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    Yamaha TTR-125LWE (2005)
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    Isuzu TFR LS pick-up truck (1996)
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  1. Joshua Macbeth

    Yamaha TTR125LE 2005

    A fantastic bike. I've had it for over 4 years and it has never let me down. Always starts and runs. Rides nicely, easy to work on and modify.
  2. Joshua Macbeth

    Yamaha TTR125LE (2005)


    A fantastic bike. I've had it for over 4 years and it has never let me down. Always starts and runs. Rides nicely, easy to work on and modify.
  3. Joshua Macbeth

    Need help - white smoke coming from exhaust

    It depends how bad it is smoking. Mine smokes blue/white almost all the time but I top up with oil every ride and it keeps going. I can't be bothered to repair it if it stills runs ok! If yours will still run after you clean the spark plug and you keep checking the oil there shouldn't be a problem riding it. Mine's been like it for years!
  4. Joshua Macbeth

    2007 TTR 125 Gearing Questions

    I've got a 2005 large wheel. I had the same problem as you as I do a lot of longer distance off road cruising. I changed to a 13 front and 49 rear. Made quite a bit of difference in top gear without impacting much on the lower gears, which is good for tricky bits! You will need to shorten the standard chain length though - just a caution!
  5. Joshua Macbeth

    04 TTR125L

    Have you cleared out the carb/jets and spark plug? Mine seems quite sensitive to a dirty plug/jets and cleaning them seems to give it a new lease of life every time I do it.
  6. Joshua Macbeth

    TTR125 spluttering at high revs

    Yeah I'll try that when I get a chance, thanks. Sorry I can't be more help, I just don't actually know what fixed mine so I can only say what happened!
  7. Joshua Macbeth

    TTR125 spluttering at high revs

    I tried everything and couldn't sort it. However, when I rode the other day it seemed to clear itself. It did a huge cough and splutter, and now is much much louder, more powerful and runs great. Much better than it probably ever has. Starting much better, idling better and now can hit 8500rpm easily. I'm not aware of doing anything, so for me I effectively just left it and eventually after giving it a real thrash it cleared. That's all I can say really. Sorry not to be much more help...
  8. Joshua Macbeth

    Water in float chamber of carb - TTR125

    Thanks for the advice about the tubes. I'll check them. They're probably original, so they could be perishing now. I've had it for nearly 4 years and I haven't done any deep water crossings, although I do often use it in the rain and wet weather with loads of puddles. It has been sat for a month recently, but I had this problem before then when I was using it every day, so I think it's unlikely to be separating fuel. I've not certain 100% that it is water, but I can't think what else it would be. It is very high humidity at the moment, but again cause it was used so much before its last rest I can't believe enough water can have got in that way.
  9. Joshua Macbeth

    Water in float chamber of carb - TTR125

    On my 2005 TTR125 I keep having to take the bottom of the float chamber off on the carb to clean it of muck and get water out. I don't understand how it is getting in there. I understand that installing a fuel filter will stop the muck getting in, but has anyone got any ideas as to where this water is coming from and how I can stop it? I have already drained the fuel tank twice.
  10. Joshua Macbeth

    Wiring Tail Light

    It would depend on how you wanted to have it switched on and off, and it may be a stupid question, but does the kit include a brake light as this would influence how it was wired.
  11. Joshua Macbeth

    ttr 125 not running smooth

    My carb bungs up quite regularly even though I ride loads and filter all the fuel. I have to clean it about once a month to keep it running smoothly.
  12. Joshua Macbeth

    TTR 110 -- does it need the battery to run?

    It shouldn't need it. My Dad's XT350 doesn't need a battery (nothing connected currently), and on my TTR125 there was a battery in it when I bought it but it wasn't connected (for some reason) and it still ran fine.
  13. Joshua Macbeth

    TTR50 bike won't start, bad CDI?

    I'd be interesting to see the results from that!
  14. Joshua Macbeth

    Project vehicles

    Jeeps, old Range Rovers or pickups. I just got an Isuzu TFR LS pick-up truck as a project. 2.8 litre turbo diesel, 4x4 and runs well.
  15. Joshua Macbeth

    TTR50 bike won't start, bad CDI?

    Maybe a bad connection somewhere? Have you double checked all the wires? There could be a bad connection to the CDI, or to the earth on the bike. Just a few things to check.