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  1. Rotax

    Rear wheel bearings

    You will never find a bearing packed full of grease. 30% of the air space filled in the bearing is the industry standard for numerous reasons. I simple search on over packing bearings will explain the reasons why. A simple call to any of the bearing manufactures will also do the same.
  2. I meant to say that but my fingers had other plans. It does have the cross rail though but comes out by pulling the tabs.
  3. Yep, a 2015 F150 supercrew longbox.
  4. Hmmmmm, Mines does. It holds the tension screws.
  5. I have the lo pro qt. Two bikes fit just fine and don't even touch the bracket.
  6. Rotax

    S0......Honda isn't the only one...

    And twice the weight. hehe
  7. Rotax

    Extra gas while riding

    You might as well kill two birds with one stone. Use what ever size bottle you choose. Watch the video and you will get the jest.
  8. Rotax


    Where does that leave KTM/Husky 500? Technically it's 510cc and wouldn't fall into the 50-500cc classification.
  9. If yours take a 10mm shim, the HD V-rod shims fit perfect. They come in half sizes too and run under $2.00 each. I've been using them since the first valve check in my my14 520.
  10. Rotax

    Found a new 2015 500RS is this a good price?

    I told the dealer I was doing a refi after the papers were signed and I took delivery. He claimed I couldn't and I showed him there was no prepayment clause in the paper work. You have to love car salesman, I know I do. Got a little over 12,000.00 off with all the incentives and haggling. I should be good now for another 18 years like my last truck.
  11. Rotax

    Found a new 2015 500RS is this a good price?

    Better deals with cash are days gone by. A lot of places give more off on vehicles since they can make some on the financing. I ride/drive my things usually till their worn out. My last VW I sold had 649,000 on it. I financed my new truck through Ford to get another 1,000.00 off rebate @ 5.1% and then turned around the next day and financed it through the credit union @ 1.6%. I can make a hell of alot more interest on my money then the 1.6% I'm paying out with my investments. Insurance shouldn't even be in the equation since you'd be foolish not to have it and it's cheap. Mine is only 89.00 a year for full coverage at 500/500/500.
  12. Rotax

    Riding gear for true adventure EXPENSIVE!

    Polaris bought them out a couple years ago and moved production to China. It's great gear. I have the Badlands for ADV and the Keweenaw for sledding. Neither are true 3-4 season suits but work on a layering system. While I haven't rode in 100º temps of the summer I have rode in -20º+ conditions with windchills in the -60º+ range. Never was I ever cold. Staying dry and comfortable with both suits is a given. Make sure you buy a current model as the older jackets had neck issues with fit and comfort. The only other suit i would buy would be a Rukka and that would be in the same cost range as Klim.
  13. Rotax

    weird engine sound

    I find myself using a 3' length of garden hose more then my stethoscope for non metallic sounds.
  14. Can't vouch for a Beta but the 3800 is very impressive in a BMW GS 850. Considering BMW's generally have good lighting I was skeptical at first but but sold on the bulb now. The 3600 wasn't available for the GS at the time, it may be now. The only requirement was that it had to be clocked since it's 2 sided. Failure to clock it made quite a bit of difference.
  15. Rotax

    THIEVES tried to steal my BETA's AGAIN

    Good luck with that. I saw two diesel trucks with 30+ foot trailers full of sleds go missing when riding in Quebec a few years back. They both were in gated enclosures at the hotel. The police said it was common, especial with diesels and more then likely both rigs were in a shipping container headed over sea's. Nothing is safe anymore.