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  1. The front springs is a must do to this bike before any riding. Front is way too soft.
  2. Got suspension back from revalving. 4.4kg springs made bike better. I drove trail that had rocks after rocks, like a scandinavian woods trail. Bike need some adjustments still but much better than before. How much do You have comp/reb front? Rear hi/lo, reb? Sa
  3. Hi! Bought a new bike and the suspension feels unbalanced. Front too soft and rear to stiff. I changed the rear spring to 5.1kg and got better. Plan to sent them to revalving and stiffer front springs. Any advices? Rider weight 68kg plus gear. Racesag 103mm.
  4. Engine started to sound bad and I think the rod bearing is shot... Original lasted less than 30h, shit happens... Has anyone else had issues?
  5. Lowspeed comp and rebound was too closed, now its better. Bike feels pretty good now, maybe little bit someting to give more that plush feeling...
  6. I have tried that, rear comes way too fast up and hits my ass...
  7. I got them revalved at skogracing and bike is much better. I think the main problem was the rear shock rebound. At the moment I have problem to get the bike run a strait line at small sharp edge bumps. Maybe the rear is a little bit hard? Racesag is about 103mm with 5.1 spring. High speed 1 6/8 Low speed 10 Rebound 8 Comp 10 Rebound 8
  8. Rubu

    Mud Tire?

    I run dunlop mx11 on rear on muddy. Love it!
  9. Rubu

    MX suspension for Enduro use

    My friend has a 350 and after revalving so plush, what a difference!
  10. Thank for the advice. Maybe its best that ill call skog racing and book a time for rebuilt to my specs.
  11. Did You change both shock and fork spring or only shock? Racetech recommends for Me a 5.1kg spring to shock and original spring to forks. Did You revalve?
  12. Hi! Need advice to dial the bikes suspension. I weight about 68kg plus gear, amateur speed. Any ideas for good setup for clickers and racesag? The original setup feels a little hard. Thanks.
  13. The bike should look like new, does it? Picture?
  14. Rubu

    2010 Injector Issue question

    Yes, when temperature drops to 0 or less I need to tape the radiators shut to keep engine on right temperature. I haven´t riden in summer temperatures but I assume that some problems regarding to this is caused by wrong engine temperature.
  15. Rubu

    2010 Injector Issue question

    I had the "gas in oil" problem and asked about it from Honda and they sad that try to run the engine temperature about 80 degrees celsius. I installed a thermotape that shows the temperature and control the engine temp by adding tape in front of the radiators. Running about 70-75 celsius. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apvMUZwDoMg No "gas in oil" since running the engine on right temperature.