is it hollow? I have my case split on my 12 WR and glanced through all the inner engine part baggies. The only thing I saw that looked like that was 2 hollow parts that came out with the oil pump. The neutral switch on mine has a spring with a metal part at the end. If it's solid, perhaps something that lines up one of the outer case covers?
  8. mch

    Chain broke and broke front chain guide.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pel7k1xoyxilff/Honda CR 125R 00-03 Service Repair Manual.pdf?dl=0 going to delete in in a couple days.
  9. mch

    2012 WR450F Not Starting

    They just have the Owner's manual (1DX-28199-20) , and not the Owner's Service Manual (1DX-28199-10).
  10. mch

    2012 WR450F Not Starting

    You have a service manual? I scanned mine in, after it fell apart. I was just trying to clean it up before I distributed the full pdf. If you need a portion, let me know.
  11. mch

    2012 WR450F Not Starting

    Have you tried kick starting it? The 2012 is notorious for poor starting via electric start. Basically, there is a fuel injection programmer you can set the FI to make it a bit better, but it's still not as good as almost all other e-start bikes. (not the same programmer as the ECU / mapping one) I ditched the stock battery for a lithium, and it still just cranks it just good enough to start. When I kick started mine, it was many times a one kick and it would start. The e-start wasn't nearly as good.
  12. mch

    Top End Kit

    I agree with Dklassen. The only thing I'd add is check the valves 1st, and get it running before you mess with the carb. Nothing like running into problems, and you messed with a few things on the bike, and trying to figure out where the problem is. A new cam chain tensioner is also a bit of added security when you get around to doing the piston, and cam chain.
  13. Thanks all. The new gear arrived today. A few other looked like similar pitting might be starting, but going to chance those for now. I thought it was overkill on replacing all the circlips on the gears, but Yamaha specifies replacements, they aren't real spendy, and since I got the case apart.. I am. Just waiting on one more inner case bearing, then should be good to start getting it back together. Got a new crank and also replacing the other transmission shaft, do to my drive sprocket coming loose and causing some damage to the splines. At least the lock washer held it on.
  14. mch

    Top End Kit

    You race it? Even riding it fairly aggressively from time to time, I personally would hold off on changing the piston. It would definitely be a good time to check the valve clearances and shim accordingly if they are out of spec. You having any other issues?
  15. mch

    Yz450f aluminum dust in oil

    Rotella Triple was JASO MA rated, but the T4 doesn't list that rating. Unknown if they just didn't bother to get the rating or they changed something that wouldn't allow it to meet that specification. Either way, I doubt anything about that oil formulation would make it turn that color or cause excessive wear to metal components. I know people are using the T4, and I haven't seen anyone complaining about issues. Oil with the JASO MA rating ensures the oil doesn't have various friction modifiers that embed into the fiber clutch material, but it will still lube the components. I'd just do an oil change, and try a paper filter. Put an hour or two on it, and see what the the oil and filter (cut it open) looks like. If you get more of that color, I'd say it's coolant getting into the motor. If it really is a ton of aluminum, my guess would be the cam chain hitting something.