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  1. Lumberjack450

    Barcia JGR Dirt Shark video

    All jokes aside, I really think that there will be some tension in the pits Especially after WP beats #51 when he cases another triple
  2. Lumberjack450

    Holy balls the new 2014 WR450's are expenisive!

    Fryboy, go to North Hollywood Honda/Yamaha
  3. Lumberjack450

    My WR450 25 pound trim off...

    I just went and tried with my bike that currently does not have a battery. simply kicking the bike over did not build up enough power to light up the programmer. Starting it with the programmer plugged in did, then I killed the motor, and the programmer stayed on.
  4. Lumberjack450

    '12 450 battery delete and wiring questions

    I'm looking to remove the entire E-start sysytem and lights Keeping the low fuel light and ignition switch, are they separate? So the assembly with fuses that the battery cables come from is not needed? I'm terrible at understanding wiring diagrams
  5. Lumberjack450

    What to look for when buying wr450

    Pull off air filter and feel inside of air boot for grit. If you feel dirt run away Check bottom of fork tubes, frame, linkage for it being beat on Put on stand and feel for head bearing play Show up early so the guy has to start it cold Look at the other shit in his garage to see how he treats his stuff
  6. First off.. done some research and found that some years of WR require a capacitor(?) That battery cables bolt to if you are going to remove the battery, while some need only the neg cable bolted to the frame. Does anyone know if I need one of these on a 2012? Second, as I am removing the lights, e-start, speedo, etc, I will have a whole lot of wires not leading to anything. Is there any way to remove them from the harness so I don't have the extra weight and bundles of wire under the tank? Any advice is appreciated. Previous threads tend not to go into much detail. Please no lectures about the impossibility of turning a WR into a YZ, I get it.
  7. Having quit after my junior year to ride and race more, I believe it totally depends on the type of person you are. I abhor team sports because I don't like people slowing me down. It wasn't worth the joy of hitting/smashing/hurting other people as hard as I can, which is why I played football for years If you are sappy and care about camaraderie and teamwork and all that jazz, or plan on (for whatever reason) joining the military, football is probably the way to go
  8. Lumberjack450

    The Chad Reed vs Phil Nicoletti thread.

    The whole reed vs nicoletti thing is so last year Oh wait look, it really was last year.
  9. Am I the only person in the world that supports enhancement? I feel like they all know the risks, and are compensated for it at the top level, so why not have the very top level of the sport be the absolute limit of human possibility? In any sport for that matter.
  10. Lumberjack450

    Nut sacked

    Took a stabilizer (no sub mount) to the pelvic bone right above my manhood once. I never let off while hitting a sand dune g-out again.
  11. Lumberjack450

    What was everyone's first bike?

    Started on a suzuki 50 quad with no suspension and balloon tires. First dirt bike was a roached '97 RM250 geared to the moon with a blown out shock.
  12. Lumberjack450

    Oil On Paver Drive Way

    Be careful with acid wash if you don't know what you are doing.
  13. Dealers are like cops - there are some great ones that will provide great service and don't cost an arm and a leg. They are far outnumbered by ones that don't care about you and live to milk every penny out of you. The cause of death is just natural selection, something we don't let happen very often in the states.
  14. Lumberjack450

    Ok, what is going on? Is RV in or out or retired?

    What about Reed throwing in. " Probably gonna be his last race in 2014" on live tv?!?! He was on a roll, anyone catch that or the comments about barcia and the Honda? Lmao
  15. Lumberjack450

    Is Everybody Ready To Watch Anderson Wrap It Up Tonight?

    Keep in mind JA is from New Mexico.. not like it's that different.