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  1. felony

    450 sx vs 250 sx

    im personally thinking about switching back...again.I took my 01 yz426 to the track just to ride it for a change and i felt so much better on it than earlier in the week when i rode my 04 250sx 2 stroke.The 2 stroke is almost too much of a handful sometimes.Im gonna go over to the ktm deal and look at a 04 and 05 ktm 450sx's.I may see what kind of deal i can get with mine and go from there.
  2. felony

    Got my 04 450sx!

    well im going to the dealer this week to look at a "clean" 04 450sx.I keep hearing the word "smooth" used to describe their power,does this mean slow?I dont want to be smoked by the jap brands.im currently on a ktm 250sx 2 stroke,got it last yr after having a yz426.I know its not slow but i hope its close to the crf450 in outright power,thats the bike of choice in these parts.i really miss riding the 4 stroke,my 250sx is just plain ignorant..
  3. felony

    "01 YZ426 Actual Weight Yikes!

    i love my 01 426,still going strong,i did buy a 2 smoke 250 though.Its funny my buddys will hound me of how heavy my 426 is and thats its a pig and what not,so what,its not like i plan on carrying the bike or doing a backflip! then i say even if "their" bikes weighed only 150lbs,they still dont have national caliber speed.point taken.hehe
  4. felony

    Metal in Oil

    my 01 yz426 has always had "particles" in the oil.it could be the clutch or what?i did a complete rebuild last year with a oem crank,new cylinder,wiseco piston etc and i would change my oil every 2 or 3 rides,always had particles,it used to scare me when i changed the oil filter but now i dont even think about it
  5. felony

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    well the root of the problem is the crank.when the lowend rod bearing starts to give way it will rock the piston which in turn will destroy your plating in no time.if you notice your plating is peeling,replace the rod,even if it appears to be serviceable.the plating is super hard and the unwanted side to side rocking motion from a bad rod is the onlythink that will eat plating,next to a broken ring.i learned this the hard way
  6. felony

    Who has done the Blue wire mod??

    yeah i cant tell a difference.
  7. felony

    426 Eating Spark Plugs !!!

    i would check your valve seals.when you turn it off oil seeps into the cylinder,thats what mine was doing.i would replace a plug and usually get 2 different riding practices in though.i still havent fixed it yet because i bought a new ktm but i make sure i bring the bike to TDC before i put her up,that way all valves are closed and no oil runs into the cylinder.yeah i knw thats being lazy but i have been working 7 days since the end of June,no time.
  8. the rmz is a good bike if you dont want to pay out the azz for a new yz.i always thought the ktms were expensive at almost 7k but they at least come with oring chain,fat bars hydraulic clutch etc,"ready to race".but yamaha will get their money cuz there are suckers born every minute that feel they gotta have one,like national caliber speed willbe automatic...
  9. felony

    going GREEN tommorow

    i have a built 426 that i do strictly moto with,i heard it had a 5th gear even though i dont use it on a track,its nice to have it though i guess.im glad yamai went back to a 5 spd.
  10. felony

    01 yz 426 low compression

    i just replaced my timing chain today,wow what a big difference in snap.before it would want to cough hiccup and stall frequently.do that and check your valves and you'll be amazed at how good it runs
  11. yeah i was wondering bout'deez myself,looks like i'll save my money
  12. felony

    Performance Parts for yzf426

    go with a tapered headpipe with a exhaust system.this made the biggest difference on my bike.
  13. felony

    jetting for 444cc motor

    i would try one size richer on the main and pilot for starters.expect more midrange torque with the 444 kit.it will be noticeable but not not you'll get 4 hp though
  14. felony

    yz400 forks fit my 01 yz250?

    yes the forks will fit
  15. felony

    Yz 400f to 426 cylinder swap

    im pretty sure the cylinder heads will interchange with the 400 and 426.cylinders will as well,i think the 426 has a longer stroker though,thats where the extra displacement comes from